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Delta Airlines has been a longstanding leader in air travel since 1924 when Huff Daland Duster was founded as the world’s first aerial crop-dusting organization.

It was in 1928 that the company was purchased and renamed Delta Air Service, and then on June 17, 1929, Delta inaugurated airline service with the first passenger flights over a route stretching from Tallas, Texas to Jackson, Mississippi.

From its meager beginnings in the crop-dusting world to the powerhouse that is Delta careers, the company has come a long way.

General Info on Delta Careers

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As Delta continues to grow, the career opportunities continue to expand. According to the company, Delta employees are “taking the airline to places we only dreamed of.”

Through the hardworking team that makes up Delta Airlines, the airline is strong, with a bright future that includes new ideas, experiences, and opportunities. That being said, the company is always looking for those that have an engaging personality, the ability to listen and are ready to move forward with the help of their fellow teammates.

Job Application Guide for Delta Careers

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Applying for a Delta career can be time-consuming depending on the job and location, especially if it requires an individual to relocate for the position.

The first step is to submit your application online. From there, you can monitor the status of your application. After the application, should you be chosen to move forward, there will be at minimum one interview with a hiring manager.

5 Job Interview Questions to Prepare For

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For those that pass the initial application process, they will then move forward to the interviewing stage of the process. This will require them to either meet in-person or interview via a video conferencing application.

Preparing for these interviews is important, so we have collected a few questions that individuals tended to struggle most with and addressed how to go about answering them.

Describe a time when you provided excellent service to a customer?

When working in a career that is primarily focused on customer service, it is impossible to escape this question.

Not only do you want to talk about a time where you served a customer in a manner that pleased everyone, but you also want to focus on a time when you were able to recognize a struggling customer and approach them and ask if they needed something.

This shows that you aren’t only customer service oriented, but that you will go above the call of duty to help clients before they get so flustered that they have to go in search of extra help.

Tell us why you would make a great fit for the *insert position here*?

When approached with the “how would you fit in here” question, you don’t want to resort to the traditional “I’m a speedy learner, I work hard and get things done,” answers.

If you want to truly stand out, you’ll have done your research on the company ahead of time. They want to know how carefully you did your research, so be prepared to answer questions about the job before you talk about your skillsets.

Start by talking about what you know about the job at hand and how you would go about solving any potential issue that is stated within the description. Think of it as “I’m here to solve an issue, so this is how I’d do it.”

From there you can talk about your previous experience and how it can apply to this position. Again, this isn’t a standard question – you want to make it position specific.

What is your biggest mistake and how did you recover?

This is one of those questions that will require you to talk about your downfalls instead of your positive qualities.

Here’s the thing, everyone makes mistakes! So, if you answer this by saying, “nothing,” you might as well count yourself out of the running.

Instead, you want to talk about a time where you may have made a mistake, but then you pulled through it! What did you learn from that experience? How has it helped you evolve?

Tell us about a time on the job where you were in a high-stress environment and how did you deal with it?

While this may seem like one of those questions where the interviewer is asking you to talk about some of your not-so-great qualities, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

With a question like this, the interviewer wants to see how you faced an adverse situation and pulled through it with a solution that worked not only for you, but for those around you as well.

This is especially important if you are applying for a position in management because it will require that you reflect on a time that was especially stressful but were able to make it work for all those you manage as well.

Why do you want to work for Delta?

Don’t let yourself get caught up in this question. They key to answering this successfully is to know the company. Check out their “about us” page, their career opportunity page, and even their social media pages.

Plan your response ahead of time. Research their mission statement and their values, along with their history via the news and on their social media platforms. After you’ve done this, you will be able to answer this question by aligning your goals with their objective, mission, and overall values.

This shows recruiters that you not only want to align yourself and your abilities to them, but that you are more than capable of doing so.

Delta Job Openings

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Delta offers career opportunities to a wide variety of individuals. This includes those abroad, meaning that opportunities are just about endless.

It is important to note that Delta Careers require a mastery of customer service skills because those working in this industry must put the customer first. That being said, below is a list of different career paths that one may choose when considering Delta as an employer.

Airport Customer Service Gate/Ticket

Airport Customer Service agents are the first faces that customers will come to know as they head out on their travels. These individuals help passengers and their bags get from point A to point B as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

This position requires someone with impeccable customer service skills as the individuals must assist customers with checking-in, ticketing, tagging/handling baggage, boarding, deplaning and dispatching flights on-time.


Those working in cargo provide rate information, sell cargo space, track and trace freight, and resolve customer problems. These individuals are also responsible for safely moving cargo/freight from a warehouse location to the airport ramp areas while ensuring proper delivery onto the appropriate aircraft.


Corporate positions vary quite a bit and can include marketing, finance, Human Resources and everything else in between.

Roles in the corporate field can also include logistics coordinators, risk management specialists, project managers and health & welfare specialists.

Flight Attendant

The role of the flight attendant is one intended for someone with impeccable customer service skills. As the face of Delta, you must be passionate about maximizing each customer’s experience while promoting the Delta brand.

Flight Operations & Operations Customer Center

The Flight Operations team provide on-the-ground support for over 11,000 piolets. These individuals work closely with the pilots from hiring through on-going training and schedule while providing the critical support needed to maintain the high standards of safety and professionalism required of a Delta piolet.

Those working in the Operations Customer Center (OCC) are the heart of Delta. They balance the planned schedule with operational constraints and disruptions all while achieving top-tier industry performance.

Information Technology

Delta’s IT division is filled with professionals who have more than just knowledge, but also experience, creativity, and passion.

From state-of-the-art systems solution for their Operations Control Center to laptop support to an array of projects that demand the best thinkers and creators of technology, Delta’s IT opportunities are considered both challenging and rewarding.


Delta provides opportunities for individuals around the world. If you’ve got a heart for customer service, then you can use your language skills to serve as Delta’s ambassador to your county!

Ramp Operations / Baggage Handler

Delta’s baggage handlers and ramp operators work as a part of a team to make sure that passengers’ baggage arrives safely when they do.

These team members lift, load, unload, and transport baggage, mail, and cargo to and from the aircraft. They also operate ground support equipment such as tugs, conveyor belts, and tow tractors.

Reservation Sales Agents

As a reservation sales agent, you’ll be assisting customers in booking reservation on Delta and their partners and affiliates. This position involves answering questions regarding destinations, schedules, fares and related matters to ensure a positive travel experience.

Technical Operations

A position in technical operations means that you’ll be working to ensure the highest levels of safety, comfort, and convenience to those traveling with Delta.

Delta Mechanics and other Tech Ops team members are instrumental in ensuring that every facet of every plan is in perfect working order before takeoff.

Delta Careers Require Service with a Smile

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Because Delta is an airline that prides itself on outstanding customer service, those considering a career with the company need to have impeccable customer service skills. Service with a smile is more than just slapping a smile on your face! You have to love what you are doing truly!

That being said, for more information on Delta Careers, visit their Career Opportunities page!