Interested in applying for a job at Best Buy? Use these tips, questions, and answers to get the information you need to ace your interview. We’ll go over some of the basic things you should know and do before applying to Best Buy, and then we’ll provide some common Best Buy interview questions, and suggest answers you can give to get the job. Let’s get started!

Best Buy Company Info

Best Buy is rated as a good company to work for on both Glassdoor and Indeed. They have relatively high rating on both websites, and many associates are saying that they enjoy working for the company. Average hourly wages for Best Buy employees are anywhere between $8 and $13, with an average hourly rate of $11.

Best Buy also offers an amazing employee discount (just a small markup above the wholesale cost), a 401K plan with some company match for full-time employees, and, in some locations, tuition reimbursement. Benefits offered at Best Buy vary by location and job position.

Best Buy Interview Tips

Best Buy offers a large array of job openings. Know what position you want before applying or going in for an interview! That being said, not all of them will be available at a location near you at any given time. If you’re going for a more general position, such as a cashier, you will have an easier time finding an open position than you would if you wanted to be a gaming sales consultant, for instance.

If you’re applying for a position that requires specific knowledge (such as mobile sales consultant or home theater consultant), do your research! Do not walk in knowing nothing about the position you’re applying for. While Best Buy will provide you with comprehensive training after being hired, you need to know the basics to demonstrate that you have a working understanding of and interest in the area of the position.

The following tips will help you before the interview:

  • Have a list of questions to ask before you go in for the interview. If you don’t ask questions, you risk looking like you don’t take the position seriously. Interviewers will expect you to have questions if you are serious about the job.
  • Do research on Best Buy’s history, policies, and procedures before arriving to your interview.
  • Research common behavioral-based interview questions. Especially if the position you are applying for is a customer-facing sales position, expect to be asked many common behavioral-based questions in your Best Buy interview.

These tips will help you during the interview:

  • Make sure you dress cleanly and business casual.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to your interview. You don’t want to be late!
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Introduce yourself clearly and shake the hand of the interviewer.
  • Do not forget to ask your questions!

Best Buy Interview Questions & Answers

Best Buy Interview Questions & Answers for the Sales Consultant or Cashier Position

Q1: Give me an example of a time you encountered a customer who could not be made happy. How did you handle the situation?
A1: At my previous job, a customer began to yell at me because she was trying to return an item outside of the return policy. Although it was a difficult situation, I remained calm and attempted to let her know that I understood she was upset. I followed company protocol for what to offer a customer in this situation, but she still wasn’t happy. When the situation began to escalate beyond my control, I called a manager over to handle the customer, and proceeded to check out the next customer in line.

Q2: How do you believe employee theft should be dealt with? What would you do if you witnessed an employee stealing?
A2: I don’t think employee theft should be tolerated. Employees who steal should be fired. If I saw an employee stealing, I would notify the manager and take note of the time so that management could find the incident on the security cameras.

Q3: What is your ideal work environment?
A3: I do well in a fast-paced work environment. I enjoy staying busy during my shift, and I love learning about new technology products. (You get bonus points if you mention a specific type of product Best Buy carries that you’re interested in, and what it means to you).

Best Buy Interview Questions & Answers for the Customer Service Specialist Position

Q1: What does customer service mean to you?
A1: Great customer service starts with introducing yourself to the customer and determining their needs. Once you understand what the customer came in for, you can help them find what they need, or suggest products and provide a solution for them. It’s important to make sure you understand what exactly they need help with, and that you can answer any questions they might have. If you don’t have an answer for them, try to find one.

Q2: How would you deal with a situation where you were assisting a customer who was taking up a lot of time, but had multiple other customers needing assistance?
A2: If I had been helping a customer for a long period of time, and they were being indecisive or carrying on a long conversation, I would politely let them know that I would love to hear the rest of that story, but that I have a couple of other customers needing assistance, and that I will be right back with them to answer any questions they have. I’d thank them for their patience. Then, I would begin assisting the other customers and return to the first one when finished.

Q3: Describe a time that you went above and beyond for a customer.
A3: Tell the interviewer about a time when you did a little (or a lot) extra for a customer. Example: A customer asked me to email them when we received new stock of a specific item, and I did, or a customer lost their cellphone in the store and I helped them look for it; we found it under a rack.

Best Buy Interview Questions & Answers for the Geek Squad Agent Position

Q1: How would you describe PC repair to someone who knows nothing about computers?
A1: PCs need maintenance to keep them running smoothly, just like a car or a home. The average PC lasts 3-5 years before needing to be replaced, but if you maintain your PC regularly, you can extend the life of your PC by several years. This will save you money in the long run.

Q2: What PC do you have?
A2: Describe your PC, and include information about the model and specifications. You should know the basics about PC specs before applying for a Geek Squad position.

Q3: What would be the top 3 things you’d suggest a customer to look for in a new gaming laptop?
A3: You want to show that you understand current specification standards related to gaming laptops. You also want to show that you’re able to guide the customer to make higher-priced purchases. Example: A high-end dedicated GPU, 8+ gigs of RAM, and a newer, quad-core processor. You could also mention graphics card specifications, as graphics cards often make or break the gaming experience.


Make sure to keep these tips in mind as you’re preparing for your interview: prep your list of questions to ask the interviewer, research Best Buy’s history, and practice with lots of behavioral-based interview questions before the interview day rolls around. Also, review the Best Buy interview questions we’ve listed, and you’ll be all set for your interview!

Hopefully, these tips and Best Buy interview questions are helpful to you during your application process. Do you have more information about working at Best Buy, or additional tips to share about the interview process? Please comment and share your thoughts!

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