Publix is one of the fastest growing employee-owned companies in the U.S. and consistently makes Forbes’ Top 100 list of American businesses each year. Starting your own career with the company starts by completing and submitting a Publix job application.

With the company’s plans to expand beyond its current market of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina, it continues to search for and hire qualified individuals who want to forge a career with the growing corporation. Discover how to tailor your application to the position for which you are applying within the Publix company.

Publix General Career Info

Publix offers positions in numerous career areas throughout its company. Along with entry-level store and management positions, Publix also offers careers in departments like information technology, administration, industrial maintenance, and the corporate pharmacy. Some of the positions you will find available for a Publix job application include:

  • Programmer analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • Regional manager
  • Equipment lubrication specialist
  • Plant engineer
  • Parts coordinator

And dozens of other positions, all of which are essential to the everyday function and profitability of every Publix store.

These positions also embody the culture and spirit of the Publix company as a whole. You can find out more about all positions available to you by visiting the Publix career page. This page also has important details about what you can expect as far as wages or salary, health insurance, retirement benefits, and other perks that come from working for the company.

Publix Job Application Guide

Do Your Research

Before submitting your Publix job application, you need to research the position that is right for your level of education, talent, and career interest. It ensures that you are applying for a job that you will find rewarding and that will satisfy your earning and meet your needs and expectations.

The website offers a relocation guide if you will be expected to move to a new location to start your Publix career. The most common positions that may require that you relocate are those found in the corporate career area as well as those in administration, industrial maintenance, or information technology.

This relocation guide provides you with links to websites that let you find housing and other resources in your new city. Some of the cities that Publix relocates its employees to include:

  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee
Submit Your Online Publix Job Application

publix job application first step

Publix requires that you apply for most company positions by filling out a Publix job application at any of their stores.

publix job application second step

After you submit your application, you may wonder what steps you should take next.

publix job application third step

Publix outlines this important step in its online job applicant guide. The company recommends that you stay fresh in your job skills and also practice your interview skills. When you know what answers to give to commonly asked interview questions, you can make a winning impression that will help you land your dream job with the company.

Contact a Publix Recruiter

You can also prepare yourself by consulting with a Publix job recruiter. The recruiter can tell you what skills the company is looking for and how you can make yourself the best applicant for the job. You can contact any of the recruiters listed on their website. These individuals can be a valuable resource when you are serious about landing your ideal job with the Publix company.

Following this guide helps you ease into the application process and anticipate each step of applying for a career and being interviewed and possibly asked to relocate for it.

Publix Job Openings

So what are some of the exciting job prospects available with Publix and what exactly will be your duties and benefits as an employee? You can discover the perks of working for Publix by learning about some of the more common positions available with the company. You also should learn what kind of pay, benefits, and other aspects go along with accepting a position in these roles entails for you as a Publix employee.

Publix Store Associate

Publix store associate positions are available on part-time and full-time bases. Cashiers, bakers, and baggers are just a few of the non-management associates that work for Publix.


Publix non-management store associates carry out a variety of duties depending on their positions within the store. They may undertake tasks like:

  • Providing customer service
  • Completing transactions or filling orders
  • Assisting in basic maintenance like emptying trash or sweeping
  • Stocking inventory


Store associates are generally entry-level workers who are not expected to have any prior training or experience for their positions. Some positions like bakers, meat cutters, and cake decorators may be required to have training or a minimal amount of experience in their positions, however. Publix provides on-the-job training for entry-level store associates.

Working Hours

Publix allows its store associates flexibility with their schedules. People in these positions can request scheduling that accommodates their school or personal obligations outside the store. Associates are needed to work the store from opening to closing.

Salary Information

Public store associates generally earn incomes of $27,000 or less per year. Their incomes depend on their availability, skill level, and also whether they work full or part-time.

