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How much does Rue 21 pay? What are their usual store hours? How quickly can you advance as a manager? These are just a few of the questions that you might ask yourself as you’re filling out a Rue 21 job application. With hundreds of stores located in almost every state, there are many employment opportunities within the brand, but that doesn’t mean that starting your career will be easy. You’ll need a few tips and tricks for your Rue 21 job application if you’re serious about landing a job with one of America’s hottest clothing lines, so read on.

General Career Info

Rue 21 is a fashion retailer that offers clothes and accessories for young people. Their products include jeans, tanks, dresses, sunglasses, shoes, lingerie and jewelry, and they have several of their own in-store brands such as rueKicks, ruebeauté!, CARBON elements and ruebleu Swim. They also offer menswear in select stores under the rueGuy line.

Rue 21 careers banner

There are many, many places to send your Rue 21 job application, so your first step is to figure out where you’d like to work. Are you dreaming of an exciting internship where you sketch designs and make fashion decisions for the entire company? Or would you prefer a cushy job in human resources at Rue 21’s corporate offices? Maybe you’re new to the workforce and just looking to get your foot in the door as a retail associate. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the Rue 21 job application that you’ll be submitting, so take your time and find a career that speaks to you.

Here are just a few places where you might submit your Rue 21 job application:


– Sales associate
– Stock associate

Retail Management

– Assistant manager
– Store manager
– District manager


– Packing
– Operations
– Quality control
– Warehouse management

Buying and Planning

– Buying
– Planning
– Merchandise allocation


– Finance
– eCommerce
– Marketing
– Construction
– Human resources
– Visual merchandising
– Payroll
– IT

Rue 21 Job Application Guide

You’ll need to submit your Rue 21 job application online to be considered for employment. If you lack computer skills, don’t worry! The Rue 21 job application process is quite simple, especially when broken down into parts.

1. Head to the Rue 21 employment portal.

2. Choose a career path (such as retail, corporate or distribution) that interests you. You can click on their separate tabs to learn more about their duties and benefits, or you can jump immediately to the “search jobs” tab with its drop-down menu of different categories.

3. You’ll be taken to a page with a search engine that has open boxes for keywords, category, location and position type (regular full/part-time, temporary full/part-time, intern, contract, and contract-to-permanent). Use them to refine your results.
NOTE: If you aren’t finding the opportunities that you’re looking for, try keeping the “keywords” category blank. The search engine can be finicky about exact matches.

4. Click on a job title and read through its details. If you’d like to move forward with the opportunity, click “Interested? Apply now!”

rue 21 job listing

5. Click “create with resume” or “create with online form” depending on how you’d like to proceed with your Rue 21 job application.
NOTE: Some management positions require resumes. You won’t be considered for the job if you submit an online form.

6. Let’s assume that you’re creating a new Rue 21 application from scratch. After clicking “create with online form,” you’ll be taken to a page where you need to sign up for a Rue 21 account. This will enable you to come back later and check your application status or re-submit it for another job.

7. Fill out the required boxes on the Rue 21 job application form. Most will be basic questions about your age, address, and availability, but you’ll also be asked about things like previous jobs and the reasons you left them. If you have a criminal history, you’ll be required to disclose that, too. There will also be boxes where you’re asked to describe why you want to work with Rue 21 and what you enjoy about fashion.
NOTE: You don’t have to fill out every box. Especially with things like race, your answers are voluntary and collected only for demographic purposes. Look for the little asterisk (*) that distinguishes required questions from optional ones.

8. Click “submit” if you’re ready to go or “save and return later” if you need more time. You can also print out the main page as a Rue 21 job application PDF if you’d like to get a second opinion on potential answers.

Rue 21 Job Openings

Rue 21 job applications should be customized depending on their category type. Here are a few sample profiles that you can work with to create the perfect Rue 21 application:

1. Rue 21 Sales Associates

Sales associates work within Rue 21 stores to provide great customer service and contribute to the everyday operations of their location.


