UPS is a multinational company providing specialized transportation and logistics services spanning the whole globe. It was established in 1907 and has grown since then to become a market leader. UPS has invested in robust technology to facilitate the provision of their services. Consequently, they tap into the global resources as well as a sophisticated network of professionals and innovative assets. These attributes are geared towards providing clients with efficiency and a competitive advantage in their various business niches. To become a member of this multinational logistics company, file your UPS job application today.

This post provides you with invaluable information regarding employment opportunities, minimum requirements, roles, hours, and payment.

UPS General Career Info

ups career areas

UPS offers a multitude of job opportunities which fall into three broad groups. In the first category is the Drivers and Mechanics job classification. Here, you have the option to choose among package delivery drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, and automotive mechanics depending on your skill set and expertise. The driving opportunities range from short distance deliveries within states to long-haul trucking across the United States.

The second category of the available job opportunities at UPS involves part-time or seasonal employment. If you file for the UPS job application online and get the job, you can work hourly in your area of interest at competitive rates. Student employees stand a chance of getting a $25000 worth of educational support fees to help them terminate college education, technical or business school training. In this occupation, employees help with the logistics work which is billed hourly. You can also work as a seasonal driver helper.

The third group belongs to the professional job seekers. It involves professional roles within UPS Company that require academic qualification. With this opportunity, you will be at the forefront of solving global issues while pushing towards your ambition. The job specifications under this category include:

• Sales and marketing
• Customer solutions
• IT
• Global business services
• Accounting and finance
• Engineering

UPS Job Application Guide

The UPS job application process is quite simple. To apply for either a part-time or a full-time job, you must have a UPS profile that allows access to the UPS job application form and other vital information. Below is a step by step guide on how to apply for an opportunity at this fortune 50 company.

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1. Create your profile through the following steps:

• Go to the official UPS website and reach the UPS job application online portal.

ups login page
• Below the login fields, click on the orange sign up button if you don’t have a UPS account yet. If you have a UPS account, enter your email and password in their respective fields and hit ‘sign in.’
• Once you have reached the sign-up page, enter your details such as the name, contact information, and email among other required information.
• Choose your password of between eight to thirty characters and confirm it in the adjacent field
• Click ‘create profile’ to finish the process

2. After creating your profile, search for the available jobs with regards to your location. You will see a link to this job search page right after creating the profile. You can look for a job with UPS through the search bar or browse their job openings by career areas.

ups jobs results

3. Select the job that matches your qualifications in the careers section then click on it.

UPS sales representative job description

4. Fill the provided UPS job application form and upload the resume. You can read some UPS job application pdf files online to get more knowledge on how to go about the process. Also, the frequently asked questions can equip you with some critical information.

ups job application form

5. Wait for the review of your application after which you will receive an invitation to a UPS job application interview. It can be either online or physical in their nearest outlet.

It is imperative to note that the UPS online job application requires you to have some necessary items. For instance, in case you want a driving job, a driver’s license is mandatory as well as a valid United States work permit. Other physical requirements which will be checked in your UPS job application process include your ability to handle a considerable amount of load (approximately 70lbs).

UPS Job Openings

The most commonly offered jobs both part time and full time in UPS include package sorting, reception, and delivery. Currently, there are openings in the sorting, truck delivery and sales segment of the company as discussed below.

Local Sorter

This is a physical job found particularly in the UPS warehouses across the region. The work requires bending, lifting and standing throughout the shift. Therefore, in your UPS job application, it is imperative to include any health conditions that could deteriorate from physical work.


• The job entails receiving and organizing shipments for delivery.
• Maintaining shipping deadlines


The minimum age requirement is eighteen years due to the physical nature of the job. Applicants who are well-built, capable and self-motivated are considered. Since this job may at times involve handling high-value packages, the level of trustworthiness of the candidates is also tested. Besides that, the job requires employees to work quickly and consistently to keep up with the stringent shipment deadlines. Make sure to also provide proof of these capabilities in your UPS job application process.

Working Hours and Salary Information

Local sorters work eight hours a day from Monday through Friday. The salary ranges from $8.00 to $10.00 hourly for new employees. Associates with tenure can garner up to $40000 annually.

Package Delivery Driver

This job is for skilled drivers who can meet strict deadlines.


• Deliver packages to various destinations
• Performing manual labor
• Helping with the regular staff as required


The UPS job application team checks for clean driving records, sound physical health, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Timeliness and efficiency should be at the center of a package-delivery driver’s qualifications.

Working hours and salary information

It features both full-time shifts and overtime which may arise in the high peak seasons like holidays. It is also a seasonal job offer where employees are needed to help the regular staff in designated duties. The salary ranges from $25000 to $70000 annually depending on a proven level of performance.

A Sales Representative

This is a professional job which requires academic qualifications as discussed in this section.


• Generating sales with small and local firms
• Maintaining old clients on a commercial level


Before filing a UPS job application for this position, make sure to have a bachelor’s degree, excellent communication, and people skills and good decision-making ability. You should also travel regularly to interact with many different potential clients. Once you’ve been hired, you have to take part in a compulsory training at UPS sponsored facilities before the official training commences.

Working hours and salary information

This job involves full-time hours and offers a salary of $30000 to $45000 annually.

Customer Service Associate

UPS is currently looking for persons to work as customer service associates. The job involves interaction with clients in need of shipping services.


• Checking shipping addresses
• Package quality assurance and inspection
• Terminate trade transactions
• Computing of sales
• Record keeping and simple accounting


The job may sometimes involve lifting of weighty packages ranging from 25 to 70 pounds. Therefore, the minimum age requirement is 18 years. Computer skills are also necessary to help you in record keeping. Applicant should be of excellent physical health and have exceptional interactional skills.

Working hours and payment information

Employees working part-time usually report for four-to-five hours daily from Monday to Friday. The shift schedule starts at 8.00a.m. and ends at 8.00p.m. The salary varies from $8.00 to $11.00 hourly and may go beyond that depending on performance and skills.

A dedicated Tractor-trailer truckload driver

This job involves driving of a tractor-trailer for on-road delivery to two or more destinations. A dedicated driver is assigned to carry freight for a client on the criteria of customer location.


• Tractor-trailer truckload delivery


The applicant must be twenty-one years old and above to be considered for the job. Besides that, they must obtain a Class A commercial drivers’ license. After the UPS job application goes through, the applicant must face and pass the DOT physical test as well as the UPS company freight road test. Other requirements include sound physical and mental health, a clean background check and ability to pass a drug test.

Working hours and Payment Information

The drivers embark on three to five-day missions leading to various destinations before eventually returning to the depot. Employee salaries can range from $40,640 to $76,061 annually depending on the driver’s level of expertise and performance.

Additional Information

UPS Company Hours

The ground packages shipped by the UPS Company are delivered at all times from Monday through Friday starting from 9.00am to 7.00pm. This applies to residences and businesses that operate throughout the week. However, there is no fixed time of the day at which any of the freighted packages will arrive.

UPS, Company Contact Details

The UPS job offerings cover a wide array of skills, interests, and abilities. Therefore, when filing your UPS Job application online, you need to choose a career that you are best at. In case of any troubles with the UPS online job application, you can contact the company through e-mail, phone (1-800-742-5877), and live chat. The UPS job application pdf files available online are also great reference resources to ease your application process.