A sustainable career is one that exists in an industry that doesn’t risk becoming antiquated.

Decades ago, technology had no idea it could get as advanced as where we stand today, and the possibilities of jobs that continue to push the boundaries of imagination are still growing.

Verizon has become synonymous with telecommunications across the United States.

Whether it’s mobile phone service or a TV and internet connection with Fios, you’ve probably seen one of their service vehicles or retail outlets in your area.

Verizon careers don’t just involve their stores, as many different skills are needed to run one of the communication giants in the U.S.

What Kinds of Verizon Careers Should I Look For?

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One of the biggest opportunities with Verizon is selling products at their retail stores. A quick glance at the Verizon Careers page shows that the sales category far outweighs anything in their portfolio by a longshot. In November 2018, there were almost 1,000 sales openings listed.

Sales Teams

Although this search was performed close to the holiday season, a majority of these positions are not seasonal, as Verizon is always looking to bring in talented sales people for their retail outlets.

Software Engineers

Scrolling down the list, the next most popular category is in technology. With all of the different programming platforms available for Verizon devices, there will always be a need for people who understand software engineering.

An application engineer with Verizon will implement and maintain Enterprise and Consumer VoIP infrastructure for the cloud environment and beyond.

Building Maintenance Engineers

Because of the number of facilities maintained by Verizon, they have a demand for engineers who can operate and repair a number of different HVAC systems.

Building maintenance engineers will need to be on call at unscheduled hours due to emergencies and other problems that arise with buildings owned and operated by Verizon.

Security Services Advisor

The security of customer data is one of Verizon’s biggest priorities. As a security services advisor, your goal is to group threat data and vulnerability into a viewable number.

You will also look into any unusual activity on the part of a customer and communicate this information to your management member to determine the best decision.

Marketing Team

There is also Verizon’s marketing department. They are currently focused on delivering a next-gen experience to all of their customers who actively use their Verizon devices for gaming. Product managers in video game production are skilled in cross-team communication.

They need to work with other team members in engineering, business intelligence, and platform strategy to determine how customers can keep experiencing games with Verizon products.

How Do I Get Started with Verizon Careers?

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Unlike other job application portals, Verizon does not immediately allow you to import an existing career profile from another existing account. If you have already been working on a LinkedIn or Indeed account, you’ll have to wait until you make a user name and password before you bring over your information.

Once your account is created, Verizon allows you a few options when you create your profile for a specific job. You can upload your resume as an existing document if you have a PDF or DOC file already on your hard drive. You also have the choice of importing all of your data from a cloud or social network. You can choose from Dropbox, google Drive, OneDrive, LinkedIn, or Indeed to fill in your information.

If you have never used any of these sites before, or you feel like you need a fresh start, you can begin the application from scratch. Should you run into a situation where you have to finish the application later, you can immediately send yourself an email reminder about the open position. You’ll get a link to pick up where you left off.

Once you choose to import your profile, take a close look at every section in the Verizon application. When you import information from another website, it’s very easy to find incorrect entries because of a glitch in the software. Think of the import feature as a starting template that you have to go in and fill out yourself.

Verizon asks you for the basics for each job, such as when you began, when you ended, and your reason for leaving. You’ll also fill out information in the same page for licenses and certifications. If you are applying to a tech position that requires certification in your title, you’ll need to be sure that you have your credentials up to date before submitting.

Where is the Best Place to Visit Verizon Careers?

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You’ll notice the common mobile-friendly thumbnail in the upper left corner on the Verizon Careers page. Many websites are designed this way so that devices of all kinds can view it properly, whether you are browsing on a PC or a mobile device. If you plan to import your existing profile from a social network, you can do this through any of your already-connected devices.

Because of the nature of the application, you should be sure that all of your information is secure. If you’re applying in a public location, ensure that you have some privacy when submitting sensitive data like your address and phone number. Although the website is secure, the connection where you are accessing the internet might not be.

If the connection is not stable, try moving to a place where you can stay on a consistent wired connection. The last thing you want during a job application is to lose signal and find out that you need to input everything all over again.

What Else Do You Need to Know about Verizon Careers?

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If you want to fill out more than one application, Verizon encourages you to do that on their website. Some companies will keep your profile on hand to find the best fit for you, but Verizon prefers that you submit a separate application for each available position.

Once you submit your application, you will get an email confirmation that it was submitted. Because of the massive amount of applications that Verizon deals with, you probably won’t hear anything unless you are selected by one of their recruiters.

Should you find anything in your account that needs to be changed, you should go to the preferences section in your profile. Be sure that you fix anything that needs to be adjusted as quickly as possible, so your current history is properly reflected inside your Verizon profile.


If you are selected for an interview, it could play out in one of several different ways. You might find yourself answering questions about your behavior in a given situation, or how you would response to an event inside your working environment.

Before you get to the interview, you might be asked to complete a pre-interview assessment. This collection of questions will determine your compatibility with the open positions you are being considered for at Verizon.


Verizon offers many benefits upon the first day of your continuous employment with the company. In the United States, you’ll start with a comprehensive medical coverage plan, as well as a 401(k). They also offer tuition assistance, discounts on Verizon packages, and other unlisted programs available to normal customers.

Employees who have a newborn child are eligible for up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave, including new parents of an adopted baby. Mothers who are expecting can combine their short-term disability time off with parental leave and take up to 16 weeks if needed.

Speaking of adoption, Verizon offers assistance with the expenses associated with the adoption process. They also allow you to find professional assistance for child services, and if you or someone in your family needs help, they can aid you in mental health and substance abuse issues.

Submitting Your Application to Verizon Careers

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When you have found your specific role(s) at Verizon, submitting your application might be the start of a permanent career.

Forbes has it ranked as #8 on the largest companies in America, which tells you there is no shortage of available positions within the brand. With the number of retail stores alone, you can always look for a location near you if you are interested in sales or management.

You may want to be open to relocation for some of the more advanced tech jobs. Many of Verizon’s software development roles operate out of bigger markets, like the Bay Area, New York, or Boston.

You might find this not to be a hassle, especially if you have attended school nearby and are looking for your first position as a graduate.

With such a large company like Verizon, there are few industries that don’t offer a career inside their doors. No matter what kind of work experience or educational credentials you have, you’re bound to find something available with Verizon.

As long as you maintain a professional demeanor throughout the application process and are prepared for any questions they have, you could be looking at a number of new benefits in your life.

Check your data before hitting “submit” and get your best outfit ready for the day of the interview.