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With many internal advancement opportunities, Family Dollar is a brand that can take you from entry-level cashiering to district-level management. The first step is applying for a job, after which hopefully you’ll get called for an interview and, eventually, get hired to start your career with a retail giant. Here are just a few things to consider as you fill out a job application for Family Dollar.

General Career Info

Family Dollar is a discount store chain with more than 8,000 locations in 46 states. They sell everything from groceries to household goods, so if you’re planning to submit a Family Dollar job application, you should be prepared for a career that involves a variety of goods and services. You should also know that Family Dollar is a “multi-price-point” store where things are low-priced but not necessarily $1.

family dollar career areas

There are three official categories of Family Job jobs, so Family Dollar jobs application online will go through one of these three channels:


– Customer service representative
– Assistant store manager
– Store manager
– Field specialist

Store Support Center

– Finance
– Marketing
– Corporate communications
– Merchandising
– Store operations support
– Loss prevention
– Supply chain

Distribution Center

– Shipping loader
– Bulk order filler
– Repack order filler
– Repack stocker
– Yard switcher
– Forklift operator

In addition, Family Dollar offers opportunities for veterans and many employee benefits depending on the exact nature of your job, employment status and Family Dollar job application.

Family Dollar Job Application Guide

Unfortunately, there’s no Family Dollar job application PDF that you can simply download and take to your local store. So you’ll need to wrangle Family Dollar jobs application online if you want to be considered for a position within the company. Nevertheless, you can use the following steps to simplify the Family Dollar job application process.

family dollar careers banner

1. Firstly, visit the “careers” page to see the various titles and explanations related to a job application for Family Dollar.

2. Then, use the columns on the left to search for specific information on benefits, interview days and corporate culture. You can also learn more about the Family Dollar online job application process if you want to prepare yourself before diving right in.

3. When you’re ready to proceed, click one of the following categories:

– Store
– Store support
– Distribution center

family dollar store support center careers

4. Follow the links based on the type of position that you’re seeking. For example, if you want to submit a Family Dollar job application for a cashiering or stocking job, you’ll need to click “store-level” as opposed to “district-level” or “regional-level.”

5. You’ll be taken to a search engine for Family Dollar jobs application online. Some of the boxes should be already filled in, including the “job field” box.

family dollar IT job openings list

6. Click on a relevant job title to be taken to a page with its duties, requirements, and location. If you’re interested in going forward with a Family Dollar online job application, hit “apply online.” Otherwise, hit “add to cart” to save it for another day.

family dollar mobile developer job description

7. Register an account with Family Dollar. You’ll need a username, password, email address and security question.

8. This is the official start of your Family Dollar job application. The first few pages will be basic questions about your age and eligibility to work in the United States; then you’ll be asked for more detailed information about your skills, job history, and shift availability. While there’s no Family Dollar job application PDF that you can download and study, the process is made easier by dividing everything into categories:

– Personal information
– Education and work experience
– General questions
– Job specific questions
– Assessment questions

9. If you have a resume, you can upload it directly from your computer to submit it along with your Family Dollar job application online. If you don’t, just click “I don’t want to upload a resume.”

10. Before you can send your Family Dollar job application form to the appropriate parties, you’ll need to consent to a background check and provide an eSignature. This is both a formality and a necessity, so you might want to double-check your form to ensure that everything is correct.

11. Hit “submit” to finish your Family Dollar online job application. If you aren’t quite ready for that step, you can also save it to your newly-made account and come back to it at a later date.

Family Dollar Job Openings

Your Family Dollar job application will have a greater chance of success if you tailor it towards the specific position that you’re seeking. Use the following job samples to create a customized, personalized Family Dollar job application form.

1. Family Dollar Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives help visitors have a positive and meaningful experience at Family Dollar. They also provide assistance with store cleanliness and maintenance.


