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With any company, you must, generally, submit an online application through a job portal. Sometimes these are through the business directly, while other times you’ll apply through third-party services.

Thankfully with Lowe’s, they make it easy to find the open positions. Lowe’s has their own job portal, which will automatically detect your location and populate jobs that are recently posted within your area.

That said, there are four main areas of jobs within the company:

  • Stores
  • Corporate
  • Distribution
  • Contact Centers

These categories are basic with their names but represent the interest areas nicely. Each area highlights a different portion of Lowe’s careers that are available at any given point, so you know exactly what jobs you’re looking at.

For example, Contact Center positions are located within the corporate offices and are there to provide customer assistance for all the different Lowe’s products available, along with supporting services, too.

The only drawback to the Lowe’s job area is that you’ll be required to sign up and create a profile before applying for any positions. This is the case with most jobs, however, so shouldn’t deter you from pursuing an opportunity.

Plus, once you’ve made a profile, you can easily submit your application to other Lowe’s careers whenever you’d like.

The Application Process of Lowe’s

Lowes storefront in lowes careers

As mentioned before, there are four main groups of jobs within Lowe’s.

Jobs Found Within Retail Stores

The retail employment opportunities are one of the strongest areas of all Lowe’s careers. This makes sense, as the company is based on retail sales and having brick and mortar stores solidifies that position.

A lot of people who’re shopping for home improvement items prefer to walk into a store and see the product for themselves, rather than blindly purchase something online. This means there are constantly open positions to be found.

The most common jobs that pop in the stores are:

  • Customer Service Associate (with varying seniority levels and areas offered)
  • Stocker
  • Receiver
  • Overnight Stocker
  • Management

As you can see, these are the normal retail positions. Most of them are full-time gigs, but plenty of stores do offer part-time positions.

Breaking down each area provides better insight into what you might be doing.

The CSA positions are for a specific area of the store – like the aisles for gardening supplies or paints – or they are for customer service and cashier jobs.

For stocker, receiver, and overnight jobs, these are all people who work behind-the-scenes of the store, ensuring that all items are properly placed and stocked accordingly. They’re also in charge of unloading and loading items up for customers and shippers alike.

Finally, with management, these positions oversee the store’s operation. Most stores feature a store manager, assistant store manager, department manager, loss prevention manager, and a human resources manager.

All combine for the management team.

For these opportunities, Lowe’s likes to see experience in sales, supervision, or management but isn’t too strict on parameters.

You also find that these employment opportunities aren’t the most lucrative of offerings. Most prospective employees can think about a salary in the range of $32,000-$84,000 a year, depending on seniority and if you’re management.

One of the best ways to move up within any company is by starting on the “bottom,” so to speak, and working your way up. Retail store job offerings are perfect to see if the company and you are a good fit, so definitely apply if you’re interested in working for Lowe’s.

Jobs Found Within Corporate Areas

We talked a lot about the retail positions, and that’s because they’re the most-offered and widely available jobs around. Compared to retail positions, which are a mix of full and part-time jobs, these are all full-time positions found at the company headquarters in North Carolina.

That said, the business is just that, a business, and thrives on corporate workers to keep everything running smoothly.

You’ll find corporate jobs that include:

  • Engineering
  • HR Business
  • Software Development
  • Operations Management
  • Legal
  • Marketing

These are like other corporate offerings, and all are higher-end positions within the company.

Jobs Found Within Distribution Buildings

Since Lowe’s thrives on products, it makes sense that they’d need distribution centers across the country to ship and receive numerous items.

You’ll find that these positions are the least-offered Lowe’s careers around. This is mainly due to having only a few DC’s countrywide to send items from.

These positions include:

  • Warehouse Associate
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Mechanics
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Operational Manager

You can think of distribution center positions as retail locations that only deal with moving products. Really, that’s all there is to it. Most of these positions are physically demanding gigs unless you’re doing work in the engineering or management fields.Standard warehouse associates and maintenance supervisors, along with mechanics, all keep the buildings operating properly. You should be willing to work full-time hours on your feet and have plenty of physical traits.Standard salaries in this range are from $35,000-$75,000, again depending on work experience and the job.The bigger responsibility comes in the form of management and engineering positions offered at these centers. As an industrial engineer, you’re tasked with keeping efficiency at its peak, and managing production support.On the management side, Lowe’s expects you to have some managing experience, or at the very least a good track record of supervisory status. As an operational manager, you’re asked to be the overseer of the distortion center.There are also assistant management and supervisor positions, but they don’t come along too often.

Jobs Found Within Contact Centers

This section is brief, as these positions are few and far between.Currently, there are only four openings available to apply for, each of them being in North Carolina and Indiana.These are call center coordinating positions, along with service production supervisors. These jobs work together with retail locations to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible while making sure products are scheduled and installed accordingly.

How’s the Outlook of Lowe’s Careers?

Lowes warehouse in lowes careers

Most Lowe’s stores open early, and usually, management is there by 8 am or earlier. That means if you’d like to contact someone regarding an open position, the best time to call is in the morning, as the stores are quieter and feature more downtime.All Lowe’s stores have a phone number to call, but you can also reach their headquarters by calling 704-758-1000. Additionally, you can reach out to their customer service line at 1-800-445-6937.