Kaiser Permanente was founded in the city of Oakland, CA, in 1945. Since then, it has expanded to be one of the largest healthcare organizations on the west coast, and it is quickly spreading to other areas of the country as well.

With such expansion come plenty of job opportunities. If you have an inquisitive mind and knowledge relevant to the healthcare industry, you very well may find your career in one of the available Kaiser Permanente jobs.

Keep reading to find out what types of jobs Kaiser Permanente offers, as well as what you can expect to hear in an interview so that you can be well-prepared for landing the job!Kaiser Permanente Jobs Overview

It’s a given that traditional doctors may find employment with Kaiser Permanente, but there are plenty of other fields that may find a home under the Kaiser Permanente roof. Below, we’ll detail the variations of fields under Kaiser Permanente’s main category of jobs: care careers.Highlights from Kaiser Permanente Jobs

Care Careers

Behavioral Health, Social Services & Spiritual Care: When you work with the Behavioral Health, Social Services & Spiritual Care team, you’ll provide services to those with behavior disorders and those that are in bio-psychological crisis. These professionals provide the care patients need to move beyond mental illnesses and related conditions.

Care Careers

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There are a great many specializations that fall beneath this umbrella, including but not limited to alcohol and substance abuse, clinical psychologists, health education, case managers, family therapists, geriatrics, autism, eating disorders, hospice, and psychiatry.

Clinical Support: As a member of Clinical Support, you’ll assist clinicians and physicians in their work, providing the backbone on which they can rest to ensure smooth operations. You’ll also serve as a friendly face to the patients so that when they’re with you, they know they’re in good hands.

Clinical Support

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There are numerous assistant and technician positions that make up Clinical Support, including positions that work with taking MRIs and sonography.

Dental: If you live in the Pacific Northwest and have experience or education working in the dental industry, you could find a home working in the Kaiser Permanente Dental program. There are plenty of opportunities available for dentists with Kaiser Permanente in the states of Oregon and Washington.


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Dental assistants and hygienists may also find a place within Kaiser Permanente as a member of the Dental Support team.

Dietitians and Nutrition Services: Kaiser Permanente prefers to take a proactive position towards maintaining health. The basis of this is establishing and maintaining a healthy diet.Members of the Nutrition department are made up of dietitians, nutritionists, and other food preparation professionals who specialize in the production of food.

Dietitians and Nutrition Services

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These team members help to build out the proper nutrition for both Kaiser Permanente customers as well as employees. They work in outpatient and inpatient care, menu planning, food preparation, health education and much more.

Health Care and Hospital Operations: As with any establishment, leadership is a key component to the successful running of Kaiser Permanente. If you have administrative and leadership skills, consider applying to one of Kaiser Permanente’s Health Care and Hospital Operations positions.

Health Care and Hospital Operations

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You’ll be satisfied with the knowledge that your skills and talents are going toward an establishment that directly promotes the health and well-being of its patients.Health Information Management: If you’re interested in data processing and auditing, a career in Kaiser Permanente’s Health Information Management System department might be right for you. In these roles, you’ll be responsible for gathering and analyzing data, so that Kaiser Permanente can track its successes and area for improvement, as well as offer tangible data and reports to its investors.

As a member of the team, you’ll get to use the latest EHR technologies, including EPIC and 3M 360 encompass computer-assisted coding. These data jobs can be conducted in multiple establishments including the hospitals themselves, in a clinic, a business, or even in a remote environment.

Imaging and Radiology: As a member of the Imaging and Radiology department, you’ll work directly with patients, family members, clinicians, physicians, and specialists. You’ll operate some of the most advanced medical machinery available so that you can help treat and diagnose your patients with the utmost clarity.

Imaging and Radiology

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There are a variety of specialties to focus on, including mammogram, MRI, and ultrasound. Kaiser Permanente strongly believes in promoting from within, so when you start out as a technician, you can grow into a managerial position and beyond.Laboratory: When you work in the Kaiser Permanente laboratory, you’ll get to use the latest in advanced technology, specialized for providing detail that leads to accurate diagnoses. Team members that work in the laboratory setting include clinical laboratory scientists, lab techs, and phlebotomists.

