Job hunting can be a stressful process. First, you need to sift through the dozens of job platforms and offers to find something that is right for you. Then there’s the actual process of applying. Each company has their own way of doing business and conducting interviews.

Here at Job Application Point we try to bring you all the resources you could need when applying for a job. We offer background information for each company advertising an opening, plus guides to help you successfully navigate their job application process. Once you make it to the interview phase, you can check out our section on interview questions and answers.

Our goal is to make the hiring process as smooth as possible. This is why our articles focus on specific openings. So we can provide you with as many details as possible and structure our content, so it’s easier for you to quickly find the resources you need.

The Team

We are the people behind Job Application Point. Each member of our team has a background in human resources. It’s a field we chose because we are passionate about helping people and this site is just one of the many ways in which we try to use our experience to enable others to pursue their dreams.

Darlene Ball

Darlene has been working as a recruiter for over ten years. She likes to switch companies from time to time so that she can keep herself updated on current hiring practices. Darlene believes it is important for her to see the recruitment process from both interview chairs. This gives her a unique perspective on her own role as a recruiter.

Kurt Ellis

Kurt was a talent hunter during the first couple of years after college. He was always fascinated with the idea that behind every popular artist or well-known movie star there was a person just like him, who managed to spot a diamond in the rough. Though his passion finding talent hasn’t waned over the years, now he works a less glamorous, though equally exciting job in the recruitment field.

Damon Barker

Damon majored in psychology to work as a counselor for teens. He wanted to help young people start their lives on the right foot, and he knew how important it was to have someone with experience to offer advice and tips. Damon now works as a freelance career counselor. He enjoys working both with teens and adults who are interested in switching career paths. He likes to think of himself as a professional people-helper.

Debbie Richardson

For a very long time, Debbie wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do in life. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration but never felt like this was the right track for her. She hopped from job to job for a couple of years until she realized the experience she had gained job hunting made her an ideal recruiter. Now, she feels like she has found her calling, and wants to help others find theirs as well.