Costco is a membership-only warehouse club that is currently the second largest retailer in the U.S. It has more than 400 locations in the U.S. as well as 300-plus stores throughout the world in countries like Japan, the U.K., Mexico, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, and Lebanon. You can start your own career with Costco either domestically or abroad by understanding the basics of completing and submitting a Costco job application.

Costco General Career Info

Costco offers a host of jobs in various career areas throughout the company. The primary career areas within Costco are found in:

  • Warehouse, stores, and depots
  • Regional and home offices
  • Information technology
  • Travel (IS jobs and reservation agent)
  • Specialty or licensed professions
  • Contact centers

To fill out a Costco job application, the company requests that you apply online. This link allows you to search for jobs near you or find jobs in other stores throughout the country and world. You can also look for employment based on your current educational and professional training or your current job and income needs.

Costco also lists cities and states where the company most urgently needs help in its stores. When you want to be hired right away with Costco, you may consider applying for one of those store locations. They are listed at the bottom of the online application page.

Costco Job Application Guide

The actual process of applying for a career with Costco is relatively straightforward. As noted, you should use the online job application form on the website. This link takes you to a page where you can filter your job search or apply for positions within each job category.

costco job application first step

Weigh Your Options

Before you apply, however, you may consider what kind of position best aligns with your availability, training, education, and income needs. You also may think about whether or not you are willing to relocate in the U.S. or anywhere in the world where Costco has stores.

costco job application second step

Based on your decisions regarding these factors, you can fill out the online job application, which asks for the basic details about your identity and previous educational and work experience. You must provide your full legal name and address as well as a contact phone number at which a Costco human resources manager can reach you.

costco job application third step

Talk About Your Experience

As an applicant, you also have the opportunity to go into detail about where you worked and went to school as well as what kinds of special licenses, certifications, and skills you possess that qualify you for the position. You likewise will be asked to take a test that determines your readiness to take on the position for which you are applying and also handle customers’ varied needs when they visit a Costco location.

After you submit your application through the website, you may then find it prudent to brush up on your job interview skills as well as revise your resume if you have one. You also may be able to submit a resume with your Costco job application online. If you need to save your application and finish it later, you can create a username and password that allows you to save your application on the Costco website.

All positions within Costco, whether they be entry-level, professional, or specialty careers, must begin with the online job application on Costco’s website. Costco also actively recruits on college campuses around the U.S. and throughout the world. If you are nearing your college graduation, you may apply for an internship with the company. Some university and post-graduate internships can lead to permanent full-time employment at one of the company’s stores or offices.

Costco Job Openings

As noted, Costco offers dozens of different jobs in multiple careers areas within the company. You can choose the best position for you by learning more about some of the most common careers available with Costco.

Costco Baker

Costco offers its customers a wide variety of freshly baked goods in stores daily.


To become a baker for Costco, you may be required to have a background in culinary arts or a related field. You also will have to pass a background check as the company utilizes an e-verify system for all of its employees.


The bakers at Costco are responsible for baking the products offered in Costco bakeries and preparing a high volume of bakery products by following the prescribed Costco formulas for them.

Working Hours

Costco bakers work every day that the store is open. Costco bakers work full-time and part-time and enjoy a certain amount of flexibility when possible to accommodate their schedules outside the store.

Salary Information

Glassdoor reports the average base pay for a Costco baker salary is $35,106. As a Costco baker, however, you will be entitled to a series of benefits through the company like life and health insurance, vacation and sick time, and retirement benefits.

To apply for this position, visit the aforementioned Costco job application page. You can search for available baker positions with Costco by entering the city and state in which you desire employment.

Costco Cashier

The cashiers at Costco are very much the face of the company and arguably make the most important impression on the overall guest experience.


Costco cashiers are typically trained on-the-job and are not required to have much if any prior work experience. Costco does require that its cashiers be at least 16 years of age and look presentable.


