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AT&T is a modern media company that strives to bring together not only premium content, but also direct to consumer relationships, advertising technology, and high-speed networks in order to deliver a unique customer experience.

The company believes that the combination of these four individual elements creates a virtuous cycle that helps to improve the overall consumer experience.

General Career Info

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As a member of the AT&T family, individuals are expected to work as a part of a team to bring people together to help improve how the world interacts. The ideal AT&T candidate will be dedicated to constant innovation and exceptional customer service, no matter which department you’re working in.

That being said, because AT&T is very goal driven, there are ample opportunities for career growth and they provide employees with the chance to make their own mark within the company.

Job Application Guide

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Depending on the career choice an individual is looking at with AT&T, the application process can vary. So instead of focusing on a specific area, we decided to look at the application process as a whole.

Generally speaking, the interviewing process with AT&T can take anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks and involves a variety of different interviews. Most positions require at least a phone interview and a one-on-one interview, either in person or via video communications.

Interviews may also consist of one-on-one interviews with store managers, and assessment testing to gauge basic math skills and sales knowledge.

Interviews for positions outside of sales could also include panel interviews with upper-management, along with background checks and drug screenings for most positions throughout the company.

When it comes to face-to-face interviews, candidates will want to dress to impress, no matter which position they are applying for.

8 Example Interview Questions to Prepare For

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It is important to remember that with many companies, including AT&T, the interview questions could be very generic or career specific. That being said, we tried to pull frequently asked questions that applied to a variety of different positions.

It is also important to point out that many of the questions may seem generic, and that is normal! You want to make sure you adequately prepare for both the career specific and general questions when it comes to applying for any position with any company.

What do you know about AT&T?

Research, research, research!

That is the key to successfully answering this question. Check out AT&T’s “About Us Page”, their career opportunity pages and yes, even their social media pages!

You want to get a feel for what AT&T is all about when it comes down to their basic mission.

Okay, so they want to provide excellent entertainment and communication to all of their customers? So, you check out their pages to see what they’ve done to go out of their way for their customers.

The fact that you took the time to really get to know the company on a more personal level will help you easily talk about it in an interview – this way you can show how you would incorporate your own goals and values into helping the company achieve its goals.

Why AT&T and not one of our competitors?

This is a tricky question because the company is looking for you to be direct, and not simply say “because I need a job,” or “the company looks great.”

Plan your response ahead of time. Research AT&T and know their mission and values and their history via the news and on their social media platforms. After you’ve done this research, you will be able to answer this question by aligning your goals with their objective, mission, and overall values.

This shows recruiters that you not only want to align yourself and your abilities to them, but that you are more than capable of doing so.

What about AT&T’s customer approach do you find satisfying?

So, you know that AT&T is all about bettering the consumer’s experience with their service. So, what about AT&T’s approach do you enjoy?

AT&T won’t want to hear that it puts the customer first, they know that. Why is it important to you that the customer comes first? What specific aspect of their customer care process stood out the most to you, and why?

What can you do for AT&T?

This may seem like a generic question, and it is in a sense. However, you need to curtail it to suit the needs of the company and the position you are interviewing for.

First thing’s first, never diss your competition! This looks poorly on you and your character, so while they may phrase the question to try and get you to talk about the competition (as in what you can do that they can’t) you want to turn it around to address your ability’s and strengths.

Use your experience from other positions as examples of what you’ve done before, and then apply it to the new company you are applying for.

What have you done to improve on your knowledge in the last year?

No matter what your education level, you should always be working on yourself, and a person willing to do so is going to look like a much better candidate in the long run.

So, what are good examples of this question? It could be as simple as taking some extra classes at the community college in your area, to going to extra work-related training. Even focusing on your own personal development by reading is a good example depending on the position you are applying for.

Do you have any blind spots?

This is one of those questions where you have to talk about your not-so-perfect side during an interview. The key to properly answering this question is not to make it too personal but personalize it enough that you aren’t sounding conceded.

Revolve your answer around your work experience. A “blind spot” could be assuming you knew what a customer wanted before really asking them what they needed. Okay, so the blind spot was making assumptions, now you want to talk about how you turned that around. Don’t ever leave it as a negative!

For example, you could say that after making assumptions resulted in fewer sales, you started really asking consumers questions to guide you to their specific needs.

What have you learned from mistakes on the job?

Here’s the thing, everyone makes mistakes! So, if you answer this by saying, “nothing,” you might as well count yourself out of the running.

Instead, you want to talk about a time where you may have made a mistake, but then you pulled through it like a champ! What did you learn from that experience? How has it helped you evolve in your position?

Describe your management style.

If you are interviewing for a position that requires you to work directly with, or manage others, you may be asked this question.

First things first, you’ll want to define what good management is to you. What would you like to see in a person above you as far as them managing you? From there, get specific and talk about what you would do in a place of management and give a good example.

AT&T Careers to Consider

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As mentioned before, AT&T isn’t just searching for those who want to work in sales. They provide opportunities worldwide in a variety of different job categories, primarily those listed below.

We’ve gone ahead and written up a short blurb on each position, so candidates can get a feel for what may suit them best.

Call Center

Working in the call center means that you’ll be the voice of the company. This is a chance to let your customer service skill shine really. There are a variety of different positions within the call center, meaning that there is ample room to grow your AT&T career:

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Corporate Communications
  • Call Center Operations
  • Technical Support


The corporate category opens up an even greater world of opportunities for those looking to have a long AT&T career.

This is where a lot of the magic happens. From the next big idea to the newest innovation, it is the people in the corporate leg of the company that takes the lead and really supports the business. From Human Resources to Finance and Marketing, there are endless opportunities.

Government Support

AT&T provides some of the latest and greatest technologies to the government and its facilities. This means that they connect more than 1,200 agencies to expert Engineers, IT, and Cyber Security professional


Become the face of the company and help consumers when they need it most. This position allows for workers to become the expert on the newest technology and even entertainment so that they can pass the information on to the public.


Sales doesn’t just mean working one-on-one with those that walk into an AT&T store. From consumer sales to business sales, there are ample opportunities to reach out to the public and help them grow along with their technological needs.


The technician is another face of the company, though this time they take it on the road! As a technician, you’ll be connecting customers in your community to the latest tech and services on the market.


Become a part of the business by joining one of the many labs and research facilities. This means you could be looking into data trends, working with cybersecurity, and much more.

AT&T Careers Provide A Variety of Positions to the Public

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When it comes down to it, AT&T provides the public with a wide variety of different career opportunities. By properly following the job application process and preparing for your interviews ahead of time, then you should head into your interviews with full confidence.

For more information on AT&T Careers and the application process, visit AT&T’s Application Resources page.