It’s hard to ignore the influence of the name Disney in the world today. After the acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars, it feels like almost every entertainment property out there has some connection with the name once associated with just family-friendly animation.

If you’re tempted to join the corporate giant and work with Disney, there is no shortage of potential careers with them.

Anything from the retail side to animation to warehouse inventory is possible with such a huge global entity. It will help you to figure out exactly what you want to do with your career before filling out your application.

Where in the World are Disney Careers?


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One thing you can’t say about“>Disney is that they have a short reach. A quick look at their career offerings will tell you that Disney is an international name, with career opportunities in over 30 different countries.

In the United States alone, more than 30 states could see you working under the Walt Disney umbrella. ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and ABC all operate under the same corporate identity.

As you might expect, the more densely populated areas of the country can provide you with more work opportunities. For example, New York City had more than 100 openings listed in the middle of November 2018, while Syracuse had a single opening for a seasonal associate at the Disney Store.

Because the retail store is combined into potential openings, you’ll have to wade through quite a few different areas of interest while you hunt for the right job.

What Kinds of Disney Careers Can You Pursue?

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This might get a bit overwhelming, but you’ll be amazed at the different types of jobs held by employees of The Walt Disney Company. Looking through their category list, you can find job listings under research and development, sales, park operations, legal, and interactive media. This is due to their expansive portfolio of companies within the company – all of Disney World and Disney Land require a massive amount of talent alone.

For example, Disneyland Paris needs the help of a pattern maker. This person will report directly to the Costume Creation Manager and will use computer-aided design to produce patterns for some of the shows that take place at the Paris park. A pattern maker needs to have five years of experience in the industry, along with a solid grasp of the English language.

There is also the entire network of ABC affiliates throughout the United States to consider. An opening for an anchor/reporter in the Philadelphia area for WPVI-TV asks you to have advanced knowledge of social media and a history of experience with live news reporting before applying for the position. Similar openings on the Disney Careers page look for ABC reporters in cities across the country.

How Should You Apply Through Disney Careers?


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Once you decide to take the plunge and create a profile, you have two options. You can start from scratch on the“>Disney Careers page, or you can transfer an existing profile from LinkedIn. If you already have a significant amount of information on a LinkedIn profile, it would benefit you to import it to the Disney page. Not only will this save you the time it takes to type everything into a new profile, but it will show that you already have a professional presence in social media.

If you opt to start a new profile from the beginning, the first thing you’ll have to do is create a username and password. The password needs to contain at least 8 letters or numbers and one special character. You’ll then be prompted for a total of three security questions. Like any similar website, you should be sure that the answers to these questions are not easily guessed and only you know the answer.

Once you have established a user name and password, you can begin the process of filling out the entire application. Your legal information such as your name and address will start, along with your education and work history.

It might seem a little daunting and redundant since you may have already entered this information elsewhere, but it’s better to go over everything again. If you’re serious about a career with Disney, you don’t want to misrepresent yourself before a potential interview happens.

The Disney Careers page gives you a time estimate for completing the application. In the case of an Orange County Reporter for KABC-TV, it will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to finish the job application.

Ensure that you have a reliable connection to the internet when you are filling out all of your info. Even though there is an option to save and come back later, there’s no guarantee that anything gets saved if you suddenly lose your connection and have to restart your application.

What Else Can the Disney Careers Page Show Me?


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Inside the dashboard, you’ll find several options to maintain information for your future at Disney Careers. Unlike some other career portals out there, Disney allows you to upload a photo to your profile.

Consider doing this if you want to give your application a personal touch and allow human resources to get a literal picture of you before you set up a potential interview.

If you decide that you don’t want to fill out everything in your profile and want to import later, your dashboard contains the same LinkedIn link that you were offered upon creating a user name.

Your education history will contain up to 3 of the institutions you attended. Make sure everything you list is relevant to the positions you are applying to, and that the degrees’ titles are all correct.

Up to 5 of your most recent work experience titles are permitted inside your profile. These don’t have to be all related to what you are applying to, but remember that space is limited, so do your best to describe everything is as much detail with as little space as possible.

For certain positions, the Disney Careers page will have you take an assessment. This might be to determine your personality and how it would fit a role you are applying to, or it could be an aptitude test if you are applying to a more technical position.

This career portal contains its own messaging system, where you will receive correspondence from HR about your applications and potential interviews. As long as your email address is correct, you should receive notifications about new messages any time one is sent to you.

Why Should I Apply at Disney Careers?

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It’s simple – Disney isn’t going anywhere. They’re not only one of the most powerful companies on the planet, but“>Forbes has them ranked #4 in the 2018 World’s Best Employers.

That says quite a bit hen you consider how many different pots Disney has their hands in.

No matter what your childhood love of entertainment was, it’s possible you could influence the future of what Disney brings to popular culture. If you grew up wanting to be a Jedi, you could pursue a career at Lucasfilm, whether you want to animate the effects of a lightsaber or craft an official Stormtrooper costume from scratch.

Disney’s upcoming acquisition of Fox opens up the possibilities even further. With the entire entertainment properties of Fox included in the deal, Disney will own career opportunities at dozens of new local channels throughout the United States.

Even if you are someone just getting your foot in the door with the entertainment industry, you should be on the lookout for new openings in production and behind-the-scenes operations. You can sign up for alters through your Disney Careers profile to be notified when more openings become available.

Finishing Your Job Search at Disney Careers

If you live near any major city, there should be huge opportunities for you and Disney careers. Any proximity to a major market in the United States means that there is an ABC affiliate somewhere nearby, and with it, the chance to work in production of local shows as well as the airing of primetime programming on the network.

For those that are into sports, ESPN is one of the most recognized names in all of athletics. Anything you see on SportsCenter or Monday Night Football operates under the giant Disney umbrella.

Finally, think of all of the characters you grew up with. Whether you want to work on visual effects for the next MCU film or dream of crafting a StormTrooper outfit from scratch, the possibilities all exist when you create a profile with Disney.

Competition is going to be fierce thanks to their global presence and ability to recruit from any part of the world. Keep this in mind when you draft the perfect cover letter and tinker your resume to reflect all of your abilities.

Just like any other application, remember the best details of your history and highlight the ones that will make you stand out once you are ready to submit.

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