Kaiser Permanente operates across a wide field, so you’ll gain experience and knowledge with blood work, hematology, urine analysis, coagulation, chemistry, and specialized testing.Licensed Nurses and Physician Assistants: Just as important to the healthcare industry as physicians themselves are licensed nurses and physician assistants. It is these knowledgeable individuals whom patients are often the most treated by. The relationship built between a nurse and their patient is one of friendliness and, more importantly, one of trust.Kaiser Permanente recognizes this, and therefore places a heavy emphasis on providing genuine, human interactions with all of their patients. Whether you’re long into your nursing career or just starting out, you’ll find the support and technology you need to be successful and improve the lives of your patients.

Vision Services: Just as Kaiser Permanente provides dental services, it is also concerned with providing its members with vision services. These services go far beyond just standard optometry, too. Kaiser Permanente provides laser eye treatment, cataract surgery, and more, often all under the same roof.

Vision Services

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So, if you specialize in eye treatment and care, Kaiser Permanente has the job for you.Pharmacy: In addition to providing the services and professionals who write the prescriptions, Kaiser Permanente also offers a knowledgeable pharmacy department so its patients can get prescriptions filled easily and without hassle.

As a member of the pharmacy team, you’ll not only fulfill prescriptions, you’ll also provide information and advice. Kaiser Permanente also encourages the suggestion of different therapies and lifestyle changes over medications.

Rehab Services: If you’re interested in working directly with patients day in and day out, slowly developing their progress and watching their lives change, then a position in rehab services might be for you.

Rehab Services

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There are several different categories of rehab services that you may work in, including physical therapy, audiology, speech pathology, and respiratory care. You can even work directly with patients in their own home.

Other Career Opportunities

In addition to the positions listed above, there are so many more possible positions available for people of a varying skill set.

For starters, you can work more on the business side of things, keeping track of finance and contracts. The marketing department is also important for spreading the word about Kaiser Permanente’s services, and the IT department helps ensure everything runs as it should. Kaiser Permanente is also always looking for skilled and experienced technical writers to help create reports.

Kaiser Permanente offers a series of temporary contract positions as well, particularly within the categories of IT, clinical, and business.

Are you a veteran? Kaiser Permanente values the services that our troops provide, and therefore, offers plenty of career options that will utilize the skills you acquired while in the field.There are also plenty of Kaiser Permanente jobs available for anyone with a disability. Kaiser Permanente recognizes the valuable insight and skills that those with a disability possess, and is eager to incorporate them into their team.Interview Questions to Be Prepared For

Once you’ve found the Kaiser Permanente position of your dreams and have applied for it, hopefully, you’ll be well on your way to the interview stage. The best way to ensure you do well in an interview is to prepare, prepare, prepare.

One of the ways you can most effectively prepare is by coming up with ideas or even slightly rehearsing answers to questions that may come up (don’t over-rehearse, however—you still want to sound natural and in the moment). Therefore, it’s important to know exactly what kinds of questions you should be prepared for.

Fortunately, plenty of individuals have shared about their experience interview with Kaiser Permanente. Listed below are some of the most frequent questions that have been reported to come up in the interview process.

What do you know about Kaiser Permanente?Has there been any time you had a conflict with your supervisor and how did you fix it?What are your strengths?What would your former co-workers say was your weakness?Tell me about a time when you had to choose between two undesirable options.Tell me about a time where you worked through a language barrier with a customer/patient, and how did you work through it?Think of a time when you had an unhappy or confrontational client. How did you handle the situation?

Of course, the individual questions will somewhat differ between interviews depending on the person and the position you’re applying for, but these should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

With so many various Kaiser Permanente jobs out there, you’re sure to find a position fit for you!