Since the 1920’s American Multi-Cinema (AMC) has shaped every aspect of the movie theater business, from becoming the first multiplex to introducing armrest cupholders. Today, it is the world’s largest theater chain, accommodating about 200 million viewers per year. To keep up with demand, the company needs tens of thousands of employees. With the help of our AMC job application guide, you can take advantage of all the career opportunities they have to offer. We take an in-depth look at every available opening, including entry-level, middle management and corporate positions. To help you narrow down your search, this AMC job application guide details the requirements, salaries, benefits, and working hours that come with each position.

AMC General Career Info

AMC isn’t a seasonal business, so around 200 vacancies are active at any given time. Of course, the demand for entry-level staffers accounts for most of the openings, with only about 30-50 of the opportunities calling for management and corporate employees.

Every AMC staff member belongs to one of four main groups, often referred to as “teams”. Bartenders, cashiers, and concessions are part of the Crew Team, along with ushers and all janitorial staff. Dine-In Teams manage the recently introduced AMC kitchens. This group includes cooks, dishwashers, servers and kitchen managers.

Many AMC locations have over 20 theaters and require large Management Teams. There’s often a need for facility maintenance managers, theater restaurant managers, supervisors, and general managers. For those looking to climb the career ladder, there are always at least several openings at AMC’s Kansas City Corporate Team headquarters. Office titles range from Project Manager to Head System Administrator and Brand Designer.

Summer Internship
Every Summer, AMC also offers a Paid Internship Program. Aside from the pay, interns gain invaluable experience and industry insight needed to jump-start their future careers. Keep in mind that there are always way too many applicants and the selection process is quite strict.

Job Application Guide

Though each position has a unique set of requirements and qualifications, AMC’s user-friendly career portal makes it easy to apply for multiple vacancies. In fact, regardless of how many different opportunities you plan to apply for, you’ll only need to fill out one AMC job application. You can also browse available jobs using this interactive map displaying job openings in the US. To apply online, follow the five simple steps outlined below.

  1. Choose a vacancy type (Crew, Dine-In, Theater Management, or Corporate). If you’re not sure, consider your skill set, education and experience level. That said, an ideal job title should not only match your resume but also suit your personal preferences.AMC career options
  2. Start The AMC job application process by using the Live Map. Browse nearby theaters by clicking each one to see the current openings. When you find the desired job title, press the red “View” button for more details. Once you’re ready, hit “Apply”.amc job openings map
  3. Fill in your information. After you get redirected to AMC’s job portal, take a minute to review the job information and then press “Apply” at the bottom of the page. Once you get to the Log-In page, you will have two options: register with your Facebook/Twitter account or create an account manually. The second option requires an e-mail address, a password, and three security questions.
  4. Save your information. The last step consists of filling out your actual AMC job application. Once finished, just click “Apply” and you’re all set. The best part is that your information is saved, so you won’t need to repeat previous steps.

AMC Job Openings

Depending on your location, a particular AMC may sometimes need to fill over a dozen different positions at a time. However, in most cases, the majority of vacancies are for the same few job titles. The most highly demanded positions are outlined below, along with requirements, working hours, salaries, and other relevant information. Chances are that you’ll be submitting your AMC job application to land one of these very jobs.


Though it’s the least demanding entry-level position at AMC, being a cashier & usher requires a lot of multitasking. Crew staff members include cashiers, concessionist, and ushers. But, each employee is trained for all three functions and expected to fulfill all of them.


  • Commit to providing fast, friendly and helpful service to all guests.
  • Adress customers’ concerns & answer any questions they may have.
  • Monitor theaters to avoid technical sound, video, lighting or temperature issues.
  • Maintain clean theaters, concession stands and lobbies.


There are no experience or education standards for theater crew members. Technically, being an adult qualifies you for the job. However, AMC focuses on customer service at every level, so basic verbal communication skills and a calm attitude are required.

Working Hours & Salary Information

A full-time crew member works five 8-hour shifts per week. Unfortunately, the schedule constantly changes to rotate weekend shifts fairly.
While the average cashier/usher receives just $8.50-9.50/hour, AMC also offers an extensive benefits package. In addition to a 401k plan, development programs and performance bonuses, every employee gets a monthly allowance of free movie passes.


Though this is an entry-level opportunity, it requires certain certification and/or licensing in most states. As such, bartenders receive competitive compensation, yet are responsible for the entire bar area.


  • Make sure all customers are 21 years or older by properly verifying their IDs.
  • Meet productivity goals – serve all orders within the established time frames.
  • Ensure that alcohol is not consumed outside the designated areas.
  • Conduct inventory and keep the bar stocked at all times.


For obvious reasons, all bartenders must be 21 or older. Furthermore, they must possess all the mandatory state/city certification and renew them as needed. Experience bartending in a high-volume environment is a plus, though it’s not necessary.

Working Hours & Salary Information

If you don’t like working late, it’s safe to say that this vacancy isn’t for you. AMC bartenders receive annual salaries averaging $23,000-25,000. Of course, good bartenders can make just as much in tips. The job also comes with free movie passes, a 401k plan and employee assistance.


As part of the Dine-In team, servers are responsible for customer satisfaction. Servers act as both waiters and receptionists. They coordinate seating arrangements, take orders and deliver food from the kitchen.


  • Memorize all menu items to provide accurate recommendations.
  • Get orders to the kitchen in a timely manner.
  • Manage all reserved seating arrangements.
  • Develop and use up-selling techniques while taking orders.


To be considered for the server position, your AMC job application should include state-level food handling certification and any required local alcohol handling licensing. You must also be comfortable with lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds on a regular basis.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Server salaries range widely – mostly depending on experience – from just $22,000 to $36,000 a year. This is a full-time position but over-time is reportedly available every week, during busy nights.


Simply put, a supervisor is what an assistant manager is called at AMC. The position entails helping the management team with day-to-day duties.


  • Monitor facilities, lobbies, and auditoriums to ensure they are clean and safe for the guests.
  • Serve food & beverages and fulfill cashier duties as needed.
  • Strive to create a comfortable, distraction-free movie experience.
  • Uphold AMC’s customer communication standards.


While AMC does encourage promotion from within, applicants with no managerial experience will not be considered for the role of supervisor. The only other requirement is demonstrating proficient communication skills.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Full-time supervisors make approximately $32,000 a year. Meanwhile, their seasonal/part-time counterparts average just $11.50/hour. In both cases, they can also earn substantial performance-based bonuses.

All management-level jobs come with ever-changing schedules and 8-hour shifts. On the other hand, the supervisor is the one responsible for changing the weekly schedule.

Additional Information

AMC Company Hours

Most AMC multiplexes are open 24/7 and at least one manager is always present. As for the corporate offices, the Kansas headquarters are open Mon-Fri, during normal business hours.

AMC Company Contact Details

For general assistance, dial the theater support service at 913-213-2000. To call as a guest, use the guest support service by calling 877-262-4450. Alternatively, you can file a ticket or send AMC an email via the official Contact Page.