– Assist customers with product questions, style advice, and fitting room suggestions.
– Ring up customers with “suggestive selling” at the register.
– Hand out coupons, flyers, product samples and promotional leaflets.
– Maintain floor awareness to prevent theft.


Sales associates should be at least 16 years old to work at Rue 21. No previous experience is necessary, but they should have a friendly, energetic attitude and a keen interest in fashion.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Sales associates make between $7 – $11 an hour with the average being $8 an hour. Their perks include a Rue 21 employee discount that can range from 25% – 50% depending on the day and the item. Their work schedule is dependent on their store.

2. Rue 21 Stock Associate

Stock associates work primarily with products: accepting deliveries, organizing inventory and processing freight goods in the stock room.


– Fill empty shelves and displays with merchandise from the stock room.
– Maintain the backstock by properly folding, labeling, stacking and organizing items.
– Perform basic store maintenance duties such as replacing lights and vacuuming the carpet.
– Apply and remove anti-theft sensors to high-value items.


Stock associates should be at least 16 years old to work at Rue 21. No previous experience is necessary, but they should be capable of performing a variety of tasks that require standing, bending, lifting and twisting. They’ll also need to be available every Friday to process clothing shipments before the weekend rush.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Stock associates make between $8 – $10 an hour with the average being $9 an hour. Their perks include a Rue 21 employee discount that can range from 25% – 50% depending on the day and the item. Their schedule will depend on their store, but they should expect to come in before the location actually opens to process shipments and deliveries for the day.

3. Rue 21 Assistant Manager

Assistant managers provide support to store managers in all areas, including financial, clerical and operational.


– Assist with payroll functions and employee scheduling.
– Authorize sales and markdowns for stock that needs to be moved.
– Recruit, interview, hire, train and coach new store associates.
– Act as a mediator for conflict resolution between employees and customers.


Assistant managers should have at least one year of experience in retail apparel. Preference will be given to those with previous management experience, especially in a retail or hospitality industry.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Assistant managers make between $10 – $16 an hour with the average being $13 an hour. They’re eligible for bonuses, paid time off, vacation days and health insurance. Their schedule will depend on their store, but part-time managers must work at least 15 hours a week and full-time managers must work at least 40.

4. Rue 21 Material Handlers

Material handlers work in Rue 21’s distribution centers to ship, organize and process products.


– Load and stack items in delivery trucks in accordance with Rue 21 safety standards.
– Operate industrial warehouse equipment such as forklifts, line conveyors, and vacuum packagers.
– Record shipping and tracking data for all clothes and accessories.
– Print and apply labels to boxes, bags, cases and packages.


Material handlers should be at least 18 years old. No previous experience is necessary, but they should be physically fit and ready for manual labor.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Material handlers make between $9 and $12 an hour with the average being $10 an hour. They typically work extended shifts in exchange for fewer days worked per week.

5. Rue 21 Photo Stylist

As part of Rue 21’s e-commerce division, photo stylists create the digital images that represent the brand throughout all web and promotional materials.


– Organize photo shoots for clothes, outfits, and accessories.
– Make executive decisions about colors, lights, layers, poses and hairstyles while on location.
– Create portfolios to review all photos and visual merchandising options with the fashion team.
– Communicate with market researchers and store managers about the latest trends and styles.


Photo stylists should have an associate’s degree or higher in a fashion- or marketing-related field. They should also have at least two years of styling or photography experience, preferably in a retail setting.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

While no public salary information is available for Rue 21 photo stylists, they can expect to make anywhere between $13 – $20 an hour on average. They should be ready to work flexible schedules with odd hours and overtime.

Additional Information


Rue 21 stores typically open in the late morning (9:00 AM – 11:00 AM) and close sometime in the evening (8:00 AM – 11:00 PM). You can use the store locator to find specific locations and inquire about their hours.

Contact Details

rue21, Inc.
800 Commonwealth Dr
Warrendale, Pennsylvania 15086

Contact page:
Customer service hotline: 1-866-533-4783

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