This post will help you secure a position at Walmart by preparing you for the interview. Here you will get a taste of some of the Walmart interview questions you may be asked, as well as the type of response the interviewer is looking for. We included job interview questions for positions like cashier, overnight stocker, and assistant manager, plus some Walmart interview tips regarding what to wear and what attitude to have.

About Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation with stores all over the US, Canada, Central America, Argentina, Brazil, the UK, China, Japan, India, and some African countries. It’s also the largest company in the world by revenue, and the largest US grocery retailer. Many Walmart stores across the world are open 24 hours a day. Therefore, they require staff to be filling a plethora of positions throughout the entire day. The current positions this company is hiring for will vary from location to location, but could include managerial staff, customer service experts, pharmacists, loss prevention associates, and overnight stockers to name a few.

Below you will find a guide on the most common Walmart interview questions and their answers. This can prepare you for your interview at Walmart by providing insight into common Walmart job interview questions.

Walmart Job Interview Tips

Note: If you are interested in applying for a job at Walmart, check out our guide to the Walmart job application process and find out how to increase your chances of employment.

1. Showcase Your Knowledge of the Company and the Job Opening

When interviewing with any company it is important that you prepare yourself for the interview. It will be helpful to know some basic information about the company. Did you know that Sam Walton is the founder of both Sam’s Club and Walmart?

Something even more beneficial for you to know when researching Walmart interview questions and answers is that about 75% of those working in management positions at Walmart started out as hourly employees. That means that there’s plenty of opportunities for you to be promoted into higher paying positions!

Don’t get stuck on just researching the company, though. Know the requirements and expectations for the job you are applying for. Cashiers, for example, will be expected to complete multiple hours of online training, as well as training at a register with an experienced cashier. However, scanning and bagging customers’ items is not their only job duty. What are some other tasks you imagine a cashier would be responsible for completing?

If you’re reading this, you’re a step ahead of the game. That means you know to research common Walmart job interview questions so that you can have a well thought out response. This is important when interviewing for any position. Don’t expect to go into an interview and get the job if your responses are half put together.

2. Clarify Any Concerns and Sell Yourself

Here’s a helpful hint: ask your interviewer if they saw anything concerning in your resume. It gives you an opportunity to clarify any issues and to sell yourself. It’s important to let your confidence shine when making a first impression.

Be prepared to tell them why you’re the best candidate for the job. Sometimes this includes explaining any gaps in your employment history and sharing experiences that you have learned from and applied to your work ethic.

3. Show Up Early

The final key to acing your interview is simply to show up on time. A lot of managers look more favorably on those who show up 10-15 minutes early for their interview. It gives them the idea that they can count on you to show up for work on time, without you even having to speak a word.

Walmart Interview Questions & Answers

Here you will find top Walmart interview questions and answers. By looking over this information you can prepare responses to these questions, and ones similar to them.

When responding to questions give detailed answers and speak intelligently. Refrain from using filler words, such as “um”. Keep in mind that these questions apply to candidates in different positions.

Walmart Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Q 1: Do you see yourself working for Walmart long term
A: Part of the reason I wanted to work for Walmart is that I know there is room for growth in the company. For those of us who are applying for hourly positions, it is encouraging to know that the vast majority of Walmart’s management team started off as hourly employees. I am excited to see how far I can go with Walmart and which areas I can help the business excel.

Q 2: Tell me about a problem you’ve had with a supervisor or teacher. What happened and how did you overcome it?
A: I had a supervisor who had a “duties list” with assigned chores for employees to complete daily and weekly. I always seemed to be the one assigned to cleaning the bathrooms and it was my least favorite thing to do. Instead of complaining about it to other co-workers I spoke with my supervisor about it. She apologized and started rotating more of the duties, but explained to me that it was only because I did such a great job with that task.

Q 3: Would you help a co-worker be dishonest?
A: No, I wouldn’t. If they were asking me to lie for them I would let them know that I wasn’t comfortable with that and wanted them to leave me out of it. If it were something serious, such as stealing, I would notify a supervisor of the employee’s actions.

Walmart Overnight Stocker Interview Questions and Answers

Q 1: What do you know about Walmart?
A: Walmart is the world’s largest retailer, employing over 2 million people. I know that when Sam Walton founded Walmart and Sam’s Club it was with the goal to provide great value and excellent customer service. I’ve also heard that more than half of Walmart’s management started off as hourly employees, which gives me hope that I can stay with Walmart long term and explore other opportunities through the company.

Q 2: Is your work performance better individually or as part of a team?
A: I have mastered working with little to no supervision, but I also appreciate the help of co-workers when working on a large, or time consuming, project. I have learned that there are times when it is necessary to work alone, and take pride in the work I accomplish on my own. However, it can be vital to the success of a business to employ people who understand the benefits that come from working in groups.

Q 3: Every workplace has rules. Some of them you may not like or disagree with. Describe a time when you didn’t follow the rules and what was the outcome?
A: I always strive to follow the rules. In this particular instance, it wasn’t that I had chosen not to follow the rules, but was in such a hurry that I forgot to follow the protocol. A supervisor reminded me and I corrected my mistake. I understand that rules are in place for the safety of employees, customers, and the company.

Walmart Assistant Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Q 1: What experience do you have in training associates? Give a specific example and explain how you have personally worked with associates to overcome problems in the workplace. How did you do so and what was the outcome?
A: I have learned that when training a person, both the company and the employees, expect you to go beyond just telling someone what to do. Personally, I see that it works best when I take the time to show the employee how to do a task, and then check up with them and make sure they aren’t struggling too much with the project. It’s also important for management to understand that from time to time we will need to step in and pick up the slack when we see that our team is struggling. You can’t have a strong team without a strong leader.

Q 2: What is your biggest weakness when it comes to getting results?
A: I have a tendency to be a little too detail oriented and expect too much from my team. In the past, I would end up finishing a lot of projects myself because I wasn’t happy with the way others did. I now am better at communicating my expectations, praising my team instead of critiquing them, and accepting that not everything needs to be perfect – just well done.

Q 3: What would you do if one of your staff members was not following procedure?
A: I wouldn’t accuse the employee. I have found that you get better results when you don’t assume anything, but instead, ask the employee if they were aware of the procedure. A lot of times they don’t even know they are doing anything wrong. I would then remind them of the procedure at hand and let them know I expected them to do their best at following the procedure. I would also let them know that I have no problem helping them or explaining procedures to them.

Walmart Interview Questions: A Short Recap

After reviewing this sampling of questions you should give the best answers to even the toughest Walmart interview questions. You just need to show up early to your interview and have well thought out answers prepared.

If you would like to review more Walmart interview questions or want to find additional information, then check out one of the Job Board sites like GlassdoorIndeed, or PayScale.

Good luck with your interview!