Publix Store Management

Store associates can seek a Position Leading to Management promotion and start a career in one of the many Publix store management positions available in the company. The most common management positions available in Publix include:

  • assistant department management
  • department management
  • assistant store management
  • store management


Publix managers are tasked with managing the individual departments as well as the store itself. They also resolve customer conflicts and concerns, manage employee schedules, and order inventory as needed.

Working Hours

Publix managers at any level work full-time and are expected to be available for work every day of the week. Most managers work at least 40 hours a week and may be offered overtime when available. Managers’ duties include creating employee schedules, handling customer disputes, training employees, and overseeing the everyday function and order of the store.

Salary Information

The salaries for these positions start around $48,000 and can be as high as $120,000 depending on the position. Publix managers are also eligible for tuition reimbursement and bonuses. They can also transfer to any Publix store when other management positions become open.

Publix Pharmacist

Publix pharmacists are important to the company and the individual stores because they provide valuable medical and pharmaceutical services to a wide array of customers.


In your role as a pharmacist for Publix, you will be expected to fill medication requests and also provide counsel to clients who have questions about prescription or over-the-counter medications. Youwillalso need to administer services like immunizations upon request and when available.


To become a Publix pharmacist, you must have the appropriate training for the position. You will need to have a university degree and the proper credentials and licensing in the state in which you seek employment.

Working Hours

The pharmacies in Publix are typically open from 7am until 9pm on business days. On the weekends, these hours may be shortened substantially. The pharmacies are usually closed on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, allowing you to enjoy the major holidays at home.

Salary Information

Pharmacists who work for Publix have the potential to earn lucrative salaries. Glassdoor reports the average Publix pharmacist salary to be around $113,000 per year.

Publix Pharmacy Technician

Like pharmacists, the Publix pharmacy technicians also play a vital role in the company.


They serve as an intermediary between the pharmacists and customers. They also serve as communication liaisons between the pharmacy and doctors’ offices, hospitals, and insurers.


To become a Publix pharmacy technician, you must have the proper educational training and background. You may need licensing or certification in the state in which you apply.

Working Hours

Publix pharmacy technicians work on a part-time and full-time basis. You will be allowed flexibility with your schedule. You also should have major holidays off as the pharmacy is closed on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Salary Information

Pharmacy techs with Publix generally earn between $9 to $15 an hour depending on your experience and availability. You also will be eligible for benefits for the duration of your employment with Publix.

Publix Programmer

Behind the scenes within the corporation, important people like programmers are busy making sure the online representation of Publix stays up and running.


Programmers carry out important duties like:

  • Implementing forecasting software
  • Installing labor generation demand programs
  • Implementing scheduling programs to help stores keep employees working
  • Overseeing software that deals with shipments, optimization, inventory, and other important tasks


Publix programmers should have a certain level of educational and professional training. For example, they must have bachelors’ degrees in fields like computer programming or information technology. They also must be able to multi-task while using the most common computer programs in the industry today.

Working Hours

Publix programmers work full-time schedules. The company’s website does not list specific hours that programmers work. However, many programmers in similar companies and industries typically work Monday through Friday and do not work on the weekends.

Salary Information

Glassdoor reports that Publix programmers earn salaries around $54,000 on average. Programmers, like other Publix employees, are eligible for benefits like life and health insurance, retirement, and vacation time. These benefits are available shortly after programmers complete an introductory employment period after their Publix job application and interview.

Additional Information

You can read our guide to the Publix interview questions & answers + other tips to get an idea about what to expect during an interview.

Publix Hours

Publix is open early and closes late every day including the weekends and most holidays. Store hours vary per location; however, most stores generally open by 7:00 a.m. and close by 10:00 p.m.

Publix Contact Details

Along with being open to the public throughout the day, Publix also offers numerous ways for customers to reach out to the company. Along with offering corporate contact details, Publix also encourages people to connect with them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can use these contact details to get further info about your Publix job application. You can also use the comment section below to let us know about your experience with Publix as an interviewee or employee.