As one of the most popular Italian restaurant chains in the country, Olive Garden is a fast-paced work environment. This article will help you prepare for your Olive Garden interview. The sample Olive Garden interview questions below can be studied for a preview of your meeting with the restaurant manager. You will also find here Olive Garden interview tips and tricks.

Oliver Garden Company Info

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant chain owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. Throughout the USA and Canada, Olive Garden boasts over 600 restaurant locations and employs over 77,000 people. Their work environment is celebrated for its diversity.

Applicants should expect many openings for kitchen or host positions, but each location frequently hires servers as well. The majority of Olive Garden locations are open from 11 AM to 10 PM, but hours may vary for different positions. Many positions at Olive Garden are ideal for those who enjoy earning money from tips.

Olive Garden Interview Tips

Like most restaurants, the most desirable non-management position at Olive Garden is the server one. However, Olive Garden often hires servers from within, so the interview processes for other positions are similar. Former candidates have reported long wait times in hearing from the company after an online application. Candidates eventually meet with a manager at the restaurant for an in-person interview. The interview also includes a compensated meal.

These tips will help you impress the Olive Garden manager:

Prepare Stories of Your Multi-tasking

At each location, Olive Garden is typically among the busiest restaurants in town. Employees must know how to remain calm through the chaos. It’s best to prepare a convincing story of a time you multi-tasked your way to success.

Talk Positively About Your Work History

On a greater scale than similar restaurants, Olive Garden places importance on your work history. They want to know your trials and tribulations in other work environments. In these situations, some candidates mistakenly talk poorly of their previous jobs. Managers want to find a candidate who can learn from both positive and negative work experiences.

Display Enthusiasm for Olive Garden

During the interview, your hiring manager is likely to ask you why you’ve chosen Olive Garden. You don’t need to know an extensive history of Olive Garden as a brand of Darden Restaurants, but you should be enthusiastic for an opportunity with the brand. No matter the job, hiring managers prefer candidates who bring positivity to the workplace.

Olive Garden Interview Questions & Answers

While the Olive Garden interview varies on a positional basis, the nature of each interview will remain the same. Hiring managers ask many questions about the candidate’s work history, customer service experience, personality, and multitasking abilities. These sections below will contain strong answers to the typical Olive Garden interview questions.

Olive Garden Interview Questions & Answers for the Line Cook Position

Q1: What would you bring to the table that no one else can?
A: I’ve always considered myself excellent at multitasking. As a line cook, I think my capacity to handle many orders during rush hour would set me apart from others.

Q2: What are your short and long-term goals?
A: In the near future, I certainly picture myself working as many hours as possible at Olive Garden. I’m not exactly sure of my lifelong plans, but I’ve always enjoyed the food industry, and I could see myself progressing in the field.

Q3: How would you handle negative feedback about your food?
A: Every cook takes pride in his or her food, but I try to limit my pride as much as possible. If a customer complains about my food, it almost always means I could have done something better. I would try harder to improve on my weak recipes.

Olive Garden Interview Questions & Answers for the Server Position

Q1: Why do you want to work at Olive Garden?
A: The atmosphere at Olive Garden has always been attractive to me, and I’d love an opportunity to work in such a fast-paced environment. I thrive under busy conditions, and I know Olive Garden is always very busy.

Q2: What qualities define a great server?
A: A great server is approachable, has a strong memory, and takes responsibility for unfortunate circumstances. The most unappealing type of server is one who openly blames others for any less-than-desirable parts of a meal.

Q3: How would you deal with a rude customer?
A: Rude customers are unavoidable in the food industry, and dealing with them properly is an art. I think the best plan is to give a rude customer anything necessary to lighten the mood. At the very least, I would speak with management about adjusting their bill.

Olive Garden Interview Questions & Answers for the Host Position

Q1: What position do you work well in?
A: I work well with people. My ideal work environment is both fast-paced and social. This is why I would be a great host at Olive Garden; the position involves greeting hundreds of customers throughout each night’s rush hour. It fits the exact description of my ideal work environment.

Q2: What is integrity to you?
A: Integrity is both knowing and following the moral path. On a micro level, the workplace is filled with countless ethical decisions. Those with integrity will follow their strong morals throughout the ethical challenges.

Q3: Do you like Olive Garden?
A: Olive Garden has always been one of my favorite restaurants. Even on busy Friday and Saturday nights, I would choose to wait for a table at Olive Garden before going to a different restaurant. My favorite part is the unlimited breadsticks.


Overall, Olive Garden is a fun place to work for those who enjoy more fast-paced work environments. The Olive Garden interview process is slightly more challenging than other restaurants, but these Olive Garden interview questions will give you a big advantage when you meet with the hiring manager. Also, most of the other positions at Olive Garden use the same or similar questions. Have you ever interviewed with Olive Garden? Let us know your comments and concerns below.

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