There are number of opportunities for JB Hunt careers. You can be a driver at the local, regional, and over the road level. You can be a straight truck driver, an owner operator, or a lease purchaser. In addition to drivers, there are also opportunities to work in the maintenance or office fields. Let’s learn more about what JB Hunt has to offer to those looking for opportunities in the trucking industry.

What Are the JB Hunt Career Options?

Let’s discuss JB Hunt careers options for drivers. Each driver receives health benefits which consist of medical, dental, and vision insurance. Paid vacation, 401k benefits, and life insurance are other perks offered.

Local Truck Drivers

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One of the many JB Hunt careers is that of the local driver. This driver can move goods within a 200-mile area. These drivers can be back home the same day.

Regional Truck Drivers

Another JB Hunt career is the regional driver. This driver can move goods to nearby states. This type of driver is away from home for 5 days or more. They return weekly or every two weeks.

Over the Road Truck Drivers

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A third option for a JB Hunt career is the over the road driver, also referred to as OTR. These drivers are on the road for two weeks or more. They can have a two-day break or be on the road longer. Being on the road longer means acquiring more days off.

Straight Truck Drivers

A fourth option for a JB Hunt career is that of a straight truck driver. A straight truck driver does not require a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This type of driver can make deliveries to homes, businesses, and construction sites. Straight-truck drivers can deliver goods such as furniture, mattresses, or appliances.

Does JB Hunt Offer CDL Training?

Currently, JB Hunt does not offer CDL training nor do they reimburse you for CDL training. However, JB Hunt does offer many JB Hunt careers that do not require a CDL. JB Hunt careers that are offered include those of a straight truck driver. A straight truck driver makes deliveries to homes and businesses. They may also use technical skills for appliance installations, for example.

What About Those With Military Experience?

JB Hunt supports veterans. They have made a pledge to hire 10,000 veterans throughout their company by 2020. About 20 percent of JB Hunt employees are veterans. If you are a veteran with three months of CDL-A (tractor-trailer) experience, there may be a job opening for you. There are also JB Hunt careers for those veterans without a CDL.

Can I Own or Lease a Truck?

Yes. There are options available for leasing or owning a truck for those with a CDL-A.

Lease Purchasing

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Through the lease purchase program, drivers with a CDL-A can go through a third party to make weekly payments. If specific terms of the agreement are met, the driver can take steps to buy and own the tractor. Credit and down payment restrictions must be met to qualify. Drivers can choose from different pay options, including percentage or mileage-based plans as they work towards becoming an owner operator.

Owner Operators

Owner operators can choose from different pay options, usually percentage or mileage-based. Owner operators can choose from Dedicated, Intermodal, or Truckload options. 


Those drivers that have a dedicated contract services, also known as a DCS, serve one customer. This allows the driver to know the people, the routes, and the job requirements for that particular customer. JB Hunt also offers other services through their dedicated division. They offer drivers that can perform tasks such as operating equipment such as forklifts or jacks. They can also offer different types of trucking equipment to meet the needs of the customer. JB Hunt is the largest dedicated provider in the United States.


Those drivers who work in the intermodal division play a more typical role in the trucking business. Drivers pick up containers from rail yards and transport them to the customer. JB Hunt continues to grow in this field as it maintains business dealings with many rail companies.

Intermodal drivers can have the flexibility they need because the intermodal division operates around the clock. Drivers can also become familiar with the routes and goods to help them plan for efficiency.


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Those drivers who work in the truckload division meet the needs of customers with short-term needs. These contracts use available JB Hunt drivers and equipment. Customers served may be large or small.

Are There Benefits to Being an Owner Operator?

Yes, JB Hunt offers some great benefits to those drivers that are able to become owner operators. You have access to some great programs as an owner operator.


You can refer another driver that’s not currently working for JB Hunt. You can receive a bonus if JB Hunt hires your referral. You’ll need to provide the other driver’s name and contact information.


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JB Hunt offers voluntary group health insurance with costs deducted weekly. You can choose to participate in individual or family plans. These health programs are available immediately to you.


JB Hunt offers discounts on fuel and maintenance costs if you use one of their preferred vendors. These discounts are offered on services and parts, including tires. This allows you to maximize your income.


JB Hunt allows disbursements to be distributed to you weekly. These disbursements are based on the honor system. You can also take advantage of scanning stations at truck stops to submit your bills as you travel.

Are JB Hunt Careers Only for Drivers?

JB Hunt careers include other areas of expertise. You can work for JB Hunt in logistics, administration, warehouse, or maintenance. Here are some other JB Hunt careers that may be available to you:


  • Logistic coordinator
  • Freight coordinator


  • Scheduler
  • Administrative Assistant


  • Material handler
  • Warehouse worker


  • Diesel mechanic
  • Trailer mechanic
  • Breakdown coordinator
  • Mobile tractor mechanic

What Does JB Hunt Do to Show Appreciation to Their Employees?

JB Hunt appreciates its employees. It has a number of programs to show them that they appreciate their hard work and dedication. Here are some of those programs:


JB Hunt offers points for each year of service. These points can be exchanged for gift merchandise, including JB Hunt logo items. JB Hunt also offers tokens of appreciation for each year of safe driving. These include pins, patches, and certificates.

Class Adoption

JB Hunt drivers can enter a contest to be chosen for the yearly Adopt-A-Classroom event. If chosen, JB Hunt donates $500 to $1,000 worth of supplies to a child or grandchild’s classroom. The driver can allow the children to tour his or her truck and celebrates with a pizza party for the class.


For each million mile driven safely, JB Hunt offers its drivers a monetary bonus. At one million safely driven miles, JB Hunt management presents a $5,000 bonus at the employment location. At two, three, or four million safely driven miles, you are invited to the JB Hunt corporate office in Arkansas.

During this event, drivers are invited to a dinner, awards ceremony, and leadership meetings. Those being honored get to be recognized at the corporate headquarters building as other JB Hunt employees cheer them on. At two million miles safely driven, drivers are eligible for a bonus of $10,000. At three million miles safely driven, drivers are eligible for a bonus of $20,000. At four million miles safely driven, drivers are eligible for a bonus of $40,000.

JB Hunt Careers, Application, & Resources

You can find out if you qualify for driver employment by going to the JB Hunt website at Click the Pre-Qualify button and enter your contact information. A JB Hunt representative will contact you about opportunities in your area. JB Hunt does offer sign-bonuses to drivers in select areas. Salaries can vary according to the type of job and the location. If you are interested in JB Hunt careers other than driving, they often recruit on popular job search sites.

If you are hired, JB Hunt offers a traditional orientation at one of their terminals or online. If you prefer to complete your training orientation at one of their terminals, you can complete this training in 2.5 to 3 days. You also have the option to schedule the training online at a location nearby. Both options allow you to be paid upon completion of the training.

Read about some of JB Hunt’s drivers and what they are saying about their JB Hunt careers at You can even click on a link there to read JB Hunt driver’s blogs. Check it out!


Drivers with JB Hunt can make a lucrative salary and have many options that allow them to be home nightly, weekly, or less frequently. Check out their website at, enter your zip code, and see the JB Hunt careers waiting for you. Good luck on your search! The open road is waiting.

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