Cashiers at Costco are expected to carry out important duties like:

  • Process orders
  • Collect payments
  • Perform basic cleanup services
  • Assist in store closing procedures
  • Provide an exceptional level of customer service

Working Hours

Costco cashiers work either full-time or part-time depending on their availability. You may be scheduled anytime during the hours that the store is open. You also may enjoy flexibility with your scheduling to match your school or personal needs.

Salary Information

Costco cashiers earn around $13 per hour on average. Cashiers are also eligible for benefits like life and health insurance.

Costco Pharmacy Manager

Costco’s in-store pharmacies provide vital services like immunizations and prescription refills. Along with the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, pharmacy managers are essential to ensuring these departments run smoothly while serving customers’ varied medicinal needs.


Before submitting a Costco job application for this position, you should now that pharmacy managers work full-time and carries out duties like:

  • Overseeing and directing daily pharmacy operations
  • Monitoring performance of pharmacist-in-charge
  • Assists in refilling medications or filling new orders
  • Provide strong managerial and leadership guidance


Pharmacy managers must have a background in pharmaceuticals and also have experience in management. Costco prefers to promote pharmacists who already work for the company into this position. Nonetheless, it also will recruit qualified outside candidates for pharmacy manager openings.

Working Hours

Costco’s pharmacy managers enjoy considerable flexibility with their schedules. However, the company does require that a manager be on duty during the time that the pharmacy is open. Pharmacy managers may work upwards of 40 hours per week.

Salary Information

Pharmacy managers for Costco earn around $63 an hour or $132,000 per year. These employees are eligible for benefits like other Costco workers after working 90 days on the job.

Costco Payroll Clerk

Costco’s payroll clerks are essential to the company’s growth and profit as well as employees’ overall satisfaction with their jobs.


Those who submit a Costco job application for the payroll clerk position are generally expected to have backgrounds in finance or accounting. They may not need a college degree; however, they may be expected to have taken at least one business class in high school. Costco also provides on-the-job training for payroll clerks.


Payroll clerks with the company carry out duties like assisting managers and employees with payroll, handling benefit and personnel matters, and updating the company’s automated payroll entry system. They also keep track of the Costco warehouse expenses.

Working Hours

Payroll clerks with Costco typically work on a full-time basis with holidays and some weekends off. They are generally scheduled during the work week from Monday through Friday.

Salary Information

Costco payroll clerks make around $23 per hour and an average of $53,000 per year according to Glassdoor. Their salary may reflect their experience and the location at which they work. To submit a Costco job application for the payroll clerk position, you must fill out the online job application. You can use the search function to find out what stores and locations hire payroll clerks in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Costco Meat Cutter

Costco offers freshly cut and processed meat in its stores in the U.S. and abroad. The selections of meat available each day are cut and packaged by in-store meat cutters.


Costco meat cutters are generally expected to have a background in meat processing or agriculture. Some on-the-job training may be provided, however.


The meat cutters who work for the store are responsible for making sure the meat cases are stock full of products for customers. They also carry out everyday duties like:

  • Cut, trimming, and preparing raw meat
  • Using equipment like saws, knives, tenderizers, and grinders
  • Keeping the processing area sanitary and safe according to USDA and OSHA standards
  • Providing specialty cuts when possible for customers

Working Hours

Meat cutters generally work throughout the week and everyday that the warehouse is open for business. These employees may enjoy flexibility to accommodate their school or personal schedules outside the store. Meat cutters also may work full or part-time.

Salary Information

Costco meat cutters earn between $32,950 and $43,464 per year depending on their experience. They also are eligible for benefits after 90 to 180 days on the job. You can use the online job search and application link to find out what stores are hiring near you at the moment.

Additional Information

First of all, if you applied for a position within the company and got invited to an interview, you can refer to our guide to the most common Costco interview questions and answers.

Costco Company Hours

Costco stores are generally open from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the work week and have shorter hours on the weekends. The pharmacy, vision, and other specialty departments are also typically open during regular work hours, although they may be closed early on Saturday and closed entirely on Sunday.

Costco Company Contact Details

Costco provides corporate contact information on its website. It also invites customers and the public in general to interact with it on social media like Facebook and Pinterest.