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Women and men who love innovative clothing may consider applying at Anthropologie. This article will provide some advice for impressing the store manager at your Anthropologie interview. It will include several common Anthropologie interview questions and answers to study before your interview.

Anthropologie Company Info

Anthropologie is a clothing retail outlet owned by Urban Outfitters. The brand specializes in women’s clothing, and the vast majority of its employees are women. By and large, Anthropologie stores are usually located in major cities. Those employees who relish the built-in discount tend to have the best working experience.

Turnover is high at clothing retailers, and each Anthropologie location frequently hires for stocking, cashier, and customer service positions. Anthropologie locations are typically open from 9 AM to 9 PM, but certain positions may require availability outside that time frame. Many Anthropologie stores are located in malls.

Anthropologie Interview Tips

As a major retailer, positions are available in several different departments. The interview process, however, remains the same throughout all non-managerial positions. After applying online, applicants are asked to visit the store for group interviews. Successful applicants will be asked to return at a later date for a head-to-head interview with a store manager. Former applicants have described both interview stages as relaxed and borderline informal.

These tips will help you ace the two interviews:

Brush Up on Your Fashion Knowledge

For any position at Anthropologie — but especially those requiring contact with many customers — store managers will prefer applicants with a deep understanding of women’s fashion. Your knowledge will be tested during the interview. The manager will want an employee who can independently answer customers’ questions.

Dress For the Part, but Don’t Overdress

You don’t need to buy an outfit from Anthropologie before your interview, but wearing clothes similar to the employee outfit will show your understanding of the company environment. Hiring managers will notice your initiative. However, it’s important not to wear anything too formal.

Learn More About the Company and Culture

This is true of many companies, but previous applicants have reported that Anthropologie’s interview process involves a lot of questions about why you applied with them. It’s best to enter the interview with more than the story of how you love shopping at Anthropologie.

Most importantly, learn about the ideal Anthropologie customer. The company markets to ‘creative’ women who love unique outfits. The company also markets heavily towards wedding and bridal apparel.

Anthropologie Interview Questions & Answers

As long as you’re not applying for a management position, the interview process for each Anthropologie position is exactly the same. The group interview is designed specifically to get candidates talking. The open-ended questions and answers in the sections below will prepare you for both stages of the interview process.

Anthropologie Interview Questions & Answers for the Customer Associate Position

Q1: What do you enjoy about customer service?
A: What I enjoy most about customer service is knowing how much the little things matter. A helpful associate is capable of brightening someone’s day. For me, those are the best moments.

Q2: What makes a good customer service associate?
A: At my previous job, I was known for helping out in departments around the store. I think good customer service associates are the faces of the brand, and should help wherever help is needed. During any downtime, a good customer service associate will find something to work on.

Q3: Why would you be a good fit at Anthropologie?
A: I would be a good fit because I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, and I feel ‘in my element’ when I’m around clothes. More importantly, I like the culture at Anthropologie, and their focus on creative outfits.

Anthropologie Interview Questions & Answers for the Personal Stylist Position

Q1: How would you describe the ideal Anthropologie customer?
A: The ideal Anthropologie customer is someone who enjoys the world of fashion-meets-accessibility. Customers come here to find unique outfits that are also comfortable and fun.

Q2: Do you focus on the fine details or the big picture?
A: People have always told me I’m a perfectionist. I keep my eyes on the big picture, but I have a tendency of getting trapped in the fine details. For a job like this, I think my eye for detail will come in handy. Helping people find their ideal outfits requires a discerning eye.

Q3: What is your personal style?
A: Coincidentally, my personal style is very similar to that of the Anthropologie customer. I like to dress uniquely, but I also favor comfort and accessibility. In my opinion, there are very few reasons to wear something uncomfortable for the sake of vanity.

Anthropologie Interview Questions & Answers for the Bridal Stylist Position

Q1: If you had unlimited money, where would you shop and why?
A: With unlimited money, I would still shop at Anthropologie and similar stores. I really enjoy the style and accessibility of these clothes. The only difference is that I would have a lot more clothes.

Q2: Why would someone shop at Anthropologie for a wedding dress?
A: As with every other article of clothing in the store, Anthropologie’s wedding dresses are unique and fun. A bride-to-be would shop here to make a statement and bring out the best of her personality come wedding day.

Q3: What is the best word to describe Anthropologie and why?
A: Individual. The store is simply one of a kind, and it fills its very own space in the fashion industry. Also, women who want to get a unique look are the customers who shop here.


With a calm interviewing process, Anthropologie is a great place to work for anyone interested in fashion. Knowledge of clothing and fashion will bring you a long way, but reviewing these Anthropologie interview questions can give you an extra leg up. In fact, don’t be surprised if some of these exact questions pop up in your interview. Do you have any experience working with Anthropologie? Please feel free to share any questions or concerns below.

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