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Restaurateurs Jerry Lapin, Al Lapin, Jr., and Albert Kallis founded the International House of Pancakes, or IHOP, on July 7, 1958 in Los Angeles. Since then, the company has grown to include 1650 locations throughout the U.S., the Middle East, and the Philippines. Its parent company today is DineEquity, and it generates an annual revenue of $3.23 billion per year. Famous for its array of breakfast and brunch menu items like pancakes and waffles, IHOP relies on a host of staff members at each location for its profit and success. Join this growing company by learning how to submit an IHOP job application and what the hiring process entails.

IHOP Company General Career Info

As mentioned, IHOP relies on a variety of staff members who carry out a number of unique and vital roles to ensure the company’s success. Some of the most popular careers within the IHOP corporation for which you can submit an IHOP job application form are available on a part-time or seasonal basis. Others are available as full-time positions with benefits like a 401k and health insurance.

ihop careers banner

Examples of entry level positions include server or line cook and require that you have little to no work experience. Positions in kitchen supervision or assistant and general management may require that you have prior restaurant experience and a vocational or college degree.

You can apply for these and other openings with the company by submitting an IHOP job application online. The IHOP job application can be found on the company’s career website. You can also download and print off an IHOP job application pdf.

You also have the option of submitting a resume with your IHOP job application. Once you have your application submitted to the recruiting manager, you may expect to be invited to a job interview if you meet all of the requirements for the position for which you have applied.

IHOP Company Job Application Guide

Submitting an IHOP job application for most positions proves to be a straightforward process. You can find the IHOP job application for both restaurant and corporate positions on the company’s career website. You do not need to print off the application and take it to the restaurant or corporate office. The entire application process can be completed online.

ihop job openings

The application is self-explanatory in terms of what kinds of details the company requires from you. You should provide your legal first and last name as well as a valid mailing address and phone number. If you prefer, you can include your email address, which might be helpful if you are applying for a corporate position.

ihop job description

The IHOP job application asks that you provide details of your prior work experience. If you do not have job experiences, you should list any volunteer or for-cash positions you have held like babysitting, working concession stands at your high school, or mowing lawns. List these positions in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent job first.

Last, you should provide the names of professional references on the IHOP job application. These individuals can be people for whom you have worked as well as people who have overseen your volunteer work. You are encouraged to avoid listing relatives and personal friends as references. If you have not worked prior to applying at IHOP, you might list teachers or principles at your high school.

IHOP Company Job Openings

Some of the most popular job openings available at IHOP include:

  • server
  • cook
  • kitchen supervisor
  • assistant manager
  • general manager

Learn more about each position and what you can expect when you submit an IHOP job application for them.

IHOP Server

The IHOP server position is entry level and available on either a part-time or full-time basis.


  • greet customers
  • bring orders to table
  • refill beverages
  • provide general customer service


To put in an IHOP job application for a server position, you must be at least 18 years old. You do not need a GED or high school diploma for this job.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Servers at IHOP work varied hours that can accommodate their personal schedules. Depending on how much you work, you could earn up to $29,000 per year. Servers who work full-time may be eligible for benefits like health insurance and retirement accounts.


IHOP cooks are responsible for preparing menu items.


  • prepare menu items like waffles and pancakes
  • keep the kitchen clean and organized
  • work safely with utensils


IHOP cooks must be at least 18 years old and have clean criminal records. This position does not require any formal training or prior experience.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Cooks at IHOP earn on average between $9.07 to $14.30 per hour. They enjoy flexible schedules and benefits like health insurance if they work on a full-time basis.

IHOP Kitchen Supervisor

IHOP kitchen supervisors manage crew members like cooks and busboys.


  • supervise line cooks, busboys, and other kitchen staff
  • order inventory like ingredients and linens
  • coordinate flow of traffic with front-of-the-house management
  • handle customer service disputes in absence of general or assistant manager


  • prior restaurant or supervisory experience
  • high school diploma or GED
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • flexible schedule

If you’re interested in other kitchen supervising jobs, you should also check out our guide to the Olive Garden job application.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

IHOP kitchen supervisors can work as many as 40 hours or more per week. They earn on average $40,000 per year depending on the location at which they work. They are typically eligible for paid vacation time, life and health insurance, and 401k retirement savings accounts.

IHOP Assistant Manager

IHOP assistant managers help manage the restaurant and report directly to the general manager.


  • provide leadership example
  • supervise 15 to 20 employees
  • handle customer service disputes and issues
  • follow direction of general manager


  • have open availability for scheduling
  • prior restaurant or supervisory experience
  • high school diploma or GED
  • vocational or college degree for some locations

Working Hours & Salary Information:

IHOP assistant managers earn on average $34,214 to $$53,909 per year. They must be available to work anytime and can earn bonuses of $500 to $9000 per year. They are eligible for health and life insurance, 401k retirement accounts, and paid vacations.

IHOP General Manager

IHOP general managers oversee restaurant operations and report to district and corporate management.


  • execute yearly financial plans
  • market local restaurant
  • hire and terminate employees
  • maintain appropriate personnel and legal documentation for restaurant


HIOP general managers are expected to have prior restaurant management or supervisory experience. They also may be required to have a degree in business, accounting, or related fields. Some corporate recruiters may allow professional experience to substitute for formal education and degree requirements.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

General managers for IHOP must be available around-the-clock for work and also must work some weekends and holidays. They earn on average $35,482 to $57,202. They also earn annual bonuses of $500 to $9000. They are generally eligible for company-sponsored retirement accounts, health and life insurance, and paid vacations.

Additional Information

IHOP Company Hours

IHOP locations throughout in the U.S. are open 24 hours a day. Most locations are also open on weekends and major holidays.

IHOPs in the Middle East and the Philippines are subject to operating according to those countries’ religious and labor laws. They may close during the evenings for certain holidays like Ramadan.

IHOP Company Contact Details

The corporate address for IHOP is 450 North Brand Boulevard in Glendale, California, 91203. You can contact the corporate headquarters at (866) 444-5144. You can also email the corporate headquarters by using the online form found under the Contact Us option on the company’s website.

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