Hobby Lobby is one of the country’s most well-known stores for creative supplies. Even with some of the negative publicity surrounding the company in recent years, employees report great experiences during their tenure with Hobby Lobby. This article will provide potential Hobby Lobby interview questions and answers to study before meeting with your local hiring manager.

Hobby Lobby Company Info

Based in Oklahoma City, Hobby Lobby is one of the country’s largest retailers for arts and crafts supplies. Since 1972, the company has expanded to over 800 locations across the United States. The company’s CEO recently found himself in the news for overly political statements, but former employees report that Hobby Lobby’s management is well-meaning and professional.

All Hobby Lobby locations are open from 9 AM to 8 PM, six days of the week. The entire company closes every Sunday. None of the company’s in-store positions require availability outside this time frame.

Hobby Lobby Interview Tips

Former Hobby Lobby applicants have referred to the company’s interview process as informal, but slightly above-average in difficulty. The interview process varies at each location, but the general format remains the same. After applying online or in-person, candidates can expect a one-on-one interview with a single hiring manager.

These tips will prepare you for success in you Hobby Lobby interview:

Dress in Business Casual Attire

The Hobby Lobby uniform falls well within the realm of business casual, and you should wear a similar outfit to the interview. Wearing a suit is much too formal, but wearing a t-shirt and jeans will make you look like an uncommitted candidate. Wear black pants, a button-down shirt, and black or brown shoes.

Maintain a Conservative Attitude

Especially since the CEO of Hobby Lobby found himself in the news a few years back, people have come to realize Hobby Lobby’s conservative nature as a brand. You don’t have to change your personality during the interview, but make sure to imbue your interview with a hint of “old-fashioned” respect. This is the attitude Hobby Lobby managers are looking for.

Plan to Talk About Your Retail Experience

The majority of your interview will be centered on your previous retail experience. Think of some stories that speak about your positive experiences. If this is your first retail job, talk about certain parts of your personality that you think are perfect for a retail position. Present yourself as someone who is personable, friendly, and eager to learn.

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions & Answers

The hiring managers at Hobby Lobby are mainly interested in your ability to navigate customer service situations. They will ask open-ended questions to inspire discussion, but it’s mainly important to answer questions with confidence. The following sections will include sample Hobby Lobby interview questions and answers.

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions & Answers for the Cashier Position

Q1: How would you handle an unhappy customer?
A: I would do everything in my power to help an unhappy customer. I realize that angry customers are part of the job, and handling them with friendliness is always the best approach. However, I wouldn’t be shy about contacting a manager if I needed approval for a big return.

Q2: Are you comfortable with money?
A: I’ve never had any issues working with money. I have both a very honest personality and an understanding of the urgency involved with handling cash. As a cashier, it’s my main responsibility to see that money gets in and out of the register in a safe and orderly fashion.

Q3: Why should we hire you?
A: You should hire me because I am a hard-working, honest person with a strong moral compass. I have also been a fan of Hobby Lobby for most of my life, and I would represent the brand with pride.

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions & Answers for the Sales Associate Position

Q1: What do you know about Hobby Lobby?
A: Since Hobby Lobby opened in the early 70s, they have become the country’s largest store for arts and crafts supplies. I spent a great deal of time in this store throughout my youth, and I have always enjoyed the store’s culture and environment.

Q2: Do you consider yourself creative?
A: My friends and family have always called me a creative person. I would consider myself especially in-tune with all things visual. Classic art is a great passion of mine, and I like helping people on the journey to completing their own personal projects.

Q3: What are your values?
A: My three biggest values are family, self-improvement, and honesty. As long as I can maintain those three values, my life feels complete and rewarding. I am drawn to Hobby Lobby because I feel the company places a lot of importance on those areas.

Hobby Lobby Interview Questions & Answers for the Order Puller Position

Q1: How would you handle an unclear order?
A: Unfortunately, order management is not always clear in the retail setting. I find that I’m often capable of resolving these types of issues by searching through employee input records on the store database. When an order is hard to find, it’s probably due to a simple user error in the software. Everyone makes mistakes.

Q2: Do you respond well to pressure?
A: In the fast-paced setting of loading and unloading retail trucks, one must constantly respond well to pressure. The name of the game is calmness and patience. When the stakes are higher, acting with a clear mind is the best way to get the job done correctly.

Q3: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I have many short and long-term goals, but I could see myself developing a career in retail shipping and handling. I want to hit the ground running with Hobby Lobby, and see where my hard work can bring me.


In the end, working at Hobby Lobby is a great opportunity for creative and handy people. Studying these Hobby Lobby interview questions and answers will give you an edge in your meeting with a Hobby Lobby hiring manager. Have you ever worked at Hobby Lobby? Please feel free to share your thoughts down below.

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