Since its founding in 1946 in Georgia, Chick Fil A has grown into the largest chicken sandwich fast food restaurant in the world. It retains a large staff at its thousands of U.S. locations. We’re going to walk you through what it takes to ace a Chick Fil A interview and which of their job interview questions should you invest more time and effort in, depending on the position you are interviewing for.

Chick Fil A General Info

Chick Fil A has more than 70 years in the chicken fast food industry. As the nation’s top seller of chicken sandwiches, salads, waffle fries, and other fares, it operates more than 2000 locations throughout the U.S. and relies on a host of staff that ranges from marketers and software analysts to store managers and team members. It also is one of the few American restaurants to be closed on Sunday in observance of the founder S. Truett Cathy’s traditional Christian beliefs. However, it will sometimes open on Sundays and stay open late during local crises like tornadoes or flooding to serve the emergency crews and first responders.

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Chick Fil A Job Interview Tips

The tradition and history of the company are some of the details that you should keep in mind as you prepare for a Chick Fil A interview. During a face-to-face Chick Fil A interview with the hiring manager, you will be expected to tackle a wide array of Chick Fil A interview questions that could range from your prior job experience to your future aspirations with the company and beyond. You can see moreĀ about the company, its job openings, and their requirements & other details in our guide to the Chick Fil A job application.

When you want to make the best impression during your Chick Fil A interview, you should rehearse answering Chick Fil A interview questions and answers. Rehearsing your own answers and using the following tips can be helpful whether you are attending one of the Chick Fil A open interviews or a scheduled interview with executive management.

Conduct Research on the Company & Job Opening

You can answer Chick Fil A interview questions more confidently if you know some basic facts about the company and job opening. Things to research before your Chick Fil A interview include:

  • the basic requirements of the job
  • the year that the company was founded
  • its current leadership
  • the underlying motto or culture

Review Common Interview Questions & Prepare Answers

Practice answering some of the more common interview questions that could include:

  • What is your job experience?
  • What job skills do you have?
  • Where do you see your career in 10 years?

Arrive on Time

You should also arrive at your Chick Fil A job interview on time, or even several minutes early. This practice shows that you can show up to your shifts on time and also that you are eager to be a part of the company.

Chick fil A Interview Dress Code

When it comes to the Chick fil A interview attire, regardless of the position you’re applying for, it would be best to dress business casual. There’s no need to go for a full suit but opting for a classic cut ensures a put together look your potential employers will appreciate. Men can wear a shirt and a jacket while women can choose a work-appropriate top and skirt or dress pants.

Chick Fil A Job Interview Questions & Answers

Some of the career opportunities available to you at Chick Fil A include:

  • team member
  • store manager
  • payroll specialist

Many of the Chick Fil A positions are located in stores while others are located at the Chick Fil A headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Prepare for any position in which you are interested by knowing what questions asked during a role-specific Chick Fil A job interview.

1. Chick Fil A Team Member Interview Questions & Answers

Anticipate these questions if you interview for a Chick Fil A team member.

Q1: What kind of customer experience do you have?
A: I worked as a part-time cashier at my last job. I also frequently volunteer at my high school concession stands during games.

Q2: How do you handle upset customers?
A: I try to listen to them first and determine if I can fix anything for them. If I do not have the authority, I refer them to my manager or supervisor.

Q3: How would you handle a dispute with a coworker?
A: I would try to cooperate if possible or step back from the dispute if it was safe to do so. I would involve my manager if I felt threatened.

2. Chick Fil A Store Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Chick Fil A store management candidates answer questions similar to these.

Q1: What prior experience do you have in store management?
A: I worked as a full-time department manager at my last job. I also worked as a supervisor at a fast food restaurant.

Q2: Define team building for us.
A: Team building involves guiding all of the store associates toward a common agenda and goal. It encourages everyone to view each other as a team working on a shared mission.

Q3: How do you drive profits for your store?
A: I would drive profits by enhancing the customer experience and also making sure the store has enough inventory on hand to serve clients’ demands.

3. Chick Fil A Payroll Specialist Interview Questions & Answers

If you are asked to a Chick Fil A interview for a payroll specialist, anticipate these kinds of questions.

Q1: Do you have experience with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll reports?
A: Yes, I have a degree in accounting with a minor in financing and have prepared payroll reports for my previous employer.

Q2: What experience do you have with employee benefits?
A: As an assistant human resources manager at my last job, I assisted in preparing benefit packages and also ensuring that employees received timely notice of benefit changes.

Q3: What kinds of certifications do you possess?
A: I am a state certified accountant and also graduated with honors from my university with a degree in accounting and a minor in finance.


Chick Fil A was recently voted the best fast food restaurant in the U.S. With top honors like that, it is little wonder that the company has its sights on expanding. You can join the company’s ranks now and take advantage of this growth potential by knowing how to interview for a job at Chick Fil A. Jobs are available at store locations and also at corporate headquarters.