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Working in a retail company comes with certain expectations. You might immediately think of weekend hours, holiday madness, and solving customer issues.

With a company like Kohl’s, you might be right, but a career with them involves much more than a register and receipt.

Depending on your aspirations, Kohl’s careers can take you inside one of their distribution warehouses, or you might climb their corporate ladder all the way to the executive level.

You could even begin a career before your professional life as an intern.

What Kinds Of Kohl’s Careers Can You Find?

All together, there are four types of environments where you can expect to find employment within the corporate umbrella at Kohl’s.  Your qualifications in education and your previous work history can best determine where you should seek employment with their company.

Kohl’s Stores

With hundreds of store locations throughout the United States, retail workers are the most visible employees of the Kohl’s brand. You will need to be enthusiastic and motivated if you plan to represent Kohl’s inside one of their retail locations.

You could start out as one of their customer service representatives, where you can explain how a new smartphone accessory works or determine if the shoe a customer wants is available in a certain size. Kohl’s employees dress casually, and you can give off the image that you are just like them as you recommend the best products available.

If you work in the back of the store, you’ll play an essential part in making sure that all customers get what they want. Inventory and stocking is tracked through the store operations section, and it’s up to those in the back to make sure that each store shelf is as stocked as possible. You might also end up fulfilling online orders and making sure that each purchase is available for pickup.

For those who want more responsibility, store managers will be in charge of scheduling, resolving customer disputes, and ensuring the highest possible amount of merchandise sold each day. Loss prevention members work to minimize the amount of theft and shrink, whether that comes from physical security or making sure that inventory management stays consistent.

Kohl’s Corporate

Outside of the storefront, many different types of jobs are available in Kohl’s corporate offices. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the corporate office is home to an on-campus health clinic, fitness center, and bank. You can even drop off your kids at daycare while you work and pick them up on your way out the door.

A multitude of industries can be found inside the corporate offices.  The Kohl’s charge card requires a call center for associates to answer questions from cardholders, monitor account activity, and investigate any potential fraud issues.

Thanks to the rise of cloud services, software developers are needed to build technology that keeps the company ahead of the curve. They will also make sure that all computers within the corporate office are running accurately and diagnose any problems that arise throughout the day.

The human resources department inside Kohl’s ensures that all store associates have a representative at the corporate headquarters. When any employee has a question about benefits or needs to check on the status of their time off, HR can make them feel at ease and focus on their job.

Loss prevention also works out of the corporate office. At this level, you will do much deeper investigative work, including data analysis for potentially large threats. The goal of any loss prevention associate is to keep the company as profitable as possible.

Kohl’s Distribution

Inside a warehouse operate by Kohl’s, the pacing matches that of the store. Material handlers will move quickly throughout the day, using modern systems and equipment to properly pack up all orders for retail locations as well as Kohl’s.com order fulfillment.

Human resources has their own branch for the distribution end of Kohl’s careers. You’ll represent the company at hiring events and talk to them during the onboarding process about what they can expect when filling out personal paperwork and new hire documents.

If you are interested in management, warehouses also need supervisors who can lead. You’ll provide the vision that each team member needs to keep the warehouse up and running at a brisk pace without burning anyone out. You’ll also be in charge of communication with vendors to ensure timely delivery of all orders and products.

Loss prevention in distribution means that you’ll be monitoring products as they move in and out of the warehouse. One missing item on an inventory sheet could result in the loss of thousands of dollars. You can also track employee activity to minimize theft.

With the amount of equipment necessary inside a distribution center, maintenance teams are required at each location. You’ll have to know exactly how to diagnose faulty equipment and be able to make decisions quickly.

Kohl’s Internships

As an intern with Kohl’s, you’ll gain benefits the second you begin to work. Interns are paid a competitive wage for 40 hours per week over the summer, which lasts for about two and a half months. Almost 70% of interns earn a full-time job upon graduation.

Internships can take place in several different locations. The corporate office in Milwaukee, the design office in New York, and the innovation center in Milpitas, California are just a few of the spots where Kohl’s careers take root through internships. You could also begin as an intern through one of the retail stores, distribution warehouses, or credit centers.

How Does The Kohl’s Careers Website Work?

To begin, you’ll create a profile on the Kohl’s careers website. After figuring out a password, you have the option to quickly import information from an existing file. If you choose this method, you’ll need to confirm that all of your information has properly transferred to the rest of your profile.

Once you have looked through the rest of your profile, be sure to include any skills that are relevant to your position. They will also ask you for websites that you created or contributed to in the past.

After filling out the necessary info about previous companies and education, you’ll be asked about your identification regarding gender and race. You’ll submit everything, and once your file is created, you will get an email confirmation that you have submitted your application.

What Can I Expect Out Of Kohl’s Careers?

Hard work is meant to pay off, and Kohl’s promises a number of perks when you begin a career with them. Full-time employees are given medical and dental coverage, as well as discounts on all merchandise available in store.

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The company matches your contribution to a 401(k), and gives you access to fitness centers, as well as discounts to a number of gyms. If you adopt a child, the company will assist in the expenses.

Store associates and corporate employees all donate personal time to help generate change and positive growth inside their communities. Many eligible nonprofit organizations partner with Kohl’s to allow employees to contribute their time.

Kohl’s employees can continue their education and development thanks to e-learning software available through in-person and online courses. Over 2,000 courses are available to employees to further their career and skills.

Kohl’s Careers And Preparing For A Career

If you are thinking about beginning a career with Kohl’s, the first thing you should do is check out your experience level. Starting out in the warehouse or as a store representative might not require as much education as some of the more technical positions reserved for their headquarters.

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Beginning at Kohl’s could also put you on track for a promotion from within the company. The more time you spend getting acclimated with the company’s environment, the more you will understand what it takes to run a store or distribution center. Companies often promote from within, and building your reputation begins with becoming a reliable employee on the ground level.

As they proclaim on their website, one of the best ways to earn a career opportunity is by starting an internship through Kohl’s. If you are close to graduating college, check out the opportunities available to you at your nearest location. You might consider relocating if your career takes you into a very specific field.

Working at Kohl’s could also prepare you for a career elsewhere. You might take the experience you earn in the beginning with them and apply it to a larger role with another company after you have spent a couple years under the Kohl’s banner.

Once you determine your goals, your application with Kohl’s careers is just the first step on a path to many different possibilities. You might even discover a specific industry you enjoy along the way, thanks to the company’s continuing education offerings. You could shift from the physical store to corporate loss prevention after seeing some of your coworkers making an effort to investigate shrink.

Don’t put off creating a profile and submitting your application while the opportunity is available.