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Applebee’s offers career opportunities in many fields. As a leading company for food service and as one of the most popular restaurants in the country, Applebee’s is able to provide people with the job opportunities that they need. The Applebees job application is straightforward and simple to fill out. Read on to learn more about the way that the Applebees job application process, what you will need to get a job at Applebee’s and some job openings that may suit what you are looking for when you are on the search for a new job at Applebee’s.

Applebee’s General Career Info

On the Applebees job application online site, there are many Applebees Job Opportunities that people can choose from to apply at Applebees. These include positions that are in the:

• Restaurant service field
• Management of restaurant
• Customer support center
• Offices – corporate

Each of these opportunities was created for different people who are looking for more in their career. Whether you are a professional business manager, a server just getting started or anywhere in between, there is something for everyone at Applebee’s. The company provides both professional positions and entry-level positions. They do this so that they can cater to all of the needs of the people who are hoping to work there. You do not have to have the experience to get a job at Applebee’s but there are some positions that will require you to have some type of experience.

Internships for Applebee’s are offered at the corporate level as well as the restaurant management level. If you are hoping for an internship opportunity with the Applebee’s corporate offices, you will need to contact them to set it up. Restaurant management internships can usually be set up at the specific Applebee’s that you are hoping to intern at. Be sure to check with the manager to find out what process is used at your particular restaurant.

Applebee’s and IHOP are both owned by Dine Equity and function under a 99%-franchised system. Check out our IHOP job application guide here.

Applebees Job Application Guide

There are three different distinctive application pages that are used for different positions. They are:

• Hourly Jobs
• Restaurant Management Positions
• Corporate Positions

While each of the job pages provides different job opportunities and the chance to browse for positions that will suit your needs as well as your experience, they are similar in the way that they are set up.

The first thing that you will need to do when you are applying for a job with Applebee’s is figuring out what type of job you want. Do you want to work in the restaurant as a server or kitchen staff? Do you have the experience and education to manage the restaurant? Would you prefer to work in the support center or the corporate offices? Each of these will require you to choose a different section that is listed on the main page for applications.

applebees job search filters

From there, you will then need to find the job that you are looking for. You can search by your area or by where you want to work at. Use the zip code feature and then browse through all of the jobs that are available in your area. When you find one that you like, select it so that you can use it to begin applying to the job.

applebees job openings

Once you have found the job opening that you want, create your account. If you have already done this, simply use your account information to log in. Begin the application process which starts with the option to put in a resume. For some positions, after you have filled out all of the application information, you will need to take a test to see if you are going to be a good fit for the job. You should do this test in one sitting and do your best on it.

Applebee’s Company Job Openings

There are many job openings that are available at Applebee’s. Use the search feature to find the Applebee’s jobs application PDF on the official site for the Applebees job application section.


The Las Vegas, Nevada Applebee job application is for a host who can work full time.

The host will be required to seat guests and to help out with other duties on the dining room floor. A host will generally:
• Greet people who are coming into the restaurant
• Seat the guests who come in and provide them with accommodations
• Manage the list of people who are waiting
• Cleans as necessary

There are no official education requirements for this position but hosts must be able to read, write and comprehend to be able to work in the environment. The Applebees job application lists information that shows the host will be required to stand and carry up to 15 pounds throughout the shift.

Working Hours & Salary Information:
This is a full time position that has working hours that will vary depending on restaurant needs.
Applebee’s does not provide salary information online.

Restaurant Manager

The Clarion, Pennsylvania location is hiring for a franchise assistant manager.

The assistant manager will help build a strong team, create solutions for problems and support the restaurant manager.
Occasionally, the assistant manager will be required to stand in for the restaurant manager and will have supervision responsibilities. Assistant managers are expected to stay on the path of the career and will eventually be trained for management positions.

Assistant managers do not need to have a degree but a minimum associate’s degree is preferred according to the Applebees job application. Work experience in the restaurant management field is expected and those who have prior customer service experience will receive preference for the job.

Working Hours & Salary Information:
The hours that an assistant manager is required to work will vary but they can expect a 40-hour workweek. Weekends and evenings are required.
Applebee’s does not publish salary information online.


The Applebees corporate offices in California is hiring a paralegal for legal needs with the company.

Be able to advise the company on the information that they need to stay within legal guidelines. Work closely with Applebee’s attorneys and be able to collaborate for court cases.

Paralegals are required to have a degree and certification by the state of California to practice as a paralegal. Experience is required but experience as a restaurant or other corporate paralegal is preferred.

Working Hours & Salary Information:
The normal hours for the Applebee’s paralegal are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM but will vary depending on the workload. Paralegals for Applebee’s can expect to work some weekends and nights while assisting the attorneys. Applebee’s does not provide salary information online.


The Applebee’s in Indianapolis, Indiana is hiring a bartender.

The bartender is expected to:
• Assist customers with drinks on the dining floor
• Help suggest drinks for customers at the bar
• Maintain a level of professionalism while working the bar
Bartenders are also sometimes required to assist servers and even bussers while working the dining room. They will have cleaning duties that they must do after each shift.

There is no official education requirement for bartenders but they are expected to have experience bartending or have certification from training courses. All bartenders at all Applebee’s locations are required to be 21 years of age or older.

Working Hours & Salary Information:
Working hours are generally in the evening and weekends but will sometimes include daytime hours. There are different shifts that each bartender will be assigned and the schedule will generally be a regular one.
Applebees job application does not have salary information listed for bartenders.

Multi-Unit Manager

The Nashville, Tennessee area Applebee’s is hiring a multi-unit manager.

The manager for multi-units is required to:
• Maintain several different stores
• Help find the best managers for each store
• Support managers with staff hiring
• Maintain quality of each location
• Be on-call for any emergency situations

Multi-unit managers will need to have a bachelor’s degree in restaurant management or something related at the minimum. A master’s degree is preferred and will be beneficial for those who are hoping to get into the business. Restaurant management experience is required.
This position is also often offered as an internship position. Contact your local restaurant for the internship Applebees job application.

Working Hours & Salary Information:
Multi-unit managers are always on call. They generally work “normal business hours” but will be required to do work in the evenings and on weekends.
Per their policies, Applebee’s does not provide salary information on their multi-unit manager jobs.

Additional Information

Applebee’s Company Hours
Most Applebee’s locations are open from 11 AM until 2 AM.
Check with your local restaurant to find their specific hours.
Restaurants in large cities generally have extended hours to accommodate the needs of the city.
The corporate location is open from 8 AM to 5 PM PST.
The call center is open 7 AM to 7 PM PST.

Applebee’s Company Contact Details
To contact Applebee’s, you can use:
Their Contact Form
• 888-59APPLE (888-592-7753)

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