DaVita is one of America’s largest healthcare companies, and they specialize in kidney-related treatment plans. Employees with an interest in making a difference in the American health environment report positive work experiences with the company. This article will provide sample DaVita interview questions and answers to study before your own interview.

DaVita Company Info

Headquartered out of Denver, Colorado, DaVita has found its place on Fortune magazine’s list of admired companies for the past 10 years. The company is relatively young, but they have recovered from several instances of near-bankruptcy. Today, DaVita employs over 65,000 people.

Since much of DaVita’s job opportunities require phone support, hours are highly variable. They offer 24-hour support in certain departments, so customer service positions may require a wide range of availability.

DaVita Interview Tips

Former DaVita applicants have referred to the company’s interview process as formal and in-depth. There are several rounds of interviews, even for entry-level positions. After applying online, candidates should expect a phone screen, a group interview, and a day of one-on-one interviews with several managers.

These tips will lead you toward success in your DaVita interview:

Display Passion for Healthcare

This is the first and most important tip for applying with any healthcare company. Even for lower level positions, hiring managers at companies like DaVita prefer candidates who are passionate about healthcare and improving the state of health-related affairs for citizens across the country. They might even ask you to describe your personal ideas for healthcare at large.

Align Yourself With the Company Culture

Despite its young age as a company, DaVita has overcome a great number of changes and challenges in reaching their current level of success. Hiring managers won’t care about your knowledge of the company’s history as much as your alignment with DaVita’s “never-say-die” attitude. Let the managers know that you are a dedicated worker who sees projects through to the end.

Show Your Willingness to Grow and Learn

Many of DaVita’s employees stick with the company for longer than they first predicted. As a result, DaVita’s hiring managers are committed to cultivating a career-oriented environment, and they prefer candidates who display excitement to absorb new skills in the field of healthcare. Tell hiring managers you have a growth mindset, and that you’re constantly learning new things, even in your personal life.

DaVita Interview Questions & Answers

Hiring managers at DaVita will ask open-ended questions to assess your affinity for speaking and reacting to pressure. Above all, a candidate’s ability to remain calm and eloquent is the most important trait in the eyes of a DaVita manager. The following sections will provide sample DaVita interview questions and answers to study before your meeting with the hiring manager.

DaVita Interview Questions & Answers for the Administrative Assistant Position

Q1: How do you overcome adversity in the workplace?
A: The best way to get through a difficult work situation is to maintain a calm demeanor. Problems become much more difficult when you lose your head. In the face of adversity, calmness equals confidence.

Q2: Why are you interested in working at DaVita?
A: I want to work at DaVita because I believe in the company’s mission, and I feel that working with the company provides an opportunity to make a difference in the country. Re-imagining healthcare is such an important issue in our country right now, and I want to be part of the movement.

Q3: What do you know about DaVita?
A: I know that DaVita is a relatively young company, but their scrappy history points to strong and capable management. I believe that my particular attitude is a good fit for the DaVita environment; In all walks of life, I consider myself passionate and persistent.

DaVita Interview Questions & Answers for the Renal Social Worker Position

Q1: What is your preferred learning style?
A: Without a doubt, my preferred learning style is hands-on. I can retain information that I’ve read or watched, but I prefer a hands-on training environment to test my new skills immediately. The best way to learn is to be thrown into the fire.

Q2: How are you at learning new software?
A: I’ve never had any problems learning the important software of the day. Those without the ability to stay up-to-date on technological trends are falling way behind in the workplace.

Q3: What is your biggest strength?
A: Adaptability is my biggest strength. I am known to enter workplaces at the ground level and absorb the necessary skills for success. My open mind and desire to learn make me an extremely adaptable employee.

DaVita Interview Questions & Answers for the Patient Care Technician Position

Q1: How would you handle an irate customer?
A: Over the phone, it’s extremely important to listen to customers. After developing a good idea of the customer’s issues, I would maintain a friendly tone and move forward with possible solutions. I would do my best to resolve issues on my own, but I would contact a manager if I needed additional approval.

Q2: What are your thoughts on healthcare at large?
A: I believe that everyone in the country should have access to affordable healthcare solutions. That’s a big part of why I want to work with DaVita; I want to be part of the movement that brings quality healthcare to the masses.

Q3: How do you feel about talking on the phone for long periods of time?
A: I have no problem talking on the phone for extended periods. I understand that much of this job involves providing solutions to customers over the phone, and I aspire to learn the best practices for speaking in a friendly and helpful manner.


Overall, working at DaVita is an interesting option for anyone interested in healthcare. The interview process is extensive, but reviewing these DaVita interview questions and answers will prepare you for your several meetings with hiring managers. Do you have any experience working with DaVita? Please share your thoughts and questions below.

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