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Walmart: It’s one of the most recognizable store chains in the county, if not the world.Since the opening of the first Walmart by founder Sam Walton in 1962, its presence has expanded rapidly across the globe, revolutionizing the way consumer goods are bought and purchased. While initially starting out as an item-central store chain, the intervention of the Super Walmart has since turned the franchise into a regular destination for grocery shopping as well.

So many stores also mean tons of employment opportunities, as well. While when thinking of a store our minds tend to focus on in-store positions, such as cashiers and managers, there is actually an incredibly wide scope of careers and necessary functions for people to perform in order to make Walmart what it is.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary job or launching your professional working life, you may find the perfect position for you as a part of Walmart Careers!

Walmart Careers Overview


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No matter what your age or interests are, you can find a fulfilling position with Walmart, Inc. Walmart offers multiple levels of careers and room for advancement, so you can soon find yourself climbing the corporate ladder with a little persistence and hard work. There are plenty of opportunities to grow your skills in a Walmart setting, whether you work in a physical store, at headquarters, or elsewhere.

Walmart careers aren’t solely limited to Walmart itself, either. As many know, Sam Walton was also the founder of Sam’s Club, and so the two companies fall under the same umbrella. This creates even more opportunities for prospective Walmart employees to take advantage of.Below, we’ve highlighted some of the main categories that careers at Walmart tend to fall under. Browse through them and find your next prospective job!

Highlights from Walmart Careers

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There are numerous types of positions available when you work for Walmart Inc. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the broad categories that each career opportunity falls under, as well as highlighted a few stand out positions.

Walmart Store Jobs

Walmart Store Jobs

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Perhaps the first type of employment that jumps to mind when you think of Walmart is working in the actual physical store. Store employees are the backbone of Walmart’s success—without them, the operations couldn’t possibly run or have grown to what they are today. That’s why Walmart treats their store employees fairly and in a supportive environment.

When you work a base-level Walmart store job, you’ll be paid at an hourly rate of $11 per hour at a minimum, depending on location and experience level. That’s considerably higher than the minimum wage in numerous states across the company. You’ll also have plenty of room to grow—Walmart promotes over 400 people a day, and 40% of promotions go to first-year employees.

There are numerous positions that you can apply your skills to in a Walmart position, including but not limited to:

Sales AssociateFresh Food AssociateSales and Front EndCart Attendant and JanitorialRemodel Associate

Have a specialized skill set, such as working in Vision, Pharmacy, or Auto? You can apply these skills in a friendly Walmart setting and earn a competitive salary.

Walmart Management Jobs

Walmart Jobs for Management

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The natural next step up from the broad category of store jobs are Walmart management positions. Roughly 70% of managers are promoted internally from store-based employees, so if you’re starting out there, you have a pretty good shot of advancing your career.

There are multiple levels of managers offered, including department managers to broader regional managers. Entering a Walmart managerial position is also a great way to one day break into the corporate side of operations.

Walmart managerial positions include:

Store ManagerCo-Manager/Developmental ManagerAssistant ManagerAsset Protection ManagerMarket Manager

Sam’s Club

The Sam's Club

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The Sam’s Club positions naturally reflect the Walmart positions in terms of store jobs and managerial positions. In addition to typical store placements, they also offer the same scope of specialized skill sets in the scope of vision, pharmacy, and auto service.


The Corporate

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There are a vast number of Walmart corporate careers. A lot goes into running a multi-billion dollar company, after all.

We aren’t just talking about the typical big-wig management positions, either—though they certainly don’t lack for those.

One broad category of positions is that of accounting and finance. Such a large company that tracks in such massive amounts of revenue each day requires a large staff of financial experts to not only keep track of the money but also ensure it is used properly and the funds are allocated efficiently.

And then there are the marketers and market strategists. Public knowledge and perception are essential to the success of a business, especially in today’s fast-paced world that takes place largely in the digital realm. If you have experience with marketing or communications, then a corporate Walmart career may be the right fit for you.

There is a wealth of Walmart careers available beneath the broad umbrella of corporate. A few prominent categories aside those mentioned above include:

Administrative and Support ServicesEngineeringBusiness OperationsAviation and TravelCustomer Service and Call CenterHuman ResourcesLegal, Compliance and EthicsReal Estate, Construction and Store PlanningSupply Chain and Logistics


The Healthcare

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We’ve already lightly touched on the medical and care professional opportunities available in Walmart stores. If you have knowledge and experience with pharmaceuticals or optical, you may find your next placement in a Walmart store.

Many Walmart stores also offer a Care Clinic, providing their customers with affordable and trustworthy medical care. Working in a Walmart Care Clinic is a great opportunity for a Nurse Practitioner or a Medical Assistant.

Walmart also offers a series of Corporate Healthcare roles, where you can have the opportunity to research and redefine the way we treat healthcare and help develop more modernized practices. These positions allow you to connect and interact with smart and curious healthcare professionals from all over the country and beyond.


The Technology

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Today’s market is largely driven by a business’ digital presence. Gone are the days when simply being present is enough of a reason for prospective buyers to visit a store. And with so many convenient online shopping alternatives available such as the ever-growing Amazon, creating an authoritative digital presence is necessary.

This somewhat intersects with traditional marketing in the form of digital marketing. In order for digital marketing strategies to be properly implanted, however, a business must first have a functional and attractive website platform. That’s where you techies come in handy.

If you’re a computer wiz or are really into building graphics, then you can find the Walmart career perfect for you. Internet users now expect a seamless browsing session every time on every platform they visit, so keeping Walmart’s website running smoothly is more important than ever.

An online presence is especially important for capturing remote revenue and external purchases.In addition to website design, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance when working in such a large corporate entity that is likely a popular target of hackers. So, if you have experience working in cyber security and keeping hackers at bay, this is a perfect opportunity.

The general categories of technology-centric Walmart careers are:

CybersecurityData Science and AnalyticsInformation TechnologyProduct Management—TechnologyProject and Program Management—TechnologySoftware Development and EngineeringUX Design

Distribution Centers and Drivers

Distribution Centers and Drivers

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Last but certainly not least, are the Distribution Centers and Drivers positions. These roles are essential to the basic functioning of Walmart Inc on any level. Without them, the abundance of diverse items that we take for granted in every store simply wouldn’t be there—the shelves would be empty, the racks barren. Distribution center workers and drivers form the backbone of Walmart.

Walmart knows how valuable its drivers are and takes steps to ensure their safety. That’s why Walmart can proudly boast of having not only one of the largest fleets of delivery trucks in the nation but also one of the safest, the vehicles kept up to date with their maintenance and kept in top condition.

If you have experience working in a stocking or warehouse environment or have the proper large truck driving license, then these could be the perfect opportunities for you.

Starting Your Career with Walmart

Starting Your Career with Walmart

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Walmart is always hiring for a large number of its various positions across the country. To view available positions near you, be sure to check out the Walmart Careers website.With so many diverse positions out there at a variety of levels, it’s easy to find work at Walmart whether you’re in the middle of your career or just starting out. Start browsing your opportunities and get started on taking your next career step!

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