Amazon is the largest web-based retailer globally regarding market capitalization and market sales. It renders its services through three major segments which are North America, International, and the Amazon web service. All these sectors offer equal employment opportunities for individuals who can choose to either work online or in any Amazon outlets. To be a member of this international online retailer, you can embark on an Amazon job application online today. Here is a detailed review of all the aspects you should know about the Amazon job application process.

Amazon Company General Career Info

It is a large company, therefore, has a lot of job openings which you can consider during your Amazon job application online.

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The posts are categorized under thirty-two job groups ranging from the corporate and production careers to the final packaging, selling and shipping professions. Here are some of the categories with the most lucrative jobs on Amazon.

The Amazon software development team employs creative minds to come up with reliable systems, new products, and innovative services to fulfill the client needs. This multinational company receives multiple challenges throughout its production process and thus requires individuals with the ability to become great builders.

Opportunities to consider in your Amazon job application include software development engineer, quality assurance engineer, Android engineer, applications engineer and a solutions architect.

The second category is the corporate careers. You can work as either a customer service associate, program manager or a senior technical program manager among others. Several other job openings in the Amazon human resources team exist where talented applicants are developed career-wise by the HR professionals within the company. For example, the top posts you can consider in your Amazon online job application include HR Assistant, HR business partner, HR manager and recruiter among others.

The company also offers further opportunities in the finance and accounting segments, Amazon web services and the logistics department which you can find more about on the Amazon job application page.

Students also get internship opportunities through the university recruiting program. If you are an intern or a fresh graduate, there are opportunities for you at Amazon through which you can develop innovation skills as well as create solutions to real world problems. Therefore, begin your Amazon job application process any time to become an Amazonian.If you are interested in other companies that offer internships, you can also check out our FedEx job application guide.

Amazon Job Application Guide

This section provides you with a detailed walkthrough of the Amazon online job application process. Before you commence the job application process, there are vital steps you have to go through. All that information is outlined for you in this section:

1. Commence the Amazon job application online by visiting the careers page on their official website.

2. Choose a particular job category such as the warehouse sector, online, corporate or finance among many others.

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3. Click on the category and then pick a job title that interests you. For instance, if you are interested in sales management and stock taking, you should use the Amazon warehouse job application process.

4. After that, click on the “apply now” button from where you will be redirected to a login page.

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Returning applicants can use their previous credentials to log in and apply for multiple jobs. For the new applicants, you have to create a new account/profile to help with your Amazon job application. There are several options such as creating the account from your preexisting social accounts on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn or using the Amazon online job application form.

5. Use your new account details to log in to the Amazon job application portal.

6. Fill in the necessary information regarding your contact information, employment status, names, qualifications, location, or zip code. You can also include other information you find relevant.

7. Upload your resume or CV to provide the HR department with information that will support your flagship skills for the job opportunity.

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8. Also add referees, previous work details, and expertise.

9. Finish the Amazon job application process by verifying the details in the application form and submitting it to the HR team.

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Amazon Company Job Openings

Executive Assistant

The job requires motivated and bright individuals who can perform in the customer service team.


• Exceptional planning, time management and streamlining of the organization policies
• Meeting deadlines and juggling between several urgent requests
• Building teams and excellent working relationships within and outside the group
• Managing calendars, organizing events and coordinating trips


Every applicant for this job should have a three-year experience working as an executive assistance in a high-pressure environment. These applicants are also required to have a high level of knowledge in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint. Space planning is also a necessary skill.

In your Amazon job application for this post, include a proof of permanent residence or US citizenship.

Working Hours and Salary Information

The Amazon executive assistants earn a salary of $65,225 every year and can go up to $81,280 after the inclusion of other compensations. Nevertheless, the job is full time with weekly shifts ranging from 35 to 45 hours.

GM Administrative Assistant

This post involves supporting the general manager in the accomplishment of center operations. The job entails handling of confidential information, responding swiftly to the change in workload and work priorities.


• Offering a robust administrative and secretarial support to the GM
• Dependable clerical skills such as making copies, faxing, minute taking and travel organization
• Creating of graphical presentations
• Terminating expense reports, maintaining schedules, planning events as well as coordinating the company events in a given center.


Before beginning your Amazon Warehouse job application, it is imperative to note that this position requires minimum education requirements of a bachelor’s degree. You should also demonstrate strong analytical skills, attention to detail and excellent written/oral skills. Since this is a fast-paced environment, you should also adapt quickly to the organizational framework and objectives of the company.

Working Hours and Salary Information

The salary varies between $46,405 and $60,960 annually depending on your skills and proof of performance. It is also a full-time job of up to forty-hour weekly shifts.

Marketing Manager

Amazon is also looking for marketing managers for the Prime Devices and Electronics and the L5 Amazon Device segments. The job involves accommodating a variety of content marketing strategies for the company line of products, including seasonal extra projects or product launching.


• Identifying marketing opportunities and the perfect execution policies
• Merchandising, running event-oriented promos and planning for holidays
• Assuming the POC role with the Amazon Devices team in making and taking requests
• Owning the product launching activities of the company


You need to demonstrate exceptional editorial skills in your Amazon Warehouse job application to get this job. A three-year experience or more in advanced eCommerce, as well as a bachelor’s degree in the field, is highly recommended for this post. You should also have fine project management skills as well as a keen eye for detail.

Working Hours and Salary Information

The working hours vary with the workload but may range between 35 to 45 hours every week. The marketing managers of Amazon are paid approximately $97,722 annually.

Copywriter D1

Amazon Retail Company is looking for an experienced copywriter to pioneer their brand recognition in the retail market through digital marketing, but also advertising.


• Composing and editing amazon’s marketing copies in the flagship retail wings
• Working closely with the marketing managers and creative group to create strategic marketing information for their programs
• Working together with each category leader to know the customer needs in order to deliver targeted and brief marketing information.


You must be a compelling writer with an ability to change the customer perspective and behavior. Your grammar and copywriting skills should, therefore, be equally excellent for you to be considered.

Working Hours and salary information

Since the job is part-time, the working hours, as well as pay, vary with the demand of work. The average salary may range between $78,034 and $95,202 annually.

Technical content manager

The Amazon operations are mostly online and therefore require robust self-service performance merchandising services. They need an individual to manage the ad impressions, create and edit excellent web content.


• Content creation and editing
• Work within business scope with little ambiguity
• Ensuring consistency in communication through different types of content


You must have a minimum of three years’ experience in the online content marketing and content creation sector. For example, HTML and CSS skills are great qualities that will increase your chances of getting the job. Also, make sure that you have some knowledge on web localization.

Working hours and Payment Information

The job is part-time with an annual salary of $56,000 to $79,229.

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Amazon Company Hours

They are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Amazon Contact Details

Reach the Amazon jobs customer service page or call their service number 1-888-280-3321 for any technical issues during the Amazon job application process.