If you’re looking to enter the hotel and hospitality industry, there’s no better place than Marriott. Marriott hotels span the globe across 122 countries, setting the standard for hospitality and providing premium services to make every stay enjoyable.

While Marriott Hotels and Resorts may be the face of Marriott International, Marriott owns 30 different brands of hotels, inns, and residences that span the globe. These numerous brands not only provide more opportunities but also service a variety of area and economic classes – offering a premium experience for all.

There are plenty of paths Marriott careers can lead you down, so start exploring how you can become an integral part of Marriott International!

Marriott Careers Overview

The largest part of what makes Marriott hotels successful is, of course, the people who work in them. Marriott hotel employees serve as the face of Marriott. They provide the customer experience, service, and amenities that have established Marriott as a premium and trustworthy industry of temporary residences.

There are plenty of Marriott careers available for those interested outside the direct scope of hotel management and hospitality as well. Whether you’re interested in the corporate side of things, marketing, or otherwise, Marriott International is a great place to grow your career no matter what your interests or skill sets are.

Keep reading to learn more about the various types of employment you can find when you work for Marriott!

Highlights from Marriott Careers

Hotel Jobs

Hotel Jobs

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The employees working in the physical hotels themselves are the most important part of what makes Marriott successful, providing the exemplary experience that guests expect. There are numerous positions within a single hotel that contribute to everything running smoothly. Some are the face of Marriott’s hospitality, while others operate behind the scenes.Whatever the position, each is incredibly important to succeed in the day-to-day operation of the hotel. Listed below are the main categories of hotel employees.

Hosts: If you enjoy interacting with people from all around the world all while having a smile on your face, then one of Marriott’s host positions will be a great fit for you. These positions form the bulk of the face of the company, and they are incredibly important for making each and every guest feel valued.

Host positions include front desk, concierge, bellman, event management, retail and gift shop, and valet.

Artists: If you’re creatively inclined and have a specific skill set, then the art department is right for you. Marriott isn’t necessarily looking for artists in the traditional sense, but rather those that enact their ingenuity through the culinary arts, events, and design.Marriott’s artist positions include food and beverage, culinary, golf, fitness, and entertainment, spa and recreation, and landscaping.

Quality Keepers: The quality keepers at Marriott are absolutely essential to maintaining Marriott’s reputation as a premium and trusted brand. Quality keepers are hard workers and detail driven, knowing that it’s the simple, small touches that really go the extra mile in forming a memorable impression.

Quality keeping positions include housekeeping, human resources, engineering and facilities, administrative, guest services operations, and security.

Planners: Lastly, we come to the planners. These are the leaders within each Marriott establishment that provide the planning and guidance that drive the operation of the hotel or residence.

Marriott’s team of planners include a general manager, operations manager, restaurant manager, director of finance, director of banquets, and the head of sales and marketing.

Corporate Jobs

Corporate Jobs

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If you’re still interested in the hotel and hospitality industry but are keener on the wider business side of things, consider a job in corporate. Like hotel jobs, corporate positions offer a wide variety of opportunities for individuals with varying skills sets and interests.

As a part of Marriott Corporate, you’ll gain key insight about what it means to operate an expansive hotel industry and how they all work together to make Marriott what it is. Below, we’ve listed the key categories of Marriott corporate careers.

Brand Champions: Brand champions are incredibly important for establishing and maintaining Marriott’s prestigious presence. They analyze customer experience and satisfaction levels and strategize about to address any potential issues as well continually push for a higher level of quality.

Marriott’s brand champions are key to establishing general brand awareness among the public. If the public is unaware of their Marriott hotel options, then they won’t take advantage of them. Therefore, brand awareness is key to the continual operation of Marriott hotels.B

rand champions take positions in brand management, sales and marketing, global design, global operations, information technology, and public relations and communications.

Business Stewards: Marriott’s business stewards are essential for running Marriott International as an actual business. They ensure that all the paperwork is filled out, the finances kept track of, everything that’s needed to keep Marriott as a whole running smoothly.Business steward areas of positions include finance and accounting, procurement and purchasing, revenue management, legal, human resources, development and feasibility, and administrative.

Customer Ambassadors: Customer ambassadors are incredibly important for making each guest feel valued and listened to during their interactions with Marriott. They provide guests’ first customer support experience, offering the guidance guests need to book their stay and offering any other guidance. Marriott’s customer ambassadors work from numerous call facilities around the world.

Marriott’s customer ambassadors positions work in global business reservations, customer engagement centers (call centers), Marriott Rewards support/reservations, and individual reservations.

Marriott University Program

Marriott University Program

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Marriot International is a great company for professionals to enter at all levels of experience, including those who are fresh out of college or even still attending class. Through its various internships and post-grad opportunities, Marriott provides guidance and leadership-building opportunities, among other qualities that are highly desirable in the career world.Starting up with Marriott while still young is a great way to get your foot in the door and really take advantage of all that Marriott careers can offer you.

Internships: If you’re still in college, take advantage of a Marriott internship. These internships typically last between eight and twelve months, though in some cases they can extend even further. There are a variety of internship types available, though they all offer on-the-job training and an immersion into Marriott culture. Internships may take place in the United States, Canada, or even abroad.

Interested in the culinary arts? Marriott also offers a large culinary internship program, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to flourish as a chef in a hotel environment.

Post-Grad Opportunities: If you’re a recent or soon-to-be college graduate, consider applying for Marriott’s Voyage Global Leadership Development Program. This program lasts 12-18 months, and it focuses on fully immersing yourself into the hotel industry. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with several departments, and you’ll even meet key leading figures of Marriott International.

You can apply for a placement in this program at-home or abroad.

Veteran Opportunities

Veteran Opportunities

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Marriott values and respects the service our veterans perform for us, and it recognizes that returning from the field can sometimes be a difficult adjustment. That’s why Marriott offers a series of veteran opportunities geared toward finding fulfilling positions for the people that give up so much to protect our country.

Not sure how your skills in the service translate to the hotel management and hospitality industry? The Marriott website provides a helpful Military Skills Translator tool. All you need do is select your area of service and your job title, and the tool will generate applicable positions that match the skill set you already possess.

Perks of Working with Marriott

Marriott recognizes that it’s the employees that make Marriott International great, and so Marriott values each employee’s happiness and feeling of worth.

That’s why Marriott offers numerous growth opportunities so that when you work with Marriott, you are constantly progressing in your career and never feel as though you’re at a dead end. They also offer a series of rewards and recognition of success to commemorate a job well done.

Because Marriott focuses on providing its guests with the premium travel experience, it extends this to its employees, too! When you work for Marriott, you’ll be able to benefit from generous hotel and food discounts at thousands of Marriott-owned locations around the world.

Start Your Career with Marriott!

Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned professional, Marriott offers a host of opportunities for those looking to expand their career prospects, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the happiness of thousands, if not millions, of people who stay at Marriott properties.

With so many paths to choose from, it’s no wonder that Marriott careers are quickly becoming a favorite of those seeking to find fulfilling work in an environment they enjoy. When you work for Marriott, you’ll take satisfaction in the knowledge that you’re helping create a memorable experience for each and every guest.

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