One of the largest home improvement supply retailers in the United States is Home Depot. With locations all over the country, they are a large employer that has many job openings throughout the country at any given time. If you are interviewing for a job with the retailer, here, you will find some great interview tips, as well as Home Depot interview questions and answers that you can prepare prior to your interview.

Home Depot Company Info

Headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia, Home Depot is a home improvement supply retailer that sells a wide range of products related to home improvement, including tools, lumber, construction supplies, and services. Shoppers at the store include both homeowners and contractors that are building and repairing homes.

Home Depot is a retail store, so expected work hours are during the morning, day, and evening hours, and include weekends and holidays as well, for most positions. The company has positions available in customer service, outside sales, IT, management, and more.

Home Depot Interview Tips

Being a large retailer that thrives on customer service and product knowledge, Home Depot puts applicants through an extensive process to get hired by the company. The process starts with an application that can usually be completed on-site or online. Then, the interview process starts for qualified candidates. Interviews can include both phone and in-person interviews, depending on the position that is being interviewed for.

Below, you can find some tips for acing your upcoming interview with Home Depot:

Research Home Depot

Being a large employer, Home Depot expects their applicants to know some things about the organization. A great place to start would be to research their in-store departments and the types of products that they sell. Any experience that you have working with any of the goods or services that they provide will give you a big leg up on your job competitors.

Demonstrate Customer Service Skills

Home Depot is in the business of serving their customers, and each time a customer makes a purchase at their store, they want to ensure that customer comes back for more next time. During the interview process, it is important to demonstrate specific examples that you have where you have provided excellent customer service.

Make a Good First Impression

When showing up for your interview, the first important step is to be on time. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar location, driving there ahead of time can be beneficial. On your interview day, any person you interact with may be a part of your evaluation process, including the receptionist. Treat everyone kindly, give firm handshakes, and keep a positive and upbeat attitude throughout your interview.

Home Depot Interview Questions & Answers

Below, we will talk about potential Home Depot interview questions for customer services/sales jobs, cashier jobs, and department supervisor positions with Home Depot. Along with potential interview questions, we will give examples of great responses to those interview questions. For most questions, coming up with unique past experiences will often work the best.

Home Depot Interview Questions & Answers for the Customer Service/Sales Position

Q1: Tell us about yourself, your experiences, and why you want to work in this position.
A: Begin by being open and honest about your experience, education, and work history. Be sure to point out any customer service and sales-related experience you have. At this point, your research on the company comes into play to match what they are looking for in a customer service/sales representative.

Q2: If you were busy assisting a customer, and a second customer came to you and demanded assistance, how would you handle the situation?
A: Calmly, I would let the second customer know that I understand their need is important, and that I would be with them as soon as I was done with the initial customer. If they continued to be needy, I would either call for more assistance to my area, or I’d let them know where another associate is available to help them.

Q3: How did you hear about this position?
A: Your answer should be situational to how you found out. If you know a current employee, it is always good to bring that up, and explain how the person you know recommended the position to you. If you searched for the position yourself, bring up why you were searching for this particular job.

Home Depot Interview Questions & Answers for the Cashier Position

Q1: How would you deal with an angry customer?
A: To begin, I would listen to what they are saying, and try to understand why they are angry. I would be empathetic to the reason, and then explain that we are here to help them. If I would be able to provide the assistance they needed to alleviate the problem, I would do that immediately. If it was beyond my powers to help them, I would bring the issue to the attention of my manager, so the angry customer could be redirected accordingly to the correct person.

Q2: Describe a time you had to work quickly.
A: Have prepared any recent work experiences where you had to meet tight deadlines or work in a quick fashion to accomplish tasks. The hiring manager is looking for your ability to work under pressure, like a cashier often has to do when the store is busy and the lines at the checkout are long.

Q3: Are you available to work weekends?
A: Be open and honest about your availability for the position. You must know going into the interview that a cashier will be required to work shifts anytime the store is open to the public, which would be weekdays, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Home Depot Interview Questions & Answers for the Department Supervisor Position

Q1: Talk about a time you had to work as a team to get the job done, and what obstacles you had to overcome.
A: Have a specific example of a time you had to lead a team. Leadership is important for the position. Talk about how you had to manage different work styles among the team, along with any diversity issues that you may have had to overcome. The hiring manager is looking for your ability to gather and lead a team.

Q2: What traits or characteristics make you ideal for this position?
A: I am a leader and have had many experiences leading teams of people, as outlined in my work history. I am thorough in my work, and I am able to see a project through to completion. I have respect for all the people that I work with. From the customers to the cashiers, and to the highest levels of upper management, I treat all the people I encounter in the workplace with respect and dignity. I am able to hold my employees accountable for their work, and I don’t have any issues addressing work-related concerns.

Q3: If you noticed an employee doing a task, and it could be done another way to save time, what would you do?
A: This is a great opportunity to talk about your coaching and mentoring style. Responses that mention your ability to coach an individual to be more efficient in a positive manner, without berating the employee, are important.


Your upcoming interview with Home Depot can be aced by properly preparing for your interview day and potential Home Depot interview questions that can be thrown your way by interviewers. By being prepared and being courteous and professional on your interview day, you can win the new job of your dreams with a great company.

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