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Are you considered the handyman around the house? Love building things with your own two hands? Or maybe you have a green thumb and love working with plants? Looking to apply these passions into a professional setting and actually get paid for it? Getting a job at The Home Depot might be the right move for you.

When you work at a Home Depot, your knowledge of home- and garden-related projects will be prized and valued. Customers of Home Depot frequently come into the store looking not only for items, but for advice, so related know-how is highly valuable.

Not a home projects expert? No problem. The Home Depot staff will provide plenty of training and guidance in a collaborative idea-sharing environment so that you can grow and develop into a fully-autonomous team member.

Sounds like a good environment to you? Start exploring the various Home Depot careers out there waiting for you.

Home Depot Careers Overview

Home Depot Careers Overview

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Since its founding in 1978, Home Depot has since become a household name— the golden standard of home and garden stores, a reliable establishment that provides accurate information.
The backbone of this reputation is, of course, the employees who work in the physical stores themselves and are at the forefront of each and every customer experience. Like any corporation, however, it's more than just the retail employees that contribute to The Home Depot’s success.
So, even if you aren’t the handiest member of the family, you can still find a flourishing career with Home Depot in one of its many other departments, such as business and finance. Below, we’ve listed each of the broad categories of Home Depot careers for you to choose from.

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As we’ve previously mentioned, the Home Depot retail employees are at the forefront of customer interactions and are therefore invaluable to the success of each individual store and Home Depot as a whole. Home Depot retail positions can be broadly divided into three categories:

Hourly: Hourly positions are the most common and diverse. As one of these employees, you’ll be expected to engage with customers throughout the day and provide friendly and helpful assistance. You’ll also be expected to be on your feet 8-10 hours a day, so be sure that your body is in good physical health before taking on this job.
The main roles that hourly employees function in are customer service/sales associates, store support/lot associates (Operations), freight associates (Operations), and cashiers.
Management: Of course, in each store, there must be an overarching manager to ensure order and keep things running smoothly. Within individual stores, you can expect to find both store managers and assistant managers.

Asset Protection: The last category of retail positions is asset protection. These are the individuals responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly in a broader scope. They also ensure that the Home Depot brand is properly maintained.

If you have a keen eye for design and a creative mind, then working in merchandising is the place for you. Merchandising associates are responsible for making things look good, whether it's through creating attention-grabbing signage or eye-catching displays. The goal of the merchandise associate is to boost sales by enhancing the overall customer experience.
Merchandising positions are available in both retail and corporate. Retail merchandisers get into the nitty-gritty details of display and design. These positions are flexible, offering by day and night (non-traditional retail) hours. Positions in corporate, meanwhile, are essential for implementing strategies that will optimize inventory and enhance sales on a regional level.

Speaking of corporate, there are plenty of jobs available in the overarching Home Depot corporation that are essential for contributing to the success of each individual store. It is these positions that ensure the business as a whole runs smoothly by making sure the business side of things are all in order by keeping track of finances, contracts, and more. These positions largely help contribute to Home Depot’s status as the #1 home improvement retailer.
These corporate opportunities allow a broad variety of career options as well, perfect for those with diverse skill sets that are eager to apply them in a Home Depot corporate setting. Home Depot offers positions in human resources, accounting and finance, communications, marketing, sales/operations, supply chain, legal, social media, and technology, e-commerce, and information technology.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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Home Depot’s supply chain careers operate in the 70+ Home Depot distribution centers across the company. They are responsible for ensuring the quality of Home Depot’s products as well as unloading and packing up items and equipment, making sure each Home Depot retail establishment receives the inventory it needs.

Just as in retail, there are both hourly and managerial positions available when you work within the supply chain. Hourly employees typically perform clerical duties as well as work in the warehouse, unloading, and stocking.

Home Services

Home Services

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Traditionally, most customers come into their local Home Depot looking for the materials they need to work on their own personal projects and renovations. More an more over the past few years, however, customers have been coming in asking for the Home Depot staff to do the work for the projects they have in mind.

Well, customers have asked, and Home Depot has listened. Customers can now take advantage of home installation services provided by the Home Depot team. For those of you out there that are knowledgeable and handy and love building and constructing, working with the Home Services team is the perfect job for you.

Popular positions with Home Services include Home Services Project Specialists and Area Sales Supervisors.

Contact Centers

Contact Centers

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Home Depot’s contact centers are placed around the country and offer customers the support and communication then need when they need it.

The ways in which customers interact with businesses and the world at large are continually changing, and so the methods of communication Home Depot offers are likewise evolving. As an employee of a Home Depot call center, you’ll communicate with customers via phone, mobile, email, and even chat.

There are six Home Depot call centers located throughout the country. They are located in Washington, Arizona, Utah, Michigan, Georgia, and Florida.


When you initially think of Home Depot careers, opportunities in technology probably don’t jump to mind. There are, however, plenty of ways in which the technically-inclined can develop their skill sets by working for the Home Depot corporation.

There’s no getting around it: we are in the digital age. Having a digital presence, therefore, is incredibly important, even for such company that provides hands-on services. Home Depot also utilizes the skills of software engineers to enhance the products they are able to offer.

Technical opportunities with Home Depot include positions in software engineering, technology security and infrastructure, technology product support and coordination, product management, user experience, online merchandising, and data science.

Civilian Careers

Civilian Careers

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Home Depot is a big proponent and support of our troops. Rather than just rest on words, Home Depot puts this principle into action, working with countless returning veterans to find a fulfilling position that utilizes the skills they developed while out in the field.

They also offer flexible schedules to accommodate those still serving in the National Guard or the reserves. This same flexibility is offered to military spouses.

Campus Connect

If you’re a current student or recent graduate and looking to gain experience or get a foothold in the Home Depot corporation, you’re in luck. The Home Depot Campus Connect program offers internships to students all over the country in a variety of capacities. These internships are 12 weeks long and paid, so you’ll have the complete experience when you intern for Home Depot. Home Depot internships include positions in the fields of e-commerce, finance, human resources, legal, marketing, merchandising, outside sales and services, store operations, supply chain, and technology.

Already graduated and looking to start your career? Home Depot offers a wealth of entry-level positions to help get you started.

Hiring Events

While applying is always good, there’s no better way to get a job than by showing the face behind the name and interact with potential recruiters in person. One great way to do this is to attend one of Home Depot’s hiring events.

These events are offered all over the country and throughout the year. When you attend a Home Depot hiring event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn from many of Home Depot’s successful employees. These events are typically geared toward finding potential employees that work in a variety of capacities, so be sure to check out the schedule and see if there’s one near you!

Apply to Home Depot Today!

Whether you’re looking to begin your career or switch things up from your current job, Home Depot is a great place to do it. Apply online and start taking advantage of all the opportunities Home Depot careers have to offer!

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