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A job interview is a time for both parties to determine whether their needs will be met through the hiring process. The first step in securing employment is to arrive at the interview prepared and knowledgeable about the position and the company. If you are applying for one of the many Foot Locker jobs, the following information on the Foot Locker interview questions and answers may be helpful in preparing for the interview.

Foot Locker Company Info

Foot Locker is a clothing and shoe retailer specializing in athletic wear. The company is headquartered in New York City and has more than 3,900 retail store locations in 20 countries worldwide. While there are some freestanding store locations, you can find most stores in retail malls and usually hold the same hours of operation, seven days a week, as the mall.

Foot Locker Job Interview Tips

You can find most of the Foot Locker job openings on the company website. Initial interest can be shown by submitting an application either online or in person. The company will then contact the applicant for an interview, usually within two weeks. Those applying for management positions may interview with a panel of multiple store managers. Some positions may require only one interview while others may involve two interviews with multiple store managers. The Foot Locker job interview process may take from one week for positions like backroom stocker to one month for management positions.

Arrive on Time for Your Foot Locker Interview

This should go without saying, but sometimes people think the store is open during extended hours and may not regard a few minutes late as an issue. Being late shows irresponsible behavior before being hired and indicates a future employee who may often arrive late to work.

Dress for Success

A first impression is important. It is not necessary to wear a suit, but you should dress in business casual clothing. Make sure clothing is free of stains and wrinkles.

Be Social and Outgoing, yet Professional

Most Foot Locker jobs involve customer interaction so the hiring managers will look for someone who is personable and can carry a conversion, and professional in demeanor and attitude. Be prepared to talk about interests outside of work to display your personality and social nature.

If you want to find out more about how to apply for a position within this company you can refer to our guide to the Foot Locker job application process.

Foot Locker Interview Questions & Answers

Foot Locker job interview questions for positions with less customer interaction will involve notions related to the position requirements and needs. These jobs which involve customer interaction will address situations in handling customers and why you want to work for the company. Management applicants should also prepare to discuss their experience in working with staff members.

1. Foot Locker Interview Questions & Answers for the Store Manager Position

Q1: What is your management style?
A: I believe it is important to lead by example. Customer service comes first and I try to demonstrate that approach. I treat others with respect and kindness and expect the same in return. During slow times I take up other small tasks like straightening merchandise and ensuring the store is in order.

Q2: What do you expect from Foot Locker?
A: I expect Foot Locker to treat employees fairly and provide a positive work environment. I expect the opportunity to provide excellent customer service through product selection, sales, and promotions.

Q3: What motivates you?
A: Meeting goals or deadlines and knowing that I am the type of person others enjoy being around. I want to provide a positive work environment for the staff so they enjoy being at work, which impacts the experience they provide to customers. I also want to offer a positive shopping experience for customers that makes them want to return to the store.

2. Foot Locker Interview Questions & Answers for the Sales Associate Position

Q1: What kind of temperament do you have?
A: When I’m playing sports I may be somewhat competitive, but when it comes to working, I am professional and even-tempered. Overall, I don’t let things ruffle my feathers and I try to always remain positive, even in stressful situations.

Q2: How would you handle an angry customer?
A: Remaining calm and professional is always important, especially if the customer is already heated. I will listen to the customer’s concerns and try to offer a solution to the problem. If it is something that I cannot change or deal with, I seek help from the manager.

Q3: Why are you the right fit for this job?
A: I am a very social person and enjoy being around people, and I am a quick learner and hard worker. I play sports and believe I can offer some guidance to customers on athletic shoes and clothing.

3. Foot Locker Interview Questions & Answers for the Backroom Stocker Position

Q1: Why do you want to work at Foot Locker?
A: I like the products you sell and I believe you value your customers and employees. I enjoy shopping at Foot Locker and have found the customer service and shopping experience to be positive.

Q2: Are you able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 50 pounds?
A: I understand the physical demands of this position and I am fully capable of meeting those needs. I am in excellent physical shape and able to stand for long periods of time, reach for items on top shelves, climb ladders if necessary, and lift well over 50 pounds consistently.

Q3: When are you able to begin work and what hours are you available?
A: I can begin immediately and hope to work at least 40 hours each week. I am open any day of the week at any time including weekends, holidays and evening hours.


Some Foot Locker jobs involve a simple interview process while management positions may require a more in-depth process. After checking out these sample Foot Locker job interview questions and answers, share your own information on the company and suggestions for others seeking employment in one of the many Foot Locker job openings.

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