This article will prove to be a valuable resource for those who have submitted a Subway job application and received a phone call back for an interview. Below you will find helpful hints for how to prepare for your interview, as well as a brief sampling of Subway interview questions for sandwich artist, assistant manager, and management positions.

Subway Company Info

Over the past 51 years Subway has grown to become the world’s largest sandwich chain, with over 44,000 locations. Subway is a franchise business with restaurants popping up not only all over the United States, but in other countries as well. Because Subway has grown into such a large business there are many employment opportunities within the company.

Different stores require staff in varying positions. When applying online, you will notice that you can apply for one of five positions: sandwich artist, sandwich artist PRO, assistant manager, manager, and multi manager. Even those promoted from within need to fill out a Subway job application for a new position they desire to move into.

Subway Job Interview Tips

Note: Find out more about this company’s available positions and get some extra tips on how to choose the job for you in our Subway job application guide.

When you arrive to your interview, you want to give a good impression before you ever even begin to answer any of the Subway interview questions. But how do you do this? You show that you are dependable and can be counted on to go the extra mile by showing up early, and you also dress intentionally – keeping in mind the position you are interviewing for. Once you begin your interview you have the opportunity to sell yourself and showcase your knowledge to the interviewer.

Show Up Early

What better way to prove your dependability than to show up early for your interview? Every candidate should arrive on time to their interview. It’s the candidates who show up early that communicate with the manager that they value their time. It’s the easiest way to make a great first impression.

Choose Appropriate Attire

When dressing for your interview keep in mind that Subway employees typically wear a collared shirt and relaxed slacks. For this reason, you may consider wearing a button up collared shirt, a pair of slacks, and dress shoes to your interview. Something like a nice suit would be far too dressed up, while a t-shirt and jeans would be too casual.

Be Knowledgeable About Subway

When interviewing with Subway you want to take the chance to impress your manager with your knowledge about the company. Mention that you’re excited for the chance to move up in the company and that you’re eager to master making your favorite sandwich! In addition, every interview has one or more Subway interview questions about the company which might make or break you.

Have an Understanding of What the Job Requires

Be prepared to provide documentation at your interview to prove your age and identity, but don’t just stop there. Explain that you’ve been doing your research on this position. Share what you do know and don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to expand on any job descriptions you were particularly curious about. This is a good way to show your interest.

Study the Subway Interview Questions

You’re a step ahead of the game to be searching for information that can help you in preparing for your interview. For many candidates, the most intimidating part of an interview is not knowing what type of questions they can expect. Below you will find a variety of Subway interview questions that are commonly asked by managers and human resources representatives. We also added some examples of the best Subway job interview answers.

Subway Interview Questions & Answers

In this section you will have the opportunity to look over 9 different common interview questions asked at Subway interviews. These questions are paired with the type of Subway job interview answers you should give in response to these questions to better your chances of securing the job.

1. Subway Sandwich Artist Interview Questions & Answers

  • Q 1: Is there anything that would interview with your work schedule?
  • A: I currently have open availability 5 days of the week. On Sundays, I am only available after 2 pm, and on Wednesdays I am not available after 5 pm.
  • Note: Take this opportunity to let your interviewer know of any upcoming vacations or appointments you have set up. Most interviewers are more than happy to work around things that new hires had planned before interviewing.
  • Q 2: What would you do if an angry customer approached you?
  • A: I would remain polite and apologetic to the customer and ask them to please give me a moment. Meanwhile, I would go get a manager to better assist them with their issue.
  • Q 3: What do you do when there are no customers around?
  • A: It’s difficult to juggle all the tasks required of a job when you are dealing with customers. We all know they are always the first priority. During times that I was not giving my attention to a customer I would use that opportunity to work towards completing all of the other assignments that needed to be completed on my shift.

2. Subway Assistant Manager Interview Questions & Answers

  • Q 1: What qualifies you to work in a management position at Subway?
  • A: I have experience working in restaurants and I have previously been in positions where I was in charge of managing up to 8 staff members.
  • Note: If asked this question use the opportunity to really sell yourself. Mention any type of leadership experience you have, even if it is related to volunteer work or school.
  • Q 2: What are your greatest strengths?
  • A: It’s easy for me to remain calm in stressful situations, I am able to easily influence others, and I have the ability to multi task well under pressure.
  • Q 3: What type of salary do you expect to make?
  • A: I understand that the basic rate of pay for this position is $9.40 per hour. However, I have 3 years of prior experience both in the restaurant business and managing a team. Therefore, I would expect to make $10.50 starting off.
  • Note: Do not be afraid to negotiate your pay. The worst that happens is they offer you a job at the standard pay rate. If this happens, you can either accept or refuse their offer.

3. Subway Manager Interview Questions & Answers

  • Q 1: How would you handle a workplace disagreement between employees?
  • A: I would counsel each of the employees separately, listening to each of their stories. If it were a major issue I would also watch video footage before taking disciplinary action. If I saw any need of disciplinary action, I would make a note of it in the file and ask the employee in question to sign it.
  • Q 2: Can you read a Microsoft Excel sheet?
  • A: I took several specialized computer courses while pursuing my associates degree and have skills like reading and creating Excel spreadsheets.
  • Q 3: Of these three qualities, which do you consider the most important: Speed of service, accuracy of service, or an enjoyable customer experience?
  • A: It’s obvious that speed of service and ensuring that the order is correct are both goals we should aim to achieve. However, it is most important that we are providing an enjoyable customer experience. If you provide excellent customer service, the customer will be more likely to forgive you for leaving onions off of their sandwich and allow you the opportunity to correct your mistake.

When preparing for your interview with Subway consider implementing some or all of the points covered in this guide. You will be more likely to secure a position with the company if you follow these helpful tips. If you have any helpful Subway interview tips of your own please mention them in the comments below.

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