Having only been around since 1980, you might think that Whole Foods doesn’t know too much about the grocery business.Yet, here we are in 2018, and the company has almost 500 locations across the U.S. and U.K. The company was recently acquired by Amazon, back in 2017, furthering the value and business longevity. Whole Foods specializes in selling organic, natural products, providing an easier way for consumers to purchase better quality ingredients and food items.While the jury may still be out on whether these types of foods truly help improve your health, you need employees and distribution partners to run a grocery chain.As such, there are plenty of different Whole Foods careers to consider, especially if you’re interested in areas other than their grocery stores.

General Information on Whole Foods Careers

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There are three main career options and paths with Whole Foods: office and corporate positions, store and retail locations, and distribution center roles.

Office and Corporate Whole Foods Jobs

As you might guess, the office and corporate positions are vastly different than Whole Foods careers within their retail stores.The basic positions you’ll find within the office and corporate areas include:

  • Legal
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Data
  • Financial

These are your standard corporate careers, but what sets Whole Foods apart from other big-name businesses is that they offer employees more than the usual opportunities to grow.Most of the corporate careers require the applicant to be detail-oriented and driven to perform with their best foot forward always. Meeting deadlines and having a variety of skills.There are a lot of management opportunities within the corporate space, so if you’re striving to add that to your resume or advance within Whole Foods, there are plenty of ways to do it. For example, there are payroll managers, marketing managers in different fields (like prepared food and bakery, customer care, etc.), along with team member and workforce managers.The point here is that most upper-end management positions are found in the corporate job area, and are on-site at Whole Foods’ headquarters in Austin, Texas.While there are 12 different regional offices in 12 different cities across the country, most of the jobs are found in Texas.

Store and Retail Location Job Opportunities

Of course, the bulk of front-end operations and Whole Food careers come from their stores. These locations are the bread and butter, so to speak, of the business, and as such always have new openings available.These positions often include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Grocery Associate
  • Grocery Supervisor
  • Seasonal Positions
  • Specialty Team Leaders
  • Dishwashers
  • Coffee and Tea Team Members
  • Interbay Food Prep

It’s hard to categorize all the storefront positions because there are so many different jobs available. Whole Foods provides plenty of variety on the retail front, should you choose to begin your journey there. You’ll also find that these are the positions most readily available across all locations.The good news is that most of these jobs don’t require heavy working experience.

Most positions simply want to see some customer service and retail experience of one-year or more. Preferred qualifications are having grocery and having sales experience, as Whole Foods does like to up-sell. Communication skills and friendly composure are also preferred attributes.

As these are the basic positions offered by the company (read, entry-level), the pay scale ranges from $30,000-$80,000, depending on the position and past knowledge.

Distribution Center Positions Offered by Whole Foods

How can a company run a grocery store without big distribution chains?The short answer is that it can’t.While the retail associates within stores drive the sales of the company, managing the goods and products are just as important.Within this field, you’ll find positions in:

  • Logistics
  • Facilities
  • Leadership
  • Store Processing
  • Back-end Store Logistics

All these areas work together to keep products and customers happy with the appearance and quality offered by Whole Foods.But, if you’d prefer to handle different aspects of the company, like sending and receiving products, dealing with facility management, and keeping the store’s operation kosher, this would be a good field to invest in.Most of the positions, such as sourcing specialists or order selectors, require more experience and knowledge than your typical grocery job. For example, as a sourcing and logistics specialist, you’re tasked with knowing various evaluation and industry standard qualifications for your area of expertise (such as coffee, produce, or dairy).In terms of salary, these employment opportunities command more than your typical wage in the industry, mainly because Whole Foods prides itself on having high-quality standards for its products and assembly centers. Salaries range from $40,000-$120,000 a year.After all, people are buying these products because they’re supposed to be better for them, so it makes sense that this is represented throughout the company.

Applying for Any Whole Foods Employment Opportunity

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As you’re probably aware, each company has a different way of accepting applications for posted jobs. This might be through Indeed, a company portal, or even bigger sites like LinkedIn.To submit an application for a Whole Foods job opportunity, you have two options: the first is through the company’s job portal while the second is through LinkedIn.Either option will come with a high turnover ratio, which makes applying and hearing back easier than other places. Whole Foods likes to get new people in the door quickly, provided for the right fit for the job.If you plan to create a profile on the company’s portal, keep in mind that you’ll only be able to submit that resume and application for Whole Foods careers. So, in this case, we’d recommend starting a LinkedIn profile, should you not already have one.Thankfully, the company submission method is just a series of questions regarding work experience, disclosures, and a few applicant questions. It doesn’t require creating a separate profile to apply for any position.

Community-First Career Options for Those That Want It

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A big portion of Whole Foods hiring stems from the applicant, like yourself, carrying about the community you serve. Since many of the items Whole Foods obtains to sell come from small farmers across the globe, they like to have employees that value that type of culture.

Plus, being a part of the team has many opportunities to grow and thrive within the Whole Foods system, making it easy to jump between a variety of positions, should you choose to.

A Unique Interviewing Process Explained

Whole Foods Careers job Interview

Even though you know how to apply and what positions are available through Whole Foods, you should be aware that their interviewing process is unique.While there are standard one-on-one interviews and phone screenings, most of the bigger positions will be sat down in front of a “panel” and evaluated that way.The panel interview isn’t something new but is tweaked for Whole Foods’ guidelines.

Here, you’ll be asked to meet with the hiring manager and other peers, varying from 3-8 members (depending on the position at stake), but instead of it being just you and them, you’ll also have other candidates there to be questioned with you.

At the end of the paneling and interview, the panel will vote on who best represents the Whole Foods brand and values, ultimately being offered a position.

For more information on the “panel interview” process, check out the Whole Foods FAQ’s.

Quick Overview of Benefits Through Whole Foods

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One nice benefit of all Whole Foods careers, regardless of full or part-time status are the perks you get for working there. If you’re working more than 20-hours a week, Whole Foods will provide you with competitive pay, 20% in-store discount, full health insurance, plus a variety of financial and outdoor based options.

Additional Information Regarding Whole Foods Careers

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The Austin, Texas-based company prides itself on the community and hardworking team members it employs. Whole Foods is a parent company of 365 by Whole Foods Market and is owned by Amazon. As such, big city markets have an easier time getting a hold of items produced by the grocer, as Amazon has many distribution chains across the country.

If you want additional information on employment opportunities and jobs available, you can contact the company at 512-542-0878, or go through their customer service line at 1-844-936-8255.

For employment questions, you can view the status of your application by logging into the website, or reach out to the hiring manager directly.