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Founded in 1972, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is the second largest chain of quick-service chicken restaurants in the world, with over 1,700 U.S. locations and another 900 restaurants in 30 different countries. This guide will help you figure out your options and navigate the job application process one step at a time. Follow along to learn how to apply and explore the salaries, working hours, requirements, and responsibilities that come with every available vacancy.

Popeyes General Career Info

The Louisiana Kitchen company’s career website displays over 100 job openings at any given time. All of these opportunities belong to one of the three categories outlined below.

1. Restaurant Staff

Everyone who works at a certain Popeyes location is a restaurant staff member. That includes entry-level crew members, as well as assistant managers and general managers. Every month, countless Popeyes job applications are accepted for each of these positions. That being said, there’s considerably less demand for general managers than for other restaurant staff members.

2. Restaurant Support Center Staff

Only 36 restaurant locations are still owned by the corporation. The rest are independently owned franchises that rely on the company for all their marketing, product development, and administrative needs. That’s why Popeyes Restaurant Support Centers are constantly on the lookout for advertising specialists, franchise business leaders, and training developers.

3. Senior Corporate Staff

The board members of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen are strong believers in diversification and innovation, which explains why the company tends to hire new employees for senior-level positions instead of promoting from within. You can always find about two dozen senior corporate staff opportunities for titles such as Director of Social Media & Digital Content, Development Analyst, Administration Analyst, and Regional Director of Development.

Popeyes Job Application Guide

Thanks to their user-friendly Popeyes careers website, you can submit a Popeyes job application from the comfort of your home. This guide will walk you through every step of the process.

1. Start off by navigating to the Popeyes.jobs site. Use the location search function to see all available opportunities in your area. Enter your city/state in the ‘Where’ field, leaving the ‘What’ one empty and press ‘Search’.popeyes job openings2. If there are over 30 vacancies in your area, you can narrow down your search even further. Scroll down until you see the ‘Filter by Title’ menu on the right side of your screen. Click the title that may be the best fit for your resume, and choose the best option for you according to its location.

3. When you open the job details page, take a few minutes to review all the information. It will not only answer any questions you may have about the position but also help you perfect your cover letter and resume. Once you’re done, press the ‘Apply Now’ button to be redirected to the Popeyes job application portal.popeyes HR business partner job description4. Before you apply, you must create a Popeyes job application portal account. To do so, select ‘Create a Login’ on the login page. Next, review the Privacy Policy and click ‘Agree’. Fill out a standard registration form that includes contact information and three security questions to proceed.

5. Finally, complete the application, attach your resume, and click ‘Submit’. The portal saves your application details so you don’t have to enter them when applying for other jobs.

Popeyes Job Openings

Crew Member

The most highly demanded entry-level employees are Crew Members, who also perform the role of cashiers.


  • Show compassion, care, and concern for both customers and other staff members.
  • Greet guests and process cash and credit card payments.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of company policy and menu items.
  • Make sure customers receive fresh orders by checking food temperature and quality.


Applicants must be over the age of 16 and physically able to lift up to 50 pounds. To work in a Popeyes restaurant, your schedule must be flexible enough to accommodate evening shifts, national holidays and weekends. You must also maintain attendance and punctuality at all times.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Both part-time and full-time openings are available for this position. In both cases, working hours vary every week.
Crew members are paid on an hourly basis and earn $8-10 per hour, depending on the state.

General Manager

General Managers a.k.a. Restaurant Managers hold the most senior management positions among all restaurant staff members. At Popeyes, the job application approval rate for this role is extremely low, so make sure you meet all the requirements before applying.


  • Conducting financial forecasts and making adjustments to meet sales quotas.
  • Overseeing the hiring process and training employees.
  • Creating an efficient staff schedule.
  • Maintaining restaurant inventory via company inventory systems.
  • Ensuring timely and adequate repairs of damaged equipment.
  • Creating and submitting daily, weekly and period-ending reports.


First and foremost, Popeyes looks for experience when hiring a general manager. They require at least three years of management experience in the food industry as well as a minimum of two references from previous employers. Other requirements include a high-school diploma, a valid driver’s license, and a clean background check.

Working Hours & Salary Information

Like all Popeyes restaurant staff members, the General Manager must be available to work nights, weekends and/or holidays on occasion. The salary of a restaurant manager varies depending on experience and seniority. On average, they start at $33,000-$37,000 a year.

Advertising Specialist

Advertising specialists are responsible for all marketing efforts in a certain sector or location.


  • Collaborate with the Regional Marketing Team to execute the local media advertising plan.
  • Maximize AUV by increasing effective TV air time weeks.
  • Provide media production and broadcasting oversight.
  • Plan a print ad strategy by working with the Regional Print Media Manager.
  • Organize Popeyes DMA Business Meetings
  • Create and distribute weekly/monthly marketing calendars.


To become an Advertising Specialist, you must have a Bachelors Degree in a Marketing-related field. Plus, you must have over three years of relevant experience in the restaurant business. Candidates who have previously worked in the food industry are given preference.

Working Hours & Salary Information

All work is conducted during normal business hours. However, as an Advertising Specialist, you may be required to travel often. Compensation begins at $57,000.

Regional Director of Development

Being one of the top corporate roles of the company, the regional director is responsible for overall business growth. They oversee all efforts aimed at increasing the number of franchise locations as well as their quality.


Create, present DMA Development plans and propose adjustments.

Work with new Franchises to help them locate high-potential real estate for their future restaurants.

Recruit successful franchise owners to open additional restaurant locations.

Manage the Franchise Recruiting team to meet annual quotas.

Oversee restaurant construction and act as an official Popeyes liaison to contractors.


Candidates should have a minimum of eight years of experience in the franchise industry. In addition to a relevant college degree, the Regional Director must have extensive knowledge of the real estate market and be a state-certified realtor. You must also be ready to spend 50% of your time traveling within the assigned region.

Working Hours & Salary Information

The Regional Director works Monday-Friday, during normal business hours. Because of the constant need to travel, the director can change his/her own schedule. In addition to a comprehensive benefits package, this role comes with a yearly $95,000 salary.

Additional Information

Company Hours

Each franchise chooses a different work schedule but, for the most part, restaurants open at 10:00 am and close 12 hours later. As for Restaraunt Support Centers and corporate offices, hours of operation are 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday-Friday. If you submitted your Popeyes job application to the company headquarters on Friday, you definitely won’t receive a reply until the next Monday.

Contact Details

As previously mentioned, every franchise operates independently so they have separate customer support contact details. However, you can get in touch with the regional company office by filling out a Popeyes contact form.

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