Home Depot is a home improvement retailer running flagship stores in nearly all the states in the US. They have 2,200 outlets globally housing 37,000 workers of different professions and cover a broad range of skill sets from human resources to IT experts. Besides that, they also support individuals from any educational background, experience, and interest. Therefore, you will be able to find your place at this company through a Home Depot job application to any of the available careers.

We have reviewed the available career opportunities, the working hours, salary information and the actual job application process of Home Depot below.

Home Depot General Career Info

There are a variety of career opportunities which you can consider in your Home Depot job application. Their career page offers detailed information about the openings particularly in retail, distribution, merchandising, corporate and opportunities for interns and military veterans.

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The company has an interest in helping associates grow in various careers through incentives for good performance, new ideas, and motivation. It also provides tools that will simplify the Home Depot job application process for you. These tools pave the way for the most lucrative opportunities in the home improvement sector.

The company also has an interest in helping associates grow in various careers through incentives for good performance, new ideas, and motivation. It also provides tools that will simplify the Home Depot job application process for you. These tools pave the way for the most lucrative opportunities in the home improvement sector.

The corporate division offers job openings in fields such as marketing, merchandising, sales, media, communication, accounting and finance, technology, and supply chain.

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At the jobs-in-bloom page, you will get a walkthrough of the top jobs at Home Depot spanning various categories some of which are mentioned in the above section.

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In addition to that, Home Depot offers training programs for university students through paid and unpaid internships. Assurance and instructional management programs are the main areas of interest for such programs.

The company also has a system that offers long-term engagements for their employees to perfect their skills in a holistic approach. Therefore, less emphasis is laid on the educational background or age. Many Home Depot job application requests depict a mixture of skill set and ideas which lead to a rich and diverse line of products.

Home Depot Job Application Guide

The Home Depot job application process can be done in two ways. You can either choose the Home Depot online job application or the in-store application process. The latter is usually shorter but varies significantly from one outlet to the next. The online application is preferred because it is vast (offering myriads of opportunities). Consequently, you can submit several Home Depot online job application requests at a time thus increasing the chances of getting a job. Here is a step by step guide on the online process:

  1. Go to the Home Depot job search page through your browser.
  2. Once you arrive at the careers page, browse the job categories that match your personal or educational skills. Use the filters to select a job that matches your skills and expectations.home depot job search results
  3. Pick the ideal job from the catalog and click on the “Apply Now” tab. You will be required to register first, assuming you are a new applicant.home depot customer service job description
  4. Create a Home Depot job application account by providing a valid email address and a secure password.
  5. Use the new login details to access the Home Depot job application form. This document has a field that you must fill before submitting it. An alternative option is to use your LinkedIn account to apply for the job.
  6. Provide your contact information, address and social security number in the first section of the Home Depot job application pdf.
  7. The next part of the Home Depot job application pdf requires you to upload your resume or CV. Make sure to show any special abilities or skills in your job application such as certificates or previous job awards.
  8. After that, provide any relevant information through which the human resource can reach you. Other educational background and experience that can pique their interest in your Home Depot job application are also relevant in this section.
  9. Finish the Home Depot job application process by submitting your form.

Home Depot Job Openings

Store Support

Store support employees in Home Depot outlets carry out several duties which are non-sales in nature. As a result, t position varies from promoting customer satisfaction to offering administrative services as needed.


• Leading customers to the merchandise and other store divisions
• Responding to client questions and needs within the store
• Handling cash in addition to program compliance
• Cooperating with other associates to meet the goals of Home Depot.


The employees under this job description are required to be detail oriented and demonstrate strong time management skills. They are also expected to show unquestionable integrity at all times. Therefore, any details that can support these qualities must be included in the Home Depot job application form.

Work Hours and Salary Information

The store support employee salary is approximate to $67,008 per year. The working hours vary in the full-time or part-time status.

Head Cashier

Home Depot is looking for a reliable cashier to offer customers a timely, friendly and accurate sales service in their leading stores.


• Processing checkout or transaction receipts while monitoring the self-service checkout area
• Following the company policies and strategies set in place to minimize shrink
• Expediting price checks and signing off point-of-sale transactions
• Providing a markdown for the central line cash registers
• Assist in the provision of level 1 customer issues, supervision, coaching, and training front end associates in various Home Depot divisions


Applicants for this post are required to show a bachelor’s degree in accounting in their Home Depot job application online. A prior cashier experience of one or more years is another important requirement. Finally, they should also demonstrate a high level of integrity and customer service/support skills.

Freight and Receiving Job Opportunities

The associates in the freight and receiving divisions of the Home Depot company maintain the outlet’s stock for each business day. They also engage in physical activities such as moving cargo across the stores.


  • Loading and offloading of freight from supply trucks or customer vehicles
  • Operating forklifts and other motorized equipment to move or lift cargo around the store
  • Interacting directly with clients and offering top notch customer services
  • Coordinating the freight team associates and other support staff within the assigned store


Applicants should be well built or fit enough to handle the physical duties encompassed within this career opportunity. Nevertheless, in the case of any physical issues that may deteriorate amid working, include it in your application for a Home Depot job. The applicants should also have fantastic communication skills. Additionally, they should be able to show courtesy and friendly gestures to both new and returning clients.

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Working Hours and Salary Information

This is a full-time and a part-time job with varying working hours which can be a second-shift job in part-time cases. Freight and receiving associates earn a salary of $12 per hour.

Senior Business Analyst – Site Marketing

These employees work in collaboration with their managers to interpret marketing and merchandising strategies and policies in the digital marketing platform of the company. In addition, they are also responsible for observing the customer actions/behavior and leveraging them to tell which areas need improvement for better sales.


  • Leading the critical phases of the project lifecycle. You will be identifying a business need, developing criteria and the requirements, evaluating the impact and implementing the project
  • Presiding over assigned research in a particular business category or division
  • Formulation reports outlining the metrics of a particular project within a Home Depot branch
  • Assisting the manager and the SR manager in any duties as assigned


All applicants sending Home Depot job applications for this post must be over 18 years of age and with a legal US work permit, while in the educational requirements, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification relating to the job will be accepted. They must also have worked previously in a similar role for not less than three years to be considered.

Work hours and Salary Information

This is a full-time job that attracts a total salary of $80,059 annually.

Brand Advocate Analyst

These individuals work with the suppliers and the merchants of Home Depot to provide the best customer experience online, since they are tasked with selling the Home Depot brand online.


  • Building a strong relationship with the suppliers and being the sole contact for issues regarding online presentation of SKU and brand performance
  • Analyzing consumer tendencies to come up with new opportunities
  • Creating lead presentations with both vendors and merchants to have a seamless performance
  • Reporting to the manager and the brand advocate team


Applicants should be above eighteen years old and be able to pass the test offered by Home Depot before hiring. They should also have attained a degree from an accredited institution in a field related to the job description.

Work hours and Salary Information

Brand Advocate Analysts have full-time careers at Home Depot, and their salary range is $70,000 to $80,000 depending on the experience.

Additional information

Home Depot is open from Monday to Saturday at 6:00 am-10:00 pm and on Sunday from 8:00 am-8:00 pm.

Home Depot Contact Details

In case of trouble accessing Home Depot online job application resources, contact their support page for immediate assistance. Also, reach their help desk through their phone number 1800-466-3337.