Apple has taken the world by storm with its innovative technology, constantly pushing the barriers of what are portable electronic devices can do and revolutionizing how we operate in the 21st century. Even if you don’t personally use a MacBook or iPhone, you certainly know someone (or many someones) who do. While PCs are still a popular choice among many, the iPhone is without a doubt the golden standard of smartphones.As such a leader in the world of technology, it’s no wonder that working for Apple is the dream job for many of the technically-inclined. While Apple certainly does offer plenty of exciting career opportunities in the realm of technology and computer development, the opportunities available at this company reach much further: there are innumerable factors that go into the creation and running of a successful company, after all.Whether you’re just starting out or are midway through your professional work life, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Apple careers!

Apple Careers Overview

The Overview

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Apple is not only a place where innovation and technological revolutions thrive. It’s also an establishment that values the minds behind the business and cares about the impact it has on the world. Apple is well aware that the products it creates have a profound effect on the lives of their users and those around them, and each employee forms an intricate part of the decision-making process.

Employees of Apple get to work in an exciting “what if?” environment, where ideas are thrown out and tested on the daily. Whether you work on the technical side of things, in promotions, or in retail, Apple provides a collaborative environment that allows every individual to grow.Below, you’ll find a detailed overview of Apple’s career opportunities.

Highlights from Apple Careers

The Highlights

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The Retail

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Retail is, of course, an integral part of how the Apple business is able to be functional and run smoothly. Starting in retail is a great opportunity for college students with a tech-inclined mind looking to get a foot in the door, as well as for those interested in customer service in an innovative environment.

Listed below are the three key categories essential to every Apple retail store.

Sales: The Apple sales department is much more complex than what you might expect at first glance. Sales associates are integral for how Apple functions, whether you’re on the sales floor helping prospective customers or helping connect businessmen and entrepreneurs.There are numerous categories of sales positions under Apple, including Specialists, Experts, Business Experts, and Operations Experts.

Support: What is a work environment without support? The Apple support team is made up of creative individuals who enjoy finding hands-on solutions and making their customers smile.As a member of the support team, you’ll help Apple customers through any technical difficulties as well as show them how best to take advantage of their Apple devices. You may, for instance, demonstrate to someone how to touch up photos, or even teach a child how to code. Apple Support roles include Creative, Technical Specialist, and Genius.

Leadership: Last but certainly not least is the incredibly important role that leadership provides within each Apple store. In Apple retail, being a leader is about more than managing a schedule and day to day operations. It’s about creating a collaborative and productive environment where every team member, including yourself, can grow.As a leader, you’ll also interact with and reach out to your local community, creating the bonds and establishing a trustworthy authoritative figure that makes Apple so successful. Leadership positions include Apple Store Leader Program Associate, Manager, Senior Manager, Store Leader, and Market Leader.



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There are plenty of open Apple positions outside of retail establishments. These positions are broadly grouped together under teams, each team consisting of further subdivisions that are equally important to contributing to the Apple entity as a whole.

Hardware: Hardware forms the physical backbone of all of Apple’s technology. Without the hardware to operate on, software and other additions would have no basis or platform on which to perform. That’s why Apple highly values its hardware technicians and are continually on the lookout for new bright and shining minds.

There are more sub-categories of hardware than you might initially think. Various hardware specializations include acoustic technologies, architecture, battery design, camera technologies, mechanical engineering, environmental design, and many more.Software and Services: Once the hardware is established, it’s time for the software engineers and computer programs to put their minds to work. While hardware allows for operations to be performed, it is the software that creates the human and intuitive experience that we expect from our technology.

Categorizations of software specialties include apps and frameworks, cloud and infrastructure, core ops, machine learning, and security and privacy.

Design: Next up on this list of product creation is the all-important design element. Designers at Apple work not only to make things look good but also to ensure that everything makes sense and is functional for the average user. Designers work exceedingly close with both hardware and software developers to ensure that the entirety of the product comes together as it should.The three key elements of this type of design are industrial, human interface, and communications.

Operation and Supply Chain: As a member of the Operation and Supply Chain team, you’ll work alongside critical thinkers who specialize in optimizing the ways in which Apple’s products are created, enhancing efficiency and overall productivity.

Those who work with the Operation and Supply Chain team fall under the categories of business intelligence and analytics, business process management, supply demand management and NPI readiness, retail and e-commerce fulfillment, logistics and supply chain, sale planning and operations, procurement, and several more.

Marketing: Marketing is essential for any business to thrive. Without establishing brand awareness and spreading the word of its latest products, people would have no reason to come into the Apple store in search of the latest technology. Marketing is important in all its forms, whether it be on billboard ads, television, and, of course, digital.

There are three key divisions in the marketing team: product marketing, marketing communications, and corporate communications.

Corporate Functions: As with any large corporation, there are certain corporate functions that need to be fulfilled. For Apple, this means not only keeping fiscal accountability and properly upholding the interests of their investors, but also ensuring that Apple maintains its status as a socially responsible corporation, improving the world through its work.

The key divisions of corporate responsibilities include information systems and technology, finance, legal, people, learning and development, global security, administration services, and more.

Sales and Business Development: The Sales and Business Development team works closely with retailers to, you guessed it, drive sales and improve the process. This team works with all aspects of sales, from the representation of products in Apple stores, to its outreach through second-party sellers.

Within this team, you’ll find the specializations of business development, Apple store sales, account management, retailer partner sales, sales planning and operations, and field and solutions engineering.

Support and Service: We touched on Support a little bit above when we discussed retail positions. Support roles extend far beyond the limits of the retail store, however. When you work in Support and Service, you’ll have the opportunity to help customers take full advantage of their products in person or via phone, chat, email, or another online forum.

Categories of support workers include online support, technical support and customer support, Apple store support, AppleCare business development, and service channel management and operations.

Internship and Post-Grad Opportunities

Post -Grad Opportunity

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Apple also offers plenty of opportunities for current college students and recent graduates that are sure to look stellar on your resume and get you a foothold in Apple early on.If you’re a current student, you can apply for an Apple internship. These internships may take place over the summer, or throughout the semester as a co-op. Conduct your internship locally or even go abroad. Current students can also benefit from the flexible work schedules available at Apple retail stores.

Another great opportunity for college students is to take part in the AppleCare program, which allows students to provide technical support to customers from the comfort of their own home according to their schedule. You can also apply to be an Apple Campus Rep, where you’ll represent Apple to different organizations around campus.

There are plenty of Apple careers available for recent graduates in the corporate and retail fields, too. You can even take part in the intensive two-year Apple Store Leader Program, which will challenge you and help you develop lifetime skills perfect for advancing your career with Apple or elsewhere.

Start Your Career with Apple!

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With Apple being such a thriving and innovative company, it’s no surprise that Apple careers are so desirable. Fortunately, Apple offers plenty of opportunities for you to join their team no matter what your area of expertise or experience level. What’s most important is eager curiosity and a drive to create the finest customer experience.