– Meet and greet customers.
– Ring up orders, take coupons, match sale prices and handle cash.
– Perform basic cleaning duties in the form of sweeping and wiping down surfaces.
– Replenish inventory from the stockroom as needed.


Customer service representatives must be at least 18 years old to work at Family Dollar. No previous experience is required, but they should have a “can-do” attitude and open availability for shifts.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Customer service representatives make between $7 – $10 an hour with the average being $8 an hour. Depending on their employment status, they might be eligible for discounts, retirement plans, paid time off, various forms of insurance and employee assistance programs. Their work schedule will depend on their store.

2. Family Dollar Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers are team leaders who keep their stores running by acting as go-betweens for junior employees and senior management.


– Handle cash register deposits and receipts.
– Assist with the stocking, labeling, organizing and transferring of inventory.
– Oversee the scheduling of breaks, shifts, and vacations.
– Manage both employee and customer disputes.


Assistant store managers must be at least 18 years old to work at Family Dollar. They should have previous experience in a retail or hospitality setting, preferably at Family Dollar.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Assistant store managers make between $7 – $15 an hour with the average being $10 an hour. Their work schedule will depend on their store, but since they’re managers with advanced responsibilities, they should expect varying shifts and the occasionally required overtime.

3. Family Dollar Market Investigator

Market investigators visit and evaluate store locations for compliance with loss prevention policies.


– Conduct audits of inventory records and sales reports.
– Identify violations of store procedures and protocols.
– Train managers and employees in loss prevention techniques.
– Assign scores for employees and locations in accordance with their performance.


Market investigators should have at least two years of experience in loss prevention, preferably multi-store LP experience. They should also have a valid driver’s license since the job will require frequent travel between locations.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

No public salary information is available for Family Dollar market investigators, but similar companies pay their market investigators anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 a year. You should know, however, that market investigators should be ready to work mornings, nights, weekends and holidays depending on their travel schedule.

4. Family Dollar Order Filler

Order fillers work in distribution centers to prepare, package, and ship goods to Family Dollar store locations.


– Unload trailers filled with heavy, bulky, slippery, fragile and temperature-sensitive goods.
– Operate forklifts and other industrial warehouse equipment.
– Create “paper trails” of receipts and order forms for company records.
– Meet or exceed all production deadlines.


Order fillers must be at least 18 years old and legally allowed to work in the United States. Therefore, they should be physically fit and capable of lifting up to 100 lbs without assistance.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Order fillers make between $10 – $13 an hour with the average being $11 an hour, but their perks can include things like housing benefits and holiday bonuses. In addition, they should be ready to work long shifts (10+ hours) with varying schedules.

5. Family Dollar Visual Merchandising Store Coordinator

Visual merchandising store coordinators ensure the day-to-day functionality of merchandising stores.


– Receive and organize products within merchandising stores.
– Coordinate with managers, merchandisers, vendors, designers and category teams to create visually appealing sets and displays.
– Assist with staging, photographing and digitizing products and displays for promotional material.
– Conduct time studies and analyze their results.


Visual merchandising store coordinators must have at least two years of experience in a retail environment and preference will be given to candidates with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business-related field.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

No public salary information is available for Family Dollar visual merchandising store coordinators, but similar companies pay their store coordinators anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000 a year. They have flexible hours and schedules.

Additional Information

You never know when your Family Dollar job application will be dependent on the little details. Here are just a few facts that you might want to memorize before filling out your Family Dollar job application form.


Most Family Dollar stores open in the early morning (7 am – 9 am) and close in the late evening (8 pm – 10 pm). Their schedules can vary depending on weekends and holidays, so before you commit to any specific shift availability on your Family Dollar job application, call your local store and get their exact hours. And if your search leads you nowhere convenient for you, you can also give our Dollar Tree job application guide a read.

Contact Details

Family Dollar Corporate Offices
10401 Monroe Rd
Matthews, North Carolina 28105

Contact page:
Customer service hotline: 1-866-377-6420

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