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Publix was a small shop first founded in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida, by George W. Jenkins. Since their humble beginning, this grocery store chain has grown into the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States!

Publix has seen much growth in recent years from retail sales hitting 34.6 billion in 2017 to Publix careers employing 190,000 individuals.

General Career Info

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Publix’s mission statement is very respectable and straightforward. Their mission is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world, and their commitment is to the customers and the communities in which they reside.

They stand very firm on their commitment to their consumers and their communities. As a part of their mission statement, thy commit to the following:

  • Passionately focused on customer value.
  • Intolerant of waste.
  • Dedicated to the dignity, value, and employment security of our associates.
  • Devoted to the highest standards of stewardship for our stockholders.
  • Involved as responsible citizens in our communities.

Job Application Guide

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When it comes to applying for a position with Publix, the company highly suggests that you come in and apply in person using their Job Application Center (JAC) system. This system is best used for those who are applying for in-store positions and not one of the much higher up, corporate position.

When applying at one of the Job Application Centers, it is best to print out the JAC Time Saver sheet and fill it out ahead of time, this way you can quickly refer to it while at the station.

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll want to update it every 30 days or so because the system only holds them for so long. Those looking for management opportunities are asked to apply for hourly first in-store, then use the Registration of Interest process to seek further opportunities.

For those looking for positions elsewhere in the company, you are encouraged to visit their Jobs Center online to see what is currently available and where.

3 Popular Job Interview Questions to Consider

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Once you have submitted your application for a Publix career, should you stand out, you’ll be chosen for an in-person interview with someone either in corporate or a store manager, depending on which position you’ve applied for.

Being ready for an interview is vital, and that means practicing your answers ahead of time.

That being said, we’ve collected a handful of questions that have been known to be asked during an interview with this company and given you a blurb of information on whom you should consider answering them.

What about the company’s customer approach do you find satisfying?

Okay, so you know that Publix is all about bettering the consumer’s experience with their service. So, what exactly about their approach do you enjoy?

Store managers won’t necessarily want to hear that it puts the customer first, they know that. Why is it important to you that the customer comes first? What specific aspect of their customer care process stood out the most to you and why?

Describe your management style.

If you are interviewing for a position that requires you to work directly with, or manage others, you may be asked about your management style.

First things first, you’ll want to define what good management is to you. What would you like to see in a person above you as far as them managing you? From there, you’ll want to get specific and talk about what you would do in a place of management and give a good example.

This is a great opportunity to bring up an experience that highlights your ability to manage a given situation from your previous position.

Describe a time when you provided excellent customer service.

This question gets tricky for many because they simply want to talk about how good they are at handling customers, especially when things got a bit dicey.

Instead of talking about a time where you served a customer in a manner that pleased everyone involved in the situation, try to focus on a time when you were able to recognize a struggling customer and approach them and ask if they needed something.

This shows that you aren’t only customer service oriented, but that you will go above the call of duty to help clients before they get so flustered that they have to go in search of extra help.

Job Openings

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Publix Careers involve more than the faces you see in the shopping centers. Sure, they may be the face of the company, but there are thousands of other individuals that work throughout the shopping centers and in corporate to help keep the company running smoothly day-in and day-out.

What makes Publix so unique is that it prefers to hire from within the company.

This includes from the pool of individuals working in the stores, so while they do offer positions for outside candidates, those who already work as a Publix associate are just as likely to move on up if they are qualified.


Working in the stores, both as an associate and in management means you are the face of the company.

You work directly with consumers and help them on a variety of different levels. This means that those interested in a position within the Publix stores have a high standard when it comes to customer service.


Working as a Publix pharmacist, you will be required to offer patients a sense of security, friendship, and community as they will be looking to you when they need you the most.

Because you are a source of advice and audience, your undivided attention is important to customers, as is your friendly nature and pharmacy expertise.

Information Technology

The Publix Information Systems (IS) team is a diverse group of more than 1,000 technical professionals dedicated to maximizing the value of the company through the application of information technology.

The company continues to invest in new technology, architecture, infrastructure, and integration platforms to help improve the efficiency of their support processes in order to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

The IS team is responsible for creating a diverse environment among its applications along with wide area and local area networks connecting thousands of computers in stores, offices, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

They also support the financial EFT network for point-of-sale and ATM transactions at the stores and provide customer support for all retail, office and warehouse hardware and software resources.


Corporate positions cover a wide variety of different areas, and most of the 3,000 jobs supporting the stores, distribution facilities, and manufacturing plants are based in the corporate headquarters in Florida.

Corporate positions can include any of the following positions/departments:

  • Benefits
  • Corporate Purchasing
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal & Risk Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Marketing
  • Public Affairs
  • Real Estate
  • Strategy Support

Those working in these positions are responsible for a variety of different tasks, all depending on which department. For more detailed information, please visit the Publix Corporate Careers page.

Industrial Maintenance

Publix currently employs more than 600 associates in various departments of industrial maintenance that skillfully maintain automated processes and a wide range of industrial equipment, such as large-capacity ammonia refrigeration systems.

Those working in industrial maintenance also troubleshoot and repair mechanical equipment, powered lift equipment automated shelves and rack, as well as broiler-, compressed air-, water- and refrigeration’s systems.


The majority of the position that makes up Publix’s distribution are related to tasks performed in the many warehouses.

The tasks that are involved in these positions can include a variety of different things, including everything from shipping and receiving to loading the trucks and maintaining a clean warehouse. It also includes keeping the product stocked, counted and in order.


While Publix is known for their storefronts, they are also known as a manufacturer that produces top-quality products that the stores sell.

Nearly 2,000 associates work in both Florida and Georgia in four fresh foods operations, three dairy plants, two bakery plants, the deli kitchen, a printing services plant, manufacturing/supply purchasing, and corporate manufacturing.

While the company strongly prefers to hire from within, there are many opportunities for outside candidates to apply for positions in the manufacturing sector of the company.

Administrative Roles

Those working in the administrative roles at Publix cover a wide variety of different tasks each day. They are responsible for providing a professional, well-informed reception to the people who either call or visit the corporate offices, manufacturing plants and distribution centers.

They are also in charge of tracking number vital to monitoring the progress of the company in all aspects of the supermarket business while also processing the paperwork involved in operating a billion-dollar enterprise.

Publix is Community Oriented both Internally and Externally

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Publix is a company that not only focuses on the consumers and the community that they are working in, but they are also community oriented within the inner workings of the business. This means that they take their working family and their needs seriously.

Hiring and promoting from within the company is one great example of this. So, if you are considering one of the many Publix careers, then don’t be afraid to get your food in at ground level. Changes are you are likely to be promoted from within quicker than being hired from outside of the company!