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You’ve sent in your application and gotten that return phone call. What can you do, other than play the waiting game, to prepare yourself? When browsing through this article you will find some helpful hints to prepare you for the interview process. This will include some common McDonalds interview questions and answers that will likely be asked of those applying for multiple positions.

McDonald’s Company Info

The foundation of McDonald’s is built on these four principles: quality, service, cleanliness, and value. The franchise company prides itself on employing people from all walks of race, religion, and background. McDonald’s offers many benefits to their employees, including medical and dental plans, disability pay, recognition programs, and sick and personal time.

When filling out your online McDonald’s job application you may have noticed that you had the options of applying for an hourly restaurant job or a corporate position. In this helpful guide we will discuss a few McDonalds interview questions asked of people applying for an hourly position as a crew member or shift manager, as well as a corporate position of communications supervisor.

McDonald’s Job Interview Tips

After setting up your interview there are a few things you can do while preparing for the interview to ensure that you get the job. You will have a one-on-one interview with a Manager of the company who will ask a few critical questions. It is important to make a good first impression not only in the way you respond to the following McDonalds interview questions, but also with your appearance and the way you carry yourself.

Know the Company

McDonald’s has grown drastically since the first establishment came to be years ago. The franchise now has companies located in 33 different countries! When interviewing for McDonald’s keep in mind their core principles of quality, service, cleanliness, and value. Mention your love for providing quality service and be sure to show up for the interview clean cut and squared away.

Know the Responsibilities of the Job You’ve Applied For

When applying for any position it is important to know the responsibilities of the job and to be able to meet them. If the job requires you to stand for long periods of time, expect to be on your feet all day. If you notice in the job requirements that you will be asked to provide proof that you are over a certain age, consider bringing the proper documentation with you to your interview.

Study Interview Questions

Below are a few interview questions for varying positions within the McDonald’s franchise. You will also find some of the best possible McDonalds interview questions and answers to assist you in formulating your responses.

Arrive Early

It is considerate to show up on time for interviews and appointments. However, when you show up early you are really going above and beyond. What better way to prove that you are a perfect fit for the company than to show up early before the job is even yours? This shows that you value the time of the interviewer, as well as the company.

Dress for the Job You Want

When interviewing for a position it is important to dress for the job you want. If you have applied to work as a crew member or a shift manager inside of a McDonald’s restaurant pay attention to the uniform you have seen their employees wear. This typically consists of slacks and a partial button up polo shirt. Therefore, it would be appropriate to wear dress slacks and a nice top to your interview.

McDonalds Interview Questions & Answers

Many people get anxious while waiting for their interview because they do not know what type of questions to expect. If you have reviewed some common McDonalds job interview questions this eliminates a lot of the stress from the situation. Here are a few interview questions commonly asked by interviewers, with some of the best McDonalds interview questions and answers.

1. Crew Member Interview Questions & Answers

  • Q 1: What is your favorite menu item? Answer this as if you are selling me the product.
  • A: My personal favorite is the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It’s the perfect size, with two quarter pound 100% pure beef patties, and comes with extra cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese? I’m partial to the Big Mac as well, so I always ask them to add the secret sauce to my Double Quarter Pounder.
  • Q 2: Do you find it easy to get angry and shout at people?
  • A: I don’t have much of a temper, or a short fuse. Even when other would get angry by being overwhelmed, I work well under pressure and stress. However, when I do encounter particularly hostile customers I always make it a point to apologize for the problem. I also ask them to give me just a moment to grab a manager who can better assist with the problem.
  • Q 3: What does customer service mean to you?
  • A: I have always prided myself on providing excellent customer service. When dealing with customers I make it a point to address each individual, instead of only speaking to the person ordering. I also always try my best to address any problems the guest may have.

2. Shift Manager Interview Questions & Answers

  • Q 1: What makes you a good candidate to work in a shift management position for McDonald’s?
  • A: I have previous experience working in the restaurant business, and experience as an assistant manager at a retail store. Both of these positions required me to sharpen my customer service skills, and work in a fast paced environment. While working as an assistant manager I found that I am very good at directing a team, while also working as part of the team.
  • Q 2: Do you think you can handle the stress that goes along with working in a fast food environment?
  • A: I have had experience working with the public and in a fast paced retail store, providing customer service to many customers. I believe that working in these positions has prepared me to handle any stress that may come with working in a fast food restaurant.
  • Q 3: Would you have a problem cleaning the bathroom if I asked you to?
  • A: As a shift manager it would be my job to direct my team, but also to work as part of the team. This would mean I still had to complete all parts of the job, including cleaning bathrooms. I couldn’t expect my team members to do something that I refused to do.

3. Communications Supervisor Interview Questions & Answers

  • Q 1: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • A: I would like to continue working for McDonald’s and move up in the company. 5 years from now I hope to have at least a year’s experience as a Communications Manager for the company.
  • Q 2: What is your biggest weakness?
  • A: I tend to bite off more than I can chew. What I mean by this is that I take on my own work load. However, I often insist on helping others with their work as well. I still manage to get everything done on time, just with less sleep.
  • Q 3: What is your greatest strength?
  • A: I have strong communication skills. I’m excellent at neutralizing situations that have grown hostile. I also pride myself on my ability to convince others that they need to purchase specific items.

When preparing for your job interview with McDonald’s this short guide should give you the tools you need to secure the position in the job you’ve applied for. And if your interview goes well enough, you might even receive a higher position than the one they are actually interviewing for!

If you have any other helpful hints for interviewing with McDonald’s, please comment below. For those who wish to find additional information on McDonalds interview questions or the interview process, consider visiting our McDonald’s job application guide.

You can also follow the company on one of these job boards containing interview tips and company information: GlassdoorPayScale, and Indeed.

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