Job hunting is a long and tiring process, but landing the position, in the end, is the best feeling of accomplishment. Of all the effort invested in finding a job, the interviewing stage is typically one of the most difficult hills that requires motivation to cross. Sometimes, a little advice is the right push. Listed below are a few popular Gap interview questions and answers, as well as some general interview tips.

Gap Company Info

Gap Inc. started in 1969 with Don and Doris Fisher at the helm. The beginning goal was to make it a little easier to find a good pair of jeans, and today, the company is international. The firm holds a handful of morals close to heart: several volunteer opportunities are available to staff outside of work, and they believe in making a positive social change. They even place a high value on keeping true to your roots. Working here supplies enough experience to transform an employee into a powerful influence in the community.

Gap Interview Tips

Similar to many other retail chains, Gap conducts face-to-face and phone interviews. Hiring managers often ask about past experience in related fields, among other general questions that qualify applicants for the job. When it comes to the day of the interview, however, here are some things to remember:

Arrive Ten to Fifteen Minutes Early

Getting there early, but not dramatically so, lets the interviewer know that you’re serious about getting this position. It also shows you have punctuality, an advantage countless employers search for.

Bring a Hard Copy of Your Resume

Professionality is key when looking for someone to hire you. Having a printed copy of your experience and skill set definitely sets you apart from other candidates.

Have Confidence in Your Speech

Make sure you articulate your words and speak at a respectable volume. If you have trouble expanding on their question, don’t let the dialogue be affected. Short and sweet answers work just as well.

Keep Your Body Language Positive

Nonverbal communication is half the fight when it comes to a successful interview. The manager observes both types of language, and they use this for decision-making. Actions like maintaining eye contact, having a firm handshake, and keeping good posture leave a lasting and beneficial impression.

Dress to Impress

Wear a sophisticated outfit that is relevant to the company you’re applying for. Gap is a casual apparel retail establishment, therefore your outfit needs to fit the theme. Present yourself in clothes that say your character is easy-going, but also priority-oriented.

Gap Interview Questions & Answers

In addition to these suggestions, here is a collection of sample Gap interview questions and answers that will further prepare you for the upcoming evaluation. The examples span three different positions, and touch base on several areas of customer service and work ethic. We don’t guarantee the interviewer will ask these questions, but they’re general enough to cover other topics as well.

Gap Interview Questions & Answers for the Sales Associate Position

Q1: How would you define customer service?
A: To me, customer service is tending to the shoppers needs in a way that demonstrates product knowledge and incorporates the notion that their problems are of the utmost importance. It is the associate’s job to ensure the customer has a wonderful in-store experience

Q2: Why do you want to work at Gap?
A: I think the company provides a variety of growth opportunities for myself as an individual. A retail environment like this offers a necessary level of social interaction to expand my customer service skills and improve my performance.

Q3: What makes a sale successful?
A: A sale relies on communication and comfort. The salesperson must relax when helping a customer, in order to ensure the best quality assistance. I feel the sale is only official once the guest leaves completely satisfied with all parts of their visit, and an inclination for repeat business.

Gap Interview Questions & Answers for the Assistant Manager Position

Q1: What is more important: providing customer service or loss prevention?
A: I believe a retail employee’s first concern is always customer service. All other job duties fall in line with the act of excellent customer service; a shoplifter becomes uncomfortable with an associate’s watchful eye, thus preventing theft.

Q2: How well do you perform in a team environment?
A: I thrive in a team setting, and prefer it over solitary labor. Working with others makes for a lively atmosphere; there’s never a dull moment with some co-workers. I’ve considered various colleagues from my past workplaces family. Plus, working as a team helps lighten the tasks for everyone.

Q3: What can you bring to this position?
A: I bring a level of experience and focus to this position that will provide a positive impact store-wide. I use every assigned task as a chance to improve myself, as well as those under my supervision.

Gap Interview Questions & Answers for the General Manager Position

Q1: What will Gap gain by hiring you?
A: I am an impressively hard-working and loyal individual, and am fully prepared to offer these skills to the company. I understand my role, and I intend on using it to evolve myself and others.

Q2: What’s the most important part of working in the sales industry?
A: Working in sales supplies the possibility to connect with people on a personal level. I brighten someone’s day just by taking an interest in their shopping and making small talk. Even if they leave without any items, I know I’ve still made some kind of impact.

Q3: How do you motivate a team to drive results?
A: There are several ways to inspire a team for outstanding results. I offer incentives like snacks or prizes to encourage valuable work. Displaying practical outcomes of a common goal also lend a hand in team success – it’s really about how well you know your associates.


With this list of Gap interview questions and tips, you’ll ace your interview. Just keep in mind to remain professional and focused. The manner of self-presentation is substantial for the decision. Members of management overlook a lack of experience for entry-level applicants that impress and fit the bill; make it known that you’re here to grow with them. Share with us your thoughts, experiences, and general comments below!

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