Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the most popular restaurants for friends to gather on the night of a big game, and working with the company is fast-paced and rewarding. This article will cover some sample Buffalo Wild Wings interview questions to study before meeting with the Buffalo Wild Wings hiring managers. Review them in order to ace your interview!

Buffalo Wild Wings Company Info

Buffalo Wild Wings has been around since 1982, but only in the past 10 years has it gained such immense popularity. Headquartered out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Buffalo Wild Wings has expanded across the United States and into several countries overseas. The company’s 1,200 locations are responsible for more than 44,000 jobs.

Depending on the popularity of your location’s bar, Buffalo Wild Wings is typically open from 11 AM to 12 PM. The busiest locations may be open as late as 2 AM. Landing a job directly as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings is easier than it is at other restaurants.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Tips

Former Buffalo Wild Wings applicants have referred to the interview process as relaxed. The process is also streamlined for most positions throughout the company. Candidates will apply online, and Buffalo Wild Wings regularly advertises open positions on third-party job boards. After applying, candidates will go to the restaurant for one-on-one interviews with two different managers.

These are a few tips for success in your Buffalo Wild Wings interview:

Wear Clothes Similar to the Uniform

The Buffalo Wild Wings dress code requires employees to wear dark clothes and shoes, and wearing similar clothing in your interview will let managers know you’re serious about the job. You don’t need to replicate the employee uniform, but you should wear black sneakers, dark pants, and a black t-shirt. The hiring managers will see you as more employable for doing so.

Advertise Your Ability to Keep Calm

On Friday and Saturday nights, Buffalo Wild Wings is likely to be among the busiest restaurants in town. Employees must perform in stressful situations. Talk about your ability to come up with creative solutions to individual problems. On busy nights, restaurants need employees they can trust to solve problems efficiently.

Smile, Laugh, and Be Friendly

Outside of the kitchen, every job at Buffalo Wild Wings requires employees to get along with customers. Your interview is the time to demonstrate your social skills. Be friendly and funny with the hiring managers, but maintain your professional edge.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions & Answers

As with any customer service position, the Buffalo Wild Wings hiring managers will be looking at your social skills. In both stages of the interview, managers will ask you questions about your response to certain situations. The sections below will cover sample Buffalo Wild Wings interview questions and answers to prepare for your interview.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions & Answers for the Host Position

Q1: How well do you perform in a stressful environment?
A: I would always choose a fast-paced work environment over a slow one. Constantly staying on the move and coming up with creative solutions makes the workday fly by. I can’t stand jobs where I repeat slow, menial tasks for hours on end.

Q2: What do you know about Buffalo Wild Wings?
A: I know the company started in the early 1980s and has since expanded across the country. I also know that Buffalo Wild Wings is famous for their various sauces, and customers usually visit the restaurant to watch sporting events.

Q3: Why should we hire you?
A: Frankly, I consider myself the typical Buffalo Wild Wings patron. I would be a great hire because I understand the majority of the customers that come to this restaurant.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions & Answers for the Server Position

Q1: What is your favorite part of serving?
A: I love receiving a great tip from a table I enjoyed serving. These kinds of tables make the night go by quicker, and the reward at the end validates my efforts. I find that tip percentage generally correlates with my performance at each table.

Q2: How would you handle an irate customer?
A: Angry customers are unavoidable in most service-related fields, but it’s possible to please these customers with a friendly attitude. I find it’s usually possible to lighten the mood if I try my hardest to resolve the customer’s issues. When I can’t do it on my own, I always contact a manager immediately.

Q3: Why Buffalo Wild Wings?
A: Buffalo Wild Wings has always been my favorite restaurant in town. I’ve spent many nights here with my friends, and I feel connected to the company and culture. Most importantly, I want to help customers have the same great experiences that I’ve personally come to expect from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions & Answers for the Line Cook Position

Q1: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I have many short and long-term goals, but I’d like to continue my career in culinary arts. I could also see myself growing within the Buffalo Wild Wings environment. I hope to get off on the right foot here, and I believe the sky is the limit after that.

Q2: Do you consider yourself creative?
A: People have always told me I’m creative. From music to art, I’ve always had a knack for creative pursuits. That has largely carried over into my cooking. I like to get very creative in the kitchen, and I’m always coming up with new ideas and recipes.

Q3: How would you handle a disagreement with a manager?
A: I would voice my opinion, but I know where to draw the line. At the end of the day, I have no problem doing what I’m told. But, I think it’s also important for employees to feel comfortable expressing their ideas.


Overall, Buffalo Wild Wings is a great workplace for those who want to work in a sports-oriented corner of the food industry. Reviewing these Buffalo Wild Wings interview questions before your interview will give you a leg up with the hiring managers. Have you ever worked at Buffalo Wild Wings? Let us know your thoughts and questions below.

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