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Capital One, otherwise known as Capital One Financial Corporation, is a Fortune 500 company that has been around since 1988. This is a short time for a big financial institution to have been around, but since then the company has proved to be a force in the banking industry.

The business has grown into a $28-billion company, with total assets reaching $367-billion. While that’s a lot of money, it doesn’t even crack the top-60 of assets held by banks around the world. What does that mean?

Basically, the company operates differently than some businesses, providing a different take on the banking scene.

This also means there are many different Capital One careers to consider, even though you might not think of having too many options to pick from.

Capital One Careers Job Application Guide

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For most jobs, the best place to look at is within a company’s own career or employment page. Capital One is no different and even has their own job site. The best part about having a page like this comes down to ease-of-use.

If you’re wanting to search for a certain keyword-related job, you can do that. Or, maybe you just want to browse all the local positions near you? This is an option. Capital One careers are easy to find thanks to this function.

To find a job you want to apply for, the best option is to enter your zip code in the search bar. From there, the website will auto-populate with the all the jobs available inside a specific distance.

While the website makes it easy to find positions all around the world to apply for, it doesn’t mean the application is quick and simple. You will have to create an account within the company’s platform to apply for positions.

After the account has been created, you’ll simply fill out the required information.

The good news is that if you’re interested in multiple Capital One careers, and would like to apply for multiple positions, this will be easy after the fact.

At any point should you need, or require, assistance with your application, you can email Capital One’s career team.

The Major Teams Within Capital One

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As with most major companies, Capital One careers encompass a wide range of positions, even though it may not seem like it. Even though the most prominent jobs are focused within the customer service realm, with business and commercial banking, customer care, and personal banking making up the bulk of that.

There are many other options to consider.

Capital One has four major career areas: Customer Advocates, Technology Explorers, Product Innovators, and Company Builders.

While these names are just fancy, company-speak for your standard tech, marketing and legal, customer service, and data management areas, Capital One takes pride in their different offerings.

Customer Service Department Capital One Careers

If you’d like to pursue retail banking or helping in one of the many Capital One Cafés in your area, there are plenty of jobs available to apply for. One thing to remember is that Capital One is different from other banks and financial intuitions as they don’t have a physical presence.

So, a lot of their customer service positions are going to be online-based. Of course, they do have some locations to service clients face-to-face.

The biggest jobs you’ll see within this category are:

  • Café Ambassador
  • Advocacy Coordinator
  • Branch Ambassador
  • Client Service Associate

These four different positions, along with Fraud Detection Representative’s, embody the main positions in this area.

As a Café or Branch Ambassador, you’ll be tasked with building the relationships with potential and existing clients, along with representing the company. There are many different cross-training opportunities offered, making this a great starting point for Capital One careers.

Expect to make around $32,000-$65,000 depending on the seniority of the position, and benefits are offered for full-time employees after 90-days on the job. Also, of note is the cash bonus that is, generally, given at the end of a full year working for the company.

This can be anywhere from $500-$10,000 and varies depending on location.

On the Software Side: Tech Jobs Through Capital One

One of the ever-growing components of any retail bank and financial institution is the technology that powers them. At this point, customers want to see a solid app and website to use when accessing their monetary information, and the engineers are the ones who deliver.

The most prominent positions within this field are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Technical Product Engineer

Engineers are where the money is, at least for Capital One, and as such the standard pay range is anywhere from $75,000-165,000. The higher end is found for the principal, lead, or senior positions.

As an engineer, you’ll be tasked with designing, testing, and implementing new coding and open source tools to expand the brand’s features and offerings. Capital One expects to see a value for data and driven to deliver the best engineering craft around.

Marketing and Legal Jobs for Capital One

No company is complete without stellar marketing (remember, this is the “what’s in your wallet?” company), and Capital One is invested in providing the best services. Along with this, the company’s legal, PR, HR, and strategy teams are here, too.

You’ll find the most-offered positions are:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Technical Writer
  • Underwriter
  • Business Manager or Associate
  • Business Analyst

Just like the engineering and technology portions, marketing and company relations is a big part of a financial institution’s success. As such, you can expect Capital One to want high-quality candidates.

These career options aren’t meant as a starting point, as for all the positions the company wants to see at least 3 years of work experience, as well as some schooling, related to the job. Either way, you’ll also want to have great verbal and written communication high on your resume, and the ability to collaborate on projects and documents is highly valued.

As for the pay, most of these career options will take in anywhere from $68,000-$109,000, with each salary being based on the amount of experience and job title.

The Data Positions Capital One Offers

Data is essential to any financial institution.

The most-offered jobs by the company are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst

One of the most popular jobs among Capital One careers is the Data Analyst. Essentially, if you’ve been searching for a way to get into the data field and have a degree and body of work to back your profile up, they have a job waiting for you.

Otherwise, this area is filled with a solid pay rate, with little customer interaction. The pay scale ranges $54,000-$109,000, depending on the position and relative experience, and there’s also a cash bonus for good performance.

Capital One values performance and forward thinkers, meaning they’ll want you to be all-in on developing new ways of using customer transactions to create new opportunities and technology for clients to use.

Most of the data options are based out of Richmond, Virginia, Washington, DC, Dallas, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to give you an idea of where you may have to move.

Plenty of Capital One Careers to Pick From

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Overall, there are some good career and job opportunities available to you through Capital One. Whether you’d like to pursue a more intimate approach and go for retail banking, or you’d like to work behind the scenes on developing new and exciting technology for customers, it seems Capital One has you covered.

Additional Capital One Careers Information

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If you’d like to know more about interviewing with Capital One, and the process of applying for a position with the company, Capital One can be contacted via phone, through email, on Twitter, and even though their Facebook page.

The best part of using Facebook and Twitter is that the company can get answers out quickly to customers with any questions or issues. Plus, if you’re trying to find a highly-rated company to work for, Capital One was voted one of the Best Places to Work in 2018 by Glassdoor.

To find your local Capital One branch, you can search their website. The company’s headquarters is in Virginia, at 1680 Capital One Dr, Mclean, VA 22102.