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FedEx, at its core, has an overall goal to connect people with goods, services, and ideas to create opportunities and improve lives all over the world.

The company believes that “a connected world is a better world,” and that belief is what guides them in all that they do. When it comes to considering a new career, FedEx jobs are considered quite diverse.

Sure, people know the big white trucks with the purple and orange FedEx insignia on it, but what many don’t know is that the company has so much more to it than a bunch of trucks.

General FedEx Career Information

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FedEx Express spearheaded operations back in 1973, and on its first night of continuous operation, close to 390 employees and 14 Dassault Falcon jets delivered 186 packages to 25 U.S. cities. Since then, FedEx has become a global leader in express distribution.

The company is known to provide rapid, reliable, time-definite deliveries to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, connecting markets that comprise more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic product within one to three business days.

FedEx Job Application Guide

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As far as applying for FedEx jobs, one must simply fill out an online application. From there, after your application has been reviewed, most applicants will be asked to come in for either a facility tour or further face-to-face interview.

From there, you could either be hired on the spot or you may receive a call later on. Overall, the hiring process, depending on the time of year, location and position, could take anywhere between 2 weeks or a few months.

5 Popular Job Interview Questions to Consider

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Preparing for interviews can be scary, we understand. You never know what will be asked of you, and that is intimidating on its own without having to overthink all of your possible answers to questions!

What is important to remember during the interviewing process is to just be honest with the people you are speaking with, and again, don’t overthink your answers.

Below, we’ve listed a few common questions that may be asked of you during your interview, so think on them and implement some of our tips.

How would you handle certain types of situations in the workplace?

This is a popular question amongst interviewers no matter what position you may be applying for. While most people will jump into what they “could do,” try focusing on a real situation.

Use your previous work experience to answer this one. Talk about a problem your team was given that caused a bit of stress and then explain how you went about that situation to get the job done. Using that real-world experience will not only work as a great anecdote, but will show prospective employers just what you are capable of, without you coming off as braggy.

Why should we hire you over others?

When asked the standard “why you,” question during an interview, it can be difficult not to word-vomit the traditional “I’m a great worker, I do ask asked,” blah blah blah response.

Instead, start by talking about what you know about the job at hand and how you would go about solving any potential issue that is stated within the description. Think of it as “I’m here to solve an issue, so this is how I’d do it.”

From there you can talk about your previous experience and how it can apply to this position. Again, this isn’t a standard question – you want to make it position specific.

This will show the company, in this case, FedEx, that you are more worried about what you can do for them instead of “oh I just need a job…”

Do you have any blind spots?

Let’s face it; nobody wants to talk about their “bad side,” especially during a job interview. The key to properly answering this one is not to make it too personal but personalize it enough that you aren’t sounding conceded.

Revolve your answer around your work experience. A “blind spot” could be assuming you knew what a customer wanted before really asking them what they needed. Okay, so the blind spot was making assumptions, now you want to talk about how you turned that around. Don’t ever leave it negative!

For instance, you could say that after making assumptions resulted in fewer sales, you started asking consumers questions to better guide you to their specific needs.

Describe a time when you provided excellent customer service.

This question can seem like a loaded one simply because you’ll probably want to talk about how good you are at handling customers, especially when things got a bit dicey.

Instead of talking about a time where you served a customer in a manner that pleased everyone, try to focus on a time when you were able to recognize a struggling customer and approach them and ask if they needed something.

This shows that you aren’t only customer service oriented, but that you will go above the call of duty to help clients before they get so flustered that they have to go in search of extra help.

What have you done to improve on your knowledge in the last year?

No matter what your education level, you always want to be working on yourself, and a person willing to do so is going to look like a much better candidate in the long run.

So, what are good examples of this question? It could be as simple as taking some extra classes at the community college in your area to going to extra work-related training.

FedEx Job Openings

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FedEx is more than a bunch of truck drivers leaving packages at your door. The company has an outstanding reputation for customer service, and that is all because of the team of individuals that work in a variety of different positions.

Below, we have listed the different positions that can be found within the FedEx company.


When it comes to FedEx jobs, the couriers and drivers are considered the face of the company because they are the ones that come into contact with the customers the most. These are the individuals that not only organize and complete the collection of a package but also take responsibility of delivering it.

Customer Service Agents

Sure, while the couriers and drivers are the faces of FedEx, the Customer Service Agents are the voice of the company. They are dedicated individuals who understand the needs of customers and then take that knowledge to do whatever task that is handed them.

These agents are expected to be a good listener, patient, and kind with a true desire to help others. Other skills vital to this position include accuracy, problem-solving skills, and a good attention span.

Handlers (Wearhouse & Ramp)

FedEx Handlers are in charge of getting all packages where they need to be and on time.

The job includes sorting and moving packages and freight and ensuring that it all happens as smoothly as possible. Handlers will also check all labels for correct destinations, identify packages needed by Customs and use advanced scanning technology to allow customers to track their packages.

Ramp Handlers are similar in that they will ensure that all customer packages are loaded on and off the aircraft quickly and safely. Special training will be provided to those who will be required to operate a range of equipment, including safety marshaling and directing the plants while on the ground.

Customs (Import/Export)

Those working in this field will work closely with Customs officials to ensure that proper checks and processes are completed. These individuals will use the FedEx in-house computer systems to prepare formal documentation for Customs clearance.

Customer Financial Services

Those who choose to work as part of the Customer Financial Services team will be in charge of ensuring that customer understands the charges that have been applied to their accounts and also to resolve any issues that may present itself.

Team members will be required to resolve problems through both standard and customized solutions while using excellent communication skills and attention to detail.


Because FedEx has such an impressive range of products and services to offer customers across each industry sector, they require talented individuals that can help drive the sales force. Positions in both Field Sales Executives and Inside Sales Representatives are those individuals.

Those interested in this area will be educating clients, professionally assessing their detailed business needs and making expert recommendations for services that would best suit them.

Operations Management

As a Manager, this individual is responsible for taking care of the customer and their needs.

The FedEx name relies on the way your team performs, so this means you will need to be a genuine leader that can generate trust and respect, all while championing the company’s aim to make every customer experience outstanding.

FedEx Jobs Available Year Round

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Sure, FedEx, like most companies, hires year-round, but what makes them different is that there are certain times of the year when FedEx jobs will become more readily available.

Take the holidays for example – With packages being sent out by the millions, is it any surprise that companies such as FedEx would need extra hands to make sure that packages got to their destinations on time?

That being said, FedEx offers quite a variety of different positions within the company throughout the year. What’s even better is the fact that it provides plenty of room for advancement, so if you feel like FedEx would be a good fit, make sure to check out their Careers page for more information!