Cracker Barrel’s country charm makes it one of the most beloved restaurants in the United States, and its employees describe it as a great work environment. This article will provide some sample Cracker Barrel interview questions and answers you should study before your Cracker Barrel interview, as well as some general interview tips.

Cracker Barrel Company Info

Particularly in the South and the Midwest, Cracker Barrel is located on the exit ramps of many prominent highways and interstates. The company hails from Lebanon, Tennessee, and there are over 640 Cracker Barrel locations across the country. Each location also features a gift shop which creates more opportunities for employment.

Known for their all-day breakfast, Cracker Barrel locations universally open at 6 AM and close at 10 PM. Landing an immediate job as a server will be more difficult than at other restaurants, but the company promotes employees quickly.

Cracker Barrel Interview Tips

Former applicants have referred to the Cracker Barrel interview process as formal — but not intimidatingly so. Candidates have the option to apply in-person or online, but digital applications lead to interviews quicker. After applying, candidates will attend two separate interviews with different hiring managers.

These tips will give you a leg up in your Cracker Barrel interviews:

Be Sociable in Both Interviews

Since most Cracker Barrel positions are on the front-end of the store, hiring managers look for applicants with the social skills necessary for interacting with customers. You don’t want to come off as a comedian, but smiling and laughing will help you leave a strong first impression.

Talk Positively About Your Work History

Former Cracker Barrel applicants have stated the company’s interview includes many questions about your previous roles. In these instances, it’s important to always describe your work history in a positive light. Focus only on the best parts of your previous jobs, and plan to describe why you left those jobs. If you have ever been fired from a position, it may be best to avoid talking about that job entirely.

Ask Questions at the End

In most interviews for in-store positions at major restaurant chains, it’s not important to ask thoughtful questions during your interview. Cracker Barrel, however, goes out of their way to give you an opportunity to inquire about the company. Make sure to ask about the history of Cracker Barrel and the specific location at which you’re applying.

Cracker Barrel Interview Questions & Answers

The Cracker Barrel hiring managers will gauge your ability to fit in with the team. Every position requires a team-oriented mindset. The following sections will provide sample Cracker Barrel interview questions that can help you ace the interview.

Cracker Barrel Interview Questions & Answers for the Retail Sales Associate Position

Q1: How is your time management?
A: I have always considered myself an expert in planning ahead. Though stressful situations will always occur in the workplace, I like to create a schedule for completing my work responsibilities. It’s easier to accomplish goals when you have a solid plan for time management.

Q2: What is exceptional customer service?
A: Top-level customer service occurs when an employee goes the full distance in giving a customer the ideal shopping experience. I would even be glad to help in other departments if it meant I could provide excellent customer service.

Q3: Why do you want to work for Cracker Barrel?
A: Aside from the fact that I’ve always loved the food at Cracker Barrel, I simply enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant. I like the friendly employees around here, and I believe I would fit in with the team. I’ve always been a social person, and Cracker Barrel seems like a perfect place for outgoing personalities.

Cracker Barrel Interview Questions & Answers for the Server Position

Q1: What type of work environment do you prefer?
A: In my opinion, a fast-paced work environment is ideal. I’m not a big fan of jobs with an abundance of downtime. This is why I feel confident in my abilities as a server; there’s nothing better than staying on the move throughout my entire shift.

Q2: What do you like about serving?
A: In addition to the fast-paced and exciting work environment, I love pleasing customers and helping them create lasting memories with their friends and families. Cracker Barrel is a family-oriented restaurant, and great servers are responsible for so much of the friendly experience. I also love how social the serving position can be.

Q3: How would you handle an irate customer?
A: Angry customers are an unfortunate reality in the food industry, but I wouldn’t let one ruin my night. The most important trick is to handle each angry customer with absolute friendliness; a legitimate smile can quickly turn the situation around. As a server, I also think it’s best to take responsibility for my own mistakes. It’s never acceptable to blame the kitchen for my own errors.

Cracker Barrel Interview Questions & Answers for the Dishwasher Position

Q1: What do you know about Cracker Barrel?
A: Cracker Barrel has always been a normal part of my family road trip experience. I know that the company started in Tennessee, and has since expanded across the South and the Midwest. I also know the store promotes a charming atmosphere that I’d love to be involved in.

Q2: How do you react to pressure?
A: Pressure is one of the best motivators for working harder and faster. I live for the feeling of intensity that comes in the busiest moments of the workday. At any job, I would rather be busy than slow.

Q3: Why is being a team player so important?
A: In the kitchen, it would be very easy for each employee to get lost in his or her own agenda. Instead, we come together as a team and lay down a plan that incorporates everyone. Productivity is much higher when everyone plays their role.


To conclude, working at Cracker Barrel is a great opportunity for those who love the hospitable atmosphere of the countryside. Reviewing these Cracker Barrel interview questions before your interview will prepare you for your meetings with the hiring managers. Do you have any experience working at Cracker Barrel? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and concerns below.

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