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More than 62,000 employees work for Toys R Us, the single largest toy retailer in the world. So you’ll face stiff competition when you submit your Toys R Us job application. But don’t toss out the baby with the building blocks just yet! If you’re willing to do some research about Toys R Us applications, you might just find yourself edging out the other candidates. Consider this your guide to being one in 62,000.

General Career Info

Toys R Us is an international retailer that sells toys, bikes, furniture, board games, video games and assorted kids’ goods. Its sister company is Babies R Us. It has stores everywhere from Egypt to Switzerland, but for the purposes of this article and your Toys R Us job application, we’ll focus on the United States.

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Here are the three most common ways that people kick-start their Toys R Us careers:

Store and Distribution Center Careers

– Sales team member
– Stock crew team member
– Warehouse team member
– Assistant store manager
– General store manager

Corporate Careers

– Accounting
– Customer service
– Product development
– Quality and safety assurance
– E-commerce
– Operations
– Planning and allocation
– Procurement

Student Opportunities

– Rising star leadership program
– Distribution center co-ops
– Store management trainees
– Distribution center management trainees

Toys R Us Job Application Guide

As noted on their website, your best chance of landing a Toys R Us job is to submit a Toys R Us job application online. It makes less paperwork for your local hiring manager. If you’re not sure what to expect from the Toys R Us job application process, however, here are some basic instructions for getting started.

1. Visit the Toys R Us career center.

toys r us careers banner

2. Browse the page to learn more about the brand’s benefits, diversity programs, and corporate culture. If you already know that you’re interested in, say, corporate Toys R Us jobs, you can find tabs that will take you to their “corporate careers” page. If you just want to browse their general job listings, find the “search jobs” tab.

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3. Use the menu on your left to narrow down your job search based on location, category, keywords and full-time/part-time status.
TIP: If your keywords aren’t attracting any hits, try revising or even eliminating them. Searching for “cashier” will give you zero results because Toys R Us classifies its cashiers as “sales team member.”

4. Find a listing that speaks to you and click on its job title to be taken to a page with more information about its duties and preferred qualifications. This is where you’ll determine if it’s the right Toys R Us job application opportunity for you.

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5. If you like what you see, click “apply” or “apply with LinkedIn.”
TIP: Make sure that you’re looking at a Toys R Us job application form and not a Babies R Us one. They’re easy to get confused.

6. Create an account by giving the website your email address and a password. If you remember this information, you can log back into your account later and review your application status or apply for more jobs.

7. If you have a resume, upload it to the awaiting box. The website accepts DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF, or TXT documents. If you don’t have a resume, that’s fine; leave this section blank and click the “next” button to move on.

8. Here are some of the things that you’ll be asked about on your Toys R Us job application:

– Personal identification
– Education
– Work history
– Skills
– Languages
– Shift availability
– Residency status
– Desired wage
– Demographic information

TIP: Some of these things are voluntary, including your demographic information. You only have to answer the questions that have a red asterisk beside them.

9. Hit “apply” to officially submit your Toys R Us online job application. Since Toys R Us receives such a high volume of applicants, you’ll only be contacted if you’re selected for an interview. Good luck!

Toys R Us Job Openings

Toys R Us job applications can be sent many different places, including the following:

1. Toys R Us Sales Team Member

Sales team members are responsible for moving merchandise and meeting sales goals while also providing high-quality customer service.


– Walk the sales floor to engage with customers in multiple departments.
– Ring up customers using an electronic cash register.
– Increase transaction values by offering add-ons, product insurance and enrollment in Toys R Us loyalty programs and credit programs.
– Assist with the stocking of shelves and the cleaning of register areas.


Sales team members must be at least 16 years old to work at Toys R Us. It’s an entry-level position, so no previous experience is required, but having a good attitude is essential.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Sales team members make between $7 – $10 an hour with the average being $8 an hour. Their employee discount is 10 percent off all Toys R Us and Babies R Us items. Their schedule will depend on their store.

2. Toys R Us Stock Clerk Team Member

Stock clerks keep the store looking great by replenishing shelves, arranging product displays and eliminating clutter.


– Move items from stockroom to store.
– Organize product display areas, including shelves, tables, bins and glass cases.
– Handle tools and materials such as balers, shredders, pallet jacks, security cages and delivery docking equipment.
– Print and apply pricing labels.


Stock clerks should be at least 18 years old and physically fit. They should be capable of lifting, bending, stretching and climbing ladders.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Stock clerks make between $7 – $10 an hour with the average being $8 an hour. Their schedule will depend on their location and employment status; some Toys R Us stores employ “off-hour” stock clerks that work early mornings and overnights.

3. Toys R Us Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers work in a support role for the general store manager while also building their own leadership skills.


– Conduct performance reviews and authorize raises, promotions, terminations and disciplinary actions.
– Perform payroll functions and assist with cash accountability procedures.
– Enforce all store standards and dress codes.
– Coordinate with all levels of Toys R Us personnel from cleaning crews to regional supervisors.


Assistant store managers must have previous retail experience, preferably with Toys R Us or Babies R Us. Preference will be given to candidates with good performance reviews and bay audit completions. Make sure to include this information on your Toys R Us job application if it applies to you.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Assistant store managers make between $38,000 – $69,000 a year with the average being $53,000 a year. As salaried employees, they should expect to work long or unusual hours beyond the typical 9-to-5.

4. Toys R Us Rising Star Leadership Program Candidate

Those enrolled in the Rising Star Leadership Program learn all that there is to know about Toys R Us policies, practices and procedures while training for a future managerial position.


– Attend all classes, workshops, seminars and orientation programs.
– Network with managers and mentors for advanced career development.
– Rotate through different departments, such as finance and merchandising, to develop a varied skill set.
– Provide on-the-ground support during store immersion programs.


Those enrolled in the Rising Star Leadership Program must commit to 2-3 years of training. They should have a bachelor’s degree and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. They should be willing to relocate to Toys R Us’s corporate headquarters in New Jersey.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

While Toys R Us hasn’t disclosed the pay of its Rising Star trainees, its website states that the position is both full-time and salaried.

5. Toys R Us Asset Protection Specialist

As part of the loss prevention team, asset protection specialists work hard to keep their stores safe and secure. This position is very similar to Marshalls’ loss prevention specialist job opening; you can find more about it in our Marshalls job application & employment guide.


– Monitor cameras and alarms for suspicious activity.
– Secure the store’s exits, entrances, dock doors and air ducts.
– Teach employees how to recognize and share Alert Signals for various emergencies.
– Engage with customers suspected of theft, fraud and other criminal activity.


Asset protection specialists should have a good eye for detail and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Preference will be given to those with experience in CCTV systems and computerized security equipment.

Working Hours & Salary Information:

Asset protection specialists make between $9 – $12 an hour with the average being $11 an hour. Their schedule will depend on their store.

Additional Information

Your Toys R Us job application might come down to the fine details. Memorize these facts just in case!


Most Toys R Us stores open in the late morning (9:00 AM – 10:00 AM) and close in the late evening (9:00 PM – 11:00 PM). However, special hours can apply to stores located within shopping malls. Before you commit to any particular availability on your Toys R Us job application, double-check the schedule of your intended store.

Contact Details

Toys R Us National Headquarters
859 Berdan Ave
Wayne, NJ 07470


Contact page:
Customer service hotline: 1-800-869-7787

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