For many new pharmacists, Walgreens is a great company to work for. This article will cover some basic tips for nailing the Walgreens interview. It will also include several Walgreens pharmacist interview questions that can be studied in preparation for any of the common pharmaceutical positions at Walgreens.

Walgreens Company Info

Walgreens is a company headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. With over 8,100 locations, Walgreens has established many stores in each state. Because of their size, the company is always looking for new pharmaceutical talent.

As one of the largest chains of pharmacies in the United States, Walgreens is a premier location for pharmacy technicians, intern pharmacists, and fully-certified pharmacists. An average pharmacist at Walgreens earns around $115,000 per year. Those who are willing to relocate to new locations can land interviews quickly. Location hours vary, but pharmacies typically open at 7 AM and close at 9 PM.

Walgreens Interview Tips

Jobs in the pharmacy are the highest paid in-store positions at any Walgreens location. After completing an online test, candidates will interview with district managers, but former applicants claim the interview is calmer than what you might experience with competitors. Those who are applying for positions in other states will be offered opportunities for Walgreens video interviews.

These tips will lead to an impressive interview:

Memorize a Handful of Interview Stories

Former applicants have reported that Walgreens is heavy on story-based interview questions. Stories of your leadership, problem-solving, and time management skills are more pertinent than the technical details of the job.

Envision Yourself as a Walgreens Pharmacist

This one is best to start practicing right after you schedule the interview. It’s very likely the district manager will ask you what your immediate plans to organize the pharmacy are, should you accept a job offer. This will be much easier to answer if you’ve been imagining your day-to-day work in the position.

Learn the History of Walgreens (Especially the Pharmacy)

Even though the pharmacist positions outrank all other roles in the store, you still need to display your excitement for the company. Applicants who are well-versed in the history of Walgreens — especially the traditions of the company’s pharmaceutical branch — will go much further.

Unfortunately, Walgreens continually lowers the budget for all their departments. This means each member of the pharmacy should expect a greater workload than what may be described in previous reviews.

Walgreens Pharmacist Interview Questions & Answers

Despite the technical nature of all jobs within the Walgreens pharmacy, interviewing for each of the three pharmacy positions — pharmacist, intern pharmacist, and pharmacy manager — includes mostly open-ended questions. The sections below will include strong answers to the typical Walgreens pharmacist interview questions.

Walgreens Interview Questions & Answers for the Pharmacist Position

Q1: Why Walgreens?
A: I feel that Walgreens provides me with a great opportunity to make a difference in this community. I want to build trust within the community by giving them someone to rely on through their medical trials and tribulations.

Q2: How do you respond to a stressful workplace?
A: On a day-to-day basis, I will complete my work with integrity, and I will help in other areas of the pharmacy if lines are long, or if interns and techs need assistance. Helping fellow employees improves the workday for everyone.

Q3: How would you handle an angry customer?
A: I would do everything in my power to get to the bottom of the issue, but I would hold my ground if the customer tried forcing me into an unethical situation. I believe a pharmacist’s main priority is to kindly explain to customers when unfortunate obstacles can’t be overcome.

Walgreens Interview Questions & Answers for the Intern Pharmacist Position

Q1: Why did you choose to become a pharmacist?
A: I believe that pharmacists play a huge part in society on all levels. Pharmacists have the opportunity to help people at the community level, but they can also contribute to research that may one day lead to breakthroughs on a grand scale.

Q2: How do you handle a busy environment?
A: I’ve always taken pride in managing a very busy lifestyle. Between my work, school, and extracurricular activities, I’ve excelled on all fronts despite the non-stop action. I thrive when things are at their busiest.

Q3: What do you hope to learn at Walgreens?
A: I hope to gain hands-on experience as a pharmacist, and I’m excited for the opportunity to play an important role in this community. Above all, I want to learn how to grow within Walgreens, and remain with the company after completing my education.

Walgreens Interview Questions & Answers for the Pharmacy Manager Position

Q1: What is the first thing you would do as the manager of the pharmacy?
A: I would optimize the schedule to ensure the pharmacy is always sufficiently manned, but I would also ensure our scheduling fell within the constraints of our department budget.

Q2: What is your biggest shortcoming as a leader?
A: I’ve had a hard time meeting the individual wants and needs of those under my control. There are times when I can’t figure out how to please each employee, and I simply have to move forward with what’s best for the company.

Q3: How would you handle an insubordinate intern or pharmacy technician?
A: I understand that people have invested a lot in their pharmacy careers, so I would first try to reason with the employee, and learn what might be bothering them. Hopefully, that would solve the issue, but we’d have to go from there.


Walgreens is one of the most popular pharmacies for a reason. Their positions are not among the most difficult to interview for, but preparation goes a long way. Any of the three pharmacy-related jobs above will be easier to land after some basic planning. Also, these Walgreens pharmacist interview questions may appear directly in your interview. Do you have any experience working with Walgreens? Please feel free to share your thoughts or examples of Walgreens pharmacist interview questions below.

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