Terms of Use

This section will outline our rules regarding the ways in which you can interact and use our content. These rules are necessary to protect our authors’ intellectual property and ensure that the interactions between our visitors go smoothly.

Please read these guidelines carefully and make sure you understand what our rules are. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always send us an email or write a comment for further clarifications.

Copyrighted Materials

All of the content on our website is protected by copyright laws. It is the property of our website’s team. When we use the terms “content” or “materials” we refer both to the written and visual material. The rules governing the use of copyrighted materials on our website are described below.

How to Use Them Safely

The materials on our website can be used by any visitor who wants to gain a better understanding of the job application and recruitment process.

  • You can review and copy material for your own personal use.
  • You can also use the materials here for educational purposes. However, you must ask our team’s permission and explain the context in which you will be using them.
  • Our team reserves the right to deny giving you permission to use our content if they see fit.

How You May Not Use Copyrighted Materials

  • You cannot use any of the content presented here for commercial purposes. This includes articles in their entirety, fragments of articles or paraphrased fragments. The same rule applies to visual materials.
  • If you want to quote or reference any article on our website, please ask our permission.
  • When you quote or reference one of our articles, provide a link back to the source material and identify the source in your own post.
  • Visitors may not alter our content in any way, regardless of how they plan on using it.

User interactions and Conduct Rules

We want to ensure all our readers have a pleasant experience on our website. This why we’ve dedicated a section of our terms of use to establishing a set of rules all visitors must abide. These rules were designed to promote a meaningful and pleasant interaction between our users.

All visitors are allowed to post comments on articles. We encourage dialogue and hope you will be willing to share your insights and opinions with the rest of us.

When posting comments:

Make sure it is relevant to the content you are posting it on.

Skim through our articles to see if the issue you are raising has not been addressed before. Conversations can easily get out of hand if they develop along multiple threads.

Try to be respectful towards other visitors.

We do not tolerate any form of vulgar or offensive content. This includes explicit language or materials, displays of racism or sexism, or other forms of discrimination. Users who are caught breaking this rule you will be banned from commenting on future posts.

Other Rules and Restrictions:

Any attempt to mislead readers or acquire personal information from them, either directly or indirectly will be punished, and we will inform the proper authorities about your activities.

All of our users have an obligation to inform us if another user is harassing them or is performing other types of activities that go